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There are 200 achievements with a total of 0 points

  • Unlock all hidden content

    You unlock all the hidden content by beating the game on different difficulties. Most are unlocked by beating the game on normal, however there are a few that require you to beat the game on expert.

    CFA 44 Nosferatu Fighter - Beat the game on Hard difficulty. It will appear in your hangar, purchase it for $229,500.

    Music Player - Beat the game once.

    Scene Viewer - Beat the game once.

    Unlock Expert Difficulty- Beat the game once.

    Unlock Ace Difficulty - Beat the game on expert.

    SP New Game - Complete campaign once on any difficulty setting.

    you also need to unlock all planes and colors.

  • Complete the game 100%

    You do not need 100% completion per se, but rather you will have to do the following:

    • Complete story mode - See "Party at the Ranch!"
    • Collect all Skate Ranch pieces.
    • Complete Classic Mode - see "Classic Mode 100%"
    • Find all gaps - This is the hard one. You must hit all gaps, either in story mode, free skate, classic, or a mixture of all 3. There are some gaps that you need to get in story mode, in the skate ranch. This is by far the most time-consuming part of the game. For help with the gaps, try https://thps3.net/THAW/.

    For further help, check the notes section


    To enter cheats, start from the main menu, then go to 'Options' and 'Cheat Codes'. Enter these:

    Perfect Grind: grindXpert
    Perfect Manual: 2wheels!
    Perfect Skitch: h!tchar!de
    Moon Gravity: 2them00n
    Full Special Meter: uronfire

  • Earn a Gold Medal for ALL challenges and media callouts.

    Very consuming and annoying achievement at times. You must get a gold medal on every challenge on every moutain for this achievement.

    Note * The Impress the Bystander challenges count towards this achievement, even the ones on mountains and locations where you do not get an achievement.

    There are 240 challenges in all that need golds for this achievement.

    This can take anyone, in the region of 10-15 hours depending on skill.



    If you are strugglin with grinding media call out challenges, go in to create mode, add an object you can grind to start it early, to achieve more points.

    Kitty Cleanup - It is important on these to memorise the route if needs be. Simply follow the route and work out where and when you need to turn, jump, get a rail, etc. After a while, once you have worked out the route, you should pick these up.

    Magic Cirles - These in my opinion are the hardest ones to do. I firstly worked out the route and then when to leave the jumps/grinds and when to trick. Then I added in the moves. After a few attempts I got them.

    MY BIGGEST TIP - TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE STYLE FEATURE - You get significantly more points by holding the left analogue stick halfway instead of all the way in the middle of tricks and taking advantage of the style bonus, than you do attempting to spin round fifty times like a catherine wheel.

    Beware - I have heard of people not receiving either the Lesser or Supreme Snow God achievements if they were to receive them at the same time. If needs be, leave one bronze till the end and go back and get gold on that.

  • Complete ALL progress tracker grid entries

    The most daunting and tedious achievement in the game. Press and look at your animus DNA Tracker. Below is the list you can look at to make sure it's all done. There are a total of 17070 points on the tracker and you must get all of them. You pretty much have to do everything in the game!

    Please visit THIS THREAD for a guide on the Club Challenges.

    Sequences - Main story (Must get 100% sync in call optional objectives)
    Clubs - You must get all clubs completely done (all challenges/missions)
    Side Missions - This covers all liberation missions
    Discovery - All almanacs, chests, feathers, trinkets, forts, underground, and citizen missions
    Naval - All naval missions, privateer contracts, as well as the Captain Kidd's quest
    Homestead - All characters, missions, and crafting all inventions

  • This will be your last achievement and most likely your most annoying. You need to fill a list of requirements before the achievement will unlock. You will need to complete the following criteria before this achievement will unlock:

    • Unlock all 20 upgrades
    • Solve the 240 riddles
    • Earn a gold medal on all challenges
  • (Online) Achieve all the awards

    There are 120 awards total: 30 wildcards, 48 patches, and 42 trophies.
    Check out the guide for every award here.

  • Complete all Single Player missions on Veteran difficulty level

    [Single Player] Beat the US Campaign on Veteran. See the mission walkthrough below.

    Mission 1 – Stationed at Pearl:

    See the Distinguished Flying Cross achievement for a walkthrough of Mission 1.

