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There are 7 achievements with a total of 1000 points


    Secret achievements

    • ドラマモードをクリア (Clear drama mode)

      To achieve this, simply complete the story mode of the game.

    • 全勝でドラマモードクリア (Clear drama mode of every fight)

      All you have to do is complete drama mode by winning all thirty fights. There are 10 fights per chapter, 3 chapters in all. Be sure to save after each match so that if you lose you can just exit to the dashboard and reload.

    • フリーファイトでCOMに50勝 (Beat fifty computer opponents in Free Fight)

      To earn this just win 50 matches in Free Fight. Set the game to Easy and just have beat the crap out of your opponents. You can do this quickly by changing ring out to 10 seconds, then tossing them outside for a beatdown then return to the ring and let them get counted out. Each match shouldn’t last longer than 30 seconds.

    • イトルカードすべてゲット (Win all title cards)

      Title and Trophy cards are unlocked by winning title belts and trophies. At the beginning of the third chapter (after 20 matches) you’ll be given the chance to select a division to fight in. This is the league in which you’ll go for the title and unlock those title cards and trophies. So each time through drama mode select a different league and work your way through them all. Once you’ve obtained all titles and trophies from all leagues this achievement will unlock. You will get the 5 Crown winner achievement in your second play through of Drama mode.

    • サバイバルで30人抜き (Beat 30 people in survival mode)

      In free fight select the last option to play the survival mode. You will have to defeat 30 wrestlers in a row. Set the game to easy and this should be a breeze. You can win by count out or pinfall/submission you just can’t lose and can’t save your progress. So only attempt this if you have the hour or two to run through.

    • イトルカードを5つゲット (Win five title cards)

      See "All Crowns".

    • カリスマMAXでドラマモードクリア (Clear drama mode with max charisma)

      This achievement is actually very easy to get. All you have to do is taunt a lot to fill up your special meter. Doing so plays to the crowd and increases your charisma. My strategy was to get my meter full then perform three finishing moves on my opponent. Then while they are out cold continue to taunt and refill your special meter. Once it flashes MAX I’d just pin them without activating the finishing meter. If you accidentally activate the finishing meter pick up your opponent and use your finisher again, then pin them. I lost about 8 matches during the season in which I earned this achievement and at least 10 matches were won by ring out. Just remember that while they are knocked out either inside or outside the ring you should continue to taunt.

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