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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Get in the tank with two other players.

    This needs to be done in online or Offline Co-op Mode all you have to do is get to the last level with both of your team still alive and get in the tank together; can be done on easy.
  • Kill 200 enemies.


    You can this achievement on the very first level. Kill the enemies behind the sand bags and just up to your right you will see two huts that spawn enemies.

    Stand just under the lower hut and aim towards the upper huts door MAKE SURE YOU'RE NOT SHOOTING EITHER HUT! If you're in the right position you will be killing all the enemy's that come out of both huts; if you make sure you don't get hit you can get the Barrso and Hero Achievements here too.

  • Complete the game on Black Ops difficulty.

    See the achievement "Mercenary."
  • Complete the game on Suicide Mission difficulty.

    This sounds tough, but if you play it safe you'll be fine. Pick Wolf for this mission as he has the best mix of vitality, speed and grenades. Be sure to pick up every POW symbol you see to increase your power and stick with the default weapon as the key to success will be shooting things before they can even get close to you.

    Approach every tower and gunner pod from a distance and destroy them before you get in their firing range. Try and toss grenades "" at vehicles as soon as you can to prevent them from spawning too many enemies. Speaking of spawns, utilize the spawning huts as cover, destroying them from the sides while hiding from bullets and other enemies.

    Try to ignore most of the secret areas on your Suicide run as it'll only distract and give the enemies more opportunities to finish you off. You only get two lives on this mode, so try your hardest to get to the final boss of the game without dying as he'll most likely steal one away from you on his own. One final piece of advice, don't be afraid to use your special crash attack "" If you think you're about to get hit by an enemy or just need some room, get it out there! It'll save your life!
  • Rescue all of the POWs in the game.


    Look around for a jagged text bubble reading HELP! That signifies there is a POW in a cage, don't worry about shooting them as you cant kill them

    • There are 15 POW's in the first Level - 11 on route to the finish and 2 in each secret area-
    • There are 30 POW's in the Second Level - all on route to the finish, don't forget to go left and right at junctions and not up or else you will miss some
    • There are 12 POW's in the Third Level - 8 on route to the finish and 2 in each secret area
    • There are 9 POW's in the Fourth Level all on route to the finish

    See "Sleuth" For More Information

  • Sleuth



    Find all of the Secret Areas in the game.

    You need to find all the Secret Areas in the game there is 10 in total 2 in each level You need to get all secrets and rescue all prisoners in ONE RUN THROUGH! Just play it on EASY and you'll have no problems. Once you've got all 10 the Achievement will pop up.

    Heres a list of the Secret Areas

    Level 1
    - After reaching the vehicle, hug the left side of the path and look for tank tracks leading into the rocks. Hop out of your vehicle "" and throw a grenade "" there.
    - Upon reaching the end of the vehicle section, look to the left of the barrier again for tank tracks leading into the rocks and throw a grenade "" there.
    Level 2
    - At the very beginning of the level there will be two sets of POWs crying for help. Between these two groups is a blue flame on the wall. Throw a grenade
    "" there.
    - After exiting the prison and finding the open area, head north where a green tank will appear. To the left of the tank there should be tire tracks leading into the rocks.
    Throw a grenade "" there.
    Level 3
    - At the very beginning of the temple section a tank will appear. To the left of where the tank stops will be a statue. Toss a grenade
    "" at the statue.
    - In the temple area, after the section with the low wall where soldiers throw grenades to you, head around the wall and north, around the bend. On the right hand wall there will be a blue, circular ornament on the wall. Use a grenade ""
    on it.
    Level 4
    - After the village section with the wooden planks, you'll head back into the swamp and find a usable turret. On the right hand wall you'll see what appears to be a fallen tree, directly above an enemy spawning hut. Use a grenade ""
    on the tree.
    - At the end of the swamp, before you head up the ramp and into the factory setting, throw a grenade
    "" at the last bit of fence on the left hand side.
    Level 5
    - At the very beginning of the level, on the left hand side, you'll find a brown coloured building with tiny blue and red flags. Throw a grenade
    "" at it but beware, there is an enemy spawn within this secret.
    - During the first tank section, you'll find another brown building with tiny flags on it. Hop out of your tank
    "" and toss a grenade "" at it to open the final secret.
  • Brasso



    Achieve the 12X score multiplier.

    See the achievement "Madman."
  • Hero



    Achieve the 24X score multiplier.

    See the achievement "Madman."
  • Free 25 POWs.

    See the achievement "Humanitarian."
  • Madman



    Attain a 24X score multiplier on every level.

    Another easy one as you can do it on easy. Not only can you take advantage of the infinitely re-spawning enemy huts, but there are also secret items that automatically give you the multiplier needed. If you need the multiplier fast, simply camp out in front of an enemy re-spawn and fire away until you achieve it. It's also extremely easy to pick up in just about any vehicle section.

    Should you get to the boss or nearly complete the level without acquiring the multiplier, simply go to the menu and restart the mission. This won't count against your achievement.

    Also in the levels 1,3, and 5 there is a "Gold Wolf Badge" which will give you the full 24X multiplier.
  • Complete the game with at least one other player.

    This one sounds easy enough and is if you play through on easy! Not only is there no difficulty requirement, but you only need to play though it with one other player as well. If you're looking to get this one quick, flip the difficulty to easy, grab a friend and use Wolf and Coyote for an easy achievement.

    If you're going to play with all three players, however, I have some further advice. Determine out of the three of you which one is the best player and stick that person on Fox. Her defense is extremely bad and can be wiped out in only two hits, stealing away a precious life (which are shared, by the way) from the team.

    The trick to getting through Commando 3 with all three players is to stick Fox in the back to take care of the enemies rushing from behind, while having her use Wolf and Coyote as meat shields. Meaning, while your team is running through the levels, make sure that Fox has the back covered while lining herself up with one of the other two players. Bullets don't pass through players, so use the higher vitality of other players to your advantage.

    Wolf and Coyote also have enough vitality to make it through the game as is, so let Fox pick up all the health extending power-ups as well. That way when she does get shot, there won't be as much of a panic to find first-aid kits. Speaking of power-ups, do your best to ignore both the flame thrower and rocket launcher weapons. The flame thrower masks enemy projectiles extremely well and the rocket launcher has too low of a firing rate to make it useful. With these tips in mind, the game should be a breeze.
  • Kill 40 enemies while in a vehicle.

    This is quite easy to get start up a game on the first level. When you get to the Jeep just jump in and drive over everyone you see. Don't shoot but just drive and you should get it without any problems.

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