    Mission 2 – Defense of the Philippines:

    In the harbor, shoot planes until you have power, then get out of the harbor at full speed. At that point, your job is to prevent landing craft from entering the harbor. If five get in, you lose. They are small and slow, so this alone isn’t a huge issue. The problem lies in that you can’t repair your vessel, so you have to minimize your damage taken to win, especially on Veteran. First priority, down any planes you see. Second, stay away from the destroyer. Take the out first wave of landing craft (white triangles on your map) and then put two torpedoes in the AK (large grey boat) on the far right, spin to the left and take out the second one. Kennedy will likely take out the one on the left before you reload, but if he doesn’t, do it yourself. Focus on taking down planes first, and then sinking the little boats. Once all three AKs are down, sink the two smaller transports and you are good. There is no need to attack the DD at all, so stay away from him.

    Mission 3 – Running the Palawan Passage:

    There are two ways to do this mission. The first is to kill everything methodically and hope you don’t get picked to pieces. This approach works fine on Rookie and is possible on Regular. On Veteran, however, go to full power immediately and set your damage control to weapons. Let the AI handle guns while you concentrate on dodging torpedoes. As you take damage, throw all three damage control parties on the necessary areas and then put them back on weapons when you are done. Head through the passage directly in front of you and stay at full power until you get to the Japanese DD. Don’t stop for anything! If you get hit with a torpedo, you are likely better off restarting. When you reach the spot where the DD spawns, you should have 25%-50% of your health. Fire four torpedoes to your front, generally more to the right than the left, with the idea of getting the DD to dodge toward the shore. Then set your orders to everything on, make sure the DD is set as your target, and take control of the artillery. If the DD dodged toward the shore, you should be able to target his nose and hit him square amidships and sink him quickly. The total mission time shouldn’t be more than seven minutes with this approach.

    Mission 4 – Vengeance at Luzon:

    The first four victory conditions you can meet purely from the tactical screen, directing your planes to the various points. When you are placed in charge of the flight deck, launch 3 fighters and 3 sets of 3 torpedo bombers. Send the 3 fighters to dogfight the CAP over the battleship, then split the bombers to the left and right. Manually fly them in let the torpedoes go at 0.2 range square in the middle of the battleship, aimed slightly forward. You can crash your planes afterward as this is much quicker than landing and reloading and you have plenty to spare. It only takes 6 or so torpedoes to sink the BB.

    Mission 5 – Raid on Balikpapan:

    The key to this is speed as it is very difficult to defeat the CL and third DD that show up if you take too long. Set damage crews and disband the formation. The John D Ford needs to go due east at top speed and get in range of the eastern most target ship (AK). The torpedoes are effective about 1.5 miles out, so hit it with four and then turn north to shake any pursuit. When your torpedoes have reloaded, come back south and hit the northeastern most AK. In the meantime, spend most of your time with the Parrot, full speed, set the first DD as the target, hit the AK that is outside the barrier islands with four torpedoes immediately (you should be in range as soon as the mission starts) and head for the southwestern ship. Manually target the DD with your artillery when you can as you have better aim and longer range than the AI gunner, but don’t let killing him slow you down. Dodge any incoming torpedoes but try to not kill the PT boat (if you do three more spawn almost immediately, which is a pain). Take the Parrot at about half speed northeast between the barrier islands and the main island, trashing all the AKs with artillery and torpedoes. The way to do this is to fire torpedoes at the targets furthest away while using the artillery to hammer the ones near you. Assuming you don’t take engine damage, this mission on Veteran should take about 6 minutes.

    Mission 6 – Holding the Lombok Strait:

    This is one of the easiest Veteran missions and can be played entirely from the tactical map except when launching planes (or crashing them). Defend your air base by throwing all your fighters to the southwest where the enemy planes enter the map. Move the John D. Ford to the western side of the bay to assist with AA fire (on automatic, you don’t have to worry about shooting it yourself) and launch the two Catalina flying boats out to the southeast and due east to serve as early strike vehicles for when the fleet shows up. As soon as you see the incoming flight with 5 dive bombers and 5 Zeros, that is the last set of planes. You want to concentrate on killing the dive bombers first, then launch your two level bombers and all the dive bombers you can sending them east while you shoot down the Zeros. Any fighters you have left up once the ships show up, crash so that you can launch dive bombers. When the ships show up, ignore the DD and CL, zoom your tactical map in and target the AKs and LSTs with your planes. Order dive bombers to crash rather than land (or suicide them into the AKs if you wish) but you will want the level bombers to land and re-arm. Once the transports all sink, you win.

    Mission 7 – Rendezvous in the Java Sea:

    The first phase is incoming air strikes, both dive bombers and torpedo bombers. Send the cruiser at top speed to the east and use the destroyers as a screen to the north. Actively switch between ships to ensure provide target selection. Aim for incoming planes only as once they have dropped their ordnance they are no longer a threat. If a flight of torpedo bombers gets through, manually steer the Houston to avoid the torpedoes. Ideally, you want them dropping torpedoes behind you and it is pretty easy to avoid them.

    The second phase is a submarine hunting down the Houston. Send your destroyers at the sub on full auto as soon as it is detected. However, if both of your destroyers are destroyed by the planes, you have to go rendezvous with the British and you will be unable to harm the sub (on Veteran, it may be best to restart). The way to do this is to steer from the tactical map with the zoom all the way in (right trigger). This lets you see torpedoes in the water so you can avoid them. The reload for torpedoes is very slow, so you should only have to dodge one wave of them and then go straight for the rendezvous point.

    The third phase is a cruiser and three DD’s, which are pretty straight forward to destroy. Target your DD’s on the enemy DD’s with full auto, send the Houston to the edge of the map so she doesn’t take any damage, and manually run the Exeter. Make sure you turn torpedoes to auto fire on all DD’s and the Exeter.

    Once those ships are down, the final phase kicks off. All ships are expendable except for the Houston, so target them all at the BB and send the Houston on a great circle around the map so that she stays away from the BB as long as possible. Then hop into the sub and drop it to crush depth and get in front of the BB. This is the only realistic weapon you have for sinking the BB. Close to within 0.2 miles, raise depth to level 1 and shoot 4 torpedoes broadside. Drop one depth level and cross to the other side while your torpedoes reload, and hit her again to finish the level.

    Mission 8 – Strike on Tulagi:

    This one is pretty simple and can be done almost entirely from the tactical map. Start by launching 2 flights of fighters and 2 flights of dive bombers. Send the carrier to the bottom left corner of the map and separate the DD’s to attack the incoming light cruiser. Set the 2 flights of dive bombers to attack the CL and the fighters to hit the incoming enemy planes. Send your B-17’s to the far side of the island looping south and then north. When you see 4 flights of enemy air heading south, then send the B-17’s in to hit the airfield. In the meantime, send dive bombers at the two DD’s and keep hitting all incoming air and PT boats. As soon as the B-17’s have dropped their bombs, send a flight of dive bombers in to finish off the airfield if needed. After that, focus on sinking every ship and destroying the fortress on the lower left side of the island (in the bay where your landing craft will eventually land. If your DD’s are still afloat, send them about two miles west of the northern tip of Tulagi to await the next set of ships. Once everything is destroyed except for the shipyard and any AA emplacements, send two flights of torpedo bombers to the same place as the DD’s and then hit the shipyard with dive bombers. As soon as the shipyard is destroyed you will go to a cut scene and the enemy reinforcements show up, along with your LST’s. Target your DD on the enemy DD and manually steer the torpedo bombers in strike the cruiser. Any planes on the map that do not have ordnance should be crashed and immediately launch more. Send dive bombers at the DD and torpedoes at the cruiser. As soon as both are sunk, you win.

    Mission 9 – Battle of the Coral Sea:

    Break formation and place the two DDs and the cruiser as a screen in the middle of the map, directly under the path of the incoming fighters. If you spread them out a little bit it tends to be more effective. Place Donald as CAP at the one furthest from the carrier, and launch another three fighters as cap on the middle ship. Then launch three flights of dive bombers and send them straight down to the bottom of the map. The Japanese carrier group should be traversing from west to east and you want to hit them from behind. Target all of your dive bombers on one carrier and you should win. If for some reason you don’t do enough damage with your first wave, just send another (crash all remaining bombers rather than land and refuel). The one thing to pay attention to is if the mid-screen CAP gets down to one plane, crash it and launch three more. Easy battle, even on Veteran.

    Mission 10 – Turning Point at Midway:

    Launch all fighters with bombs loaded and all bombers ASAP, as well as two PT boats. Set the PT boats to automove in the middle of the bay, and set the bombers to CAP on the PT boats. Target the fighters on the incoming bombers, ignoring the Zeros for now. There are three flights of bombers that come in, targeting in order your bomber runway, your shipyard, and your fighter runway. Losing the shipyard is no big deal, but if you lose either runway it is best to restart. Once the third wave has been dealt with, order all remaining bombers to land for repairs, send the PT boats with auto everything turned on (including torpedoes) at the incoming landing fleet, and order two flights of fighters to land while your remaining fighters target the DD escort. As soon as they drop their bombs have them strafe the AKs until they get shot down. In the meantime, launch more fighters with bombs to take out any remaining ships. You may need to manually pilot the PT boats to sink all the landing craft. When all the bombers have landed, you need to launch all 9 and send them to the middle of the bay.

    As soon as the fleet is destroyed, launch 6 fresh fighters to protect your airbases and set the PT boats back in the bay as well. Launch 6 torpedo bombers and send them to the west side of the map. As soon as you survive the first wave of incoming fighters from the Japanese carriers, you will get carrier support. Launch one flight of 5 fighters to protect the carrier (turn on CAP) and place both destroyers forward for additional air defense. Then launch 3 flights of 2 torpedo bombers each.

    Send all surviving bombers at the fleet targeting escorts, then send your 5 flights of torpedo bombers at the carrier. If you set them so they arrive spaced slightly apart you can steer them in manually and can easily sink the carrier. If you get shot down and need to launch a second wave, do so, but torpedoes kill the carrier very quickly.

    Mission 11 – Endgame at Midway:

    The key to success for this mission is to win early so you don’t run out of planes. You will be attacked by a sub right at the start, so that is the first priority. Launch one flight of dive bombers with depth charges while you target the two recon planes onto the sub. If the sub is still moving after the recon planes hit it, sink it with the dive bombers, then send them to shoot down the two Japanese recon planes. These dive bombers will need to reload their depth charges and then fly CAP on the carriers. The second sub is not worth hunting down because you can often win before it gets close to your carrier group, but if you do run across it these guys can sink it in a heartbeat.

    Launch all dive bombers from your carriers and sink the cruiser coming in from the north, reload and sink the one from the east, and reload again. Move your carrier group north, staying on the edge of the map, with the screening ships on the east side. The next step is to find where the carriers are, which you can probably derive by watching the direction Japanese planes are coming in from. You want to split your bombers into two forces and send the majority ahead of the enemy fleet and a distraction force to the side or rear. It is very important that the distraction force be a mile or so closer to the enemy fleet than the main force or the Japanese CAP will attack the main force.

    When you can see the fleet, zoom in and target all of the main force on the lead carrier and it should sink no problem. If any planes have ordnance left, have them drop it on the other carrier and then you need to make a decision. If the majority of your planes are still in good shape, feel free to fly them back to the carriers to reload. On the other hand, if half of them are lost or severely damaged, you can kamikaze them into the other carrier to save some time and cause a little bit of extra damage.

    Then launch 21 (or 24 if you have sunk the other sub) torpedo bombers and split them the same as before and do the same thing. With torpedo bombers, you will often get better results if you steer in manually and drop some of the ordnance yourself. As soon as the second carrier sinks, you win.

  • Score 100% notes hit on Helter Skelter playing Expert Drums

    You will need to be decent on drums to do this, again try getting used to the rhythm of the song and slow sections down in practice mode if you are struggling. If you are new to the drumming system, check out the Drum Trainer from the practice menu.

  • All stages were beat in HELL mode.

    Just end all six missions on Hell difficulty, stage select does not count.

    Hell mode unlocks after ending the game on Chaos.

    Note: Difficulty achievements do not stack!

  • Get your Elite License, win every event, find all discoverables and beat every Road Rule

    If you have gone for all the other achievements for collecting billboards, won every single event, smashed through all gates, and beat every road rule once you complete your elite license, this achievement will follow. This is one of the more time consuming achievements, but it will come with natural progression through the game if you are after all of the achievements.

  • Receive 40000 total points in ranked matches. (Multiplayer)

    To get these achievements you