- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 11 [180]
- Online: 1 [20]
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 1-3 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats


The long running Worms series makes the jump to the 360 with this XBLA version. It's a rather easy 200 and a rather fun game for single players or groups of people.

Step 1: Training and Challenges 1-20
Start off by heading into training to get yourself orientated with the basics. Don't forget to check in the Help section for details on weapons as well. Once you're ready, head right into the challenges. They start off simple but get harder as you progress. More enemies will be added and the maps will become more complex. Familiarize yourself with what weapons work best in different situations. Try to play strategically, sometimes a full on offense is not a good idea, especially towards the later levels. You should be able to get all 11 offline achievements just playing through the challenges. If not, start up one of the earlier challenges or set up a quick match.

Step 2: Multiplayer Match
The single online achievement of this game requires you to play in a 4-player online match. It will unlock as soon as you start.

Depending on how good your aim is, you should be able to wrap up this game rather quickly. Have fun!

[XBA would like to thank jukkakhan for this Roadmap]

Worms Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Complete all the tutorial challenges.

    Just play through the 3 tutorial challenges to learn the basics and unlock this achievement. The challenges are basic and will introduce you to the game mechanics, this will help new players understand how the game works as well as refresh the minds of previous players. It should take roughly 10 minutes.

  • Complete all twenty single player deathmatch challenges.

    These challenges will pit you against a number of enemy worms, as the levels increase the number of teams will increase as will their skill levels. Worms are always positioned in the same spots so you will be able to use the same tactic for the same level.

    Tip: As the challenges progress and get harder, and the enemy greater in number, you want to begin to focus more on defense than offense. One way to do this is blowtorch your worms into underground tunnels as soon as you can, preferably into higher ground, and place a girder at the entrance to block others from following. You want to get as many worms in a safe location as possible, and save weapons like the air strike and homing missile for later use. The enemy is extremely precise with their shots so make sure you are hidden well. Wait there and stretch your turns out as long as possible to run down the clock. Doing this will allow less turns for the AI and less chances for them to blast their way to you. While doing this, the AI tend to make mistakes at times and usually kills 1 or 2 of their own worms off. Once sudden death arrives continue to wait as long as possible without drowning yourself. By that time some of the AI worms should have drown and few should be remaining on high ground with very little health. Use this time to Air Strike and Homing Missile the final survivors. This method may take a little longer, but is definitely safer and more effective.

    Another good weapon is the ninja rope. It will be a good tool to use during these challenges as you can traverse the maps to get to exposed enemies and remove them with a single attack. Taking out enemy worms as quickly as possible will help you out later on, so use grenades and mines on worms near the edges of the map to knock them into the water and drown them.

  • Deal 500 points cumulative damage to win this award!

    Keep blowing up and shooting worms until you have dealt 500 total points of damage. This does not have to be done in one game.

  • Deal 2,000 points cumulative damage to win this award!


    Keep blowing up and shooting worms until you have dealt 2,000 total points of damage. This does not have to be done in one game.

  • Deal 20,000 points cumulative damage to win this award!

    Keep blowing up and shooting worms until you have dealt 20,000 total points of damage. This does not have to be done in one game.

  • Kill three worms with just one shot to bag this award (includes damage from oil drums and mines)!

    Best Done in the early challenges. During these, opponent worms will have around 10-20 health and thus are easy kills. Just get 3 that are close to one another and bazooka or dynamite them. If you only kill 2, but a third dies while those 2 are detonating themselves, it still counts.

  • Send a cumulative total of 100 worms to meet their maker and win this award!


    Just keep killing off your opponents and you will get this in no time. An easy way is to set up an offline multiplayer game and just keep killing off all the worms on the other teams. NOTE: Only 1 controller is needed for this method. You can also use this method for the Three Bagger achievement.

  • Collect a cumulative total of 50 crates and this award is yours!


    Just walk over crates or health pickups to gain this one. Health, Weapon, and Equipment crates all count towards this achievement. Can be done over multiple games.

  • Blow up 25 barrels and receive this award!


    Cause 25 barrels explode by shooting them during combat and you will gain this achievement. Can be done over multiple games.

  • Detonate a cumulative total of 25 mines and you'll 'trigger' this award!

    You just have to get close enough to set off 25 mines for this achievement. To make it explode without harming yourself, just walk near a mine until you see it start to blink yellow on top and turn and run away. You don't actually have to touch it. This can be done over multiple games.

  • Kill a cumulative total of 15 worms using just the sheep for this award...baaa-gain!


    Finish off a total of 15 worms with the sheep bomb to unlock this achievement. Best tip is to only use it on worms that have already taken a small amount of damage. Time the bounces well and you will do a fair amount of damage. This weapon can do a maximum of 65 damage to a single worm, this will usually be a direct hit at close range although the blast radius is quite large so you will have some margin for error at the expense of damage.An easy method for this achievement is to wait until a group of enemies with around 50 health are close together.

    Position yourself at some distance so as not to get caught in the blast, then let your furry death loose. The pattern of bounces is predictable, so with practice you will be able to judge where to stand and when to detonate. Wait until the bomb is close to all enemies then trigger the explosion. Repeat this a few times and you will eventually have 15 kills.

  • Play a four player Xbox Live game.

    Just host or join a game on xbox live that contains 4 players. It can be ranked or unranked just so long as there are three other players that start the game. It will unlock as soon as the round starts. Some people have had troubles with freezing before game starts. Waiting 30-45 seconds after everyone has joined and chosen teams before launching seems to help some with this. If this is proving difficult then get on the forums and organize to meet some people that also need the achievement.

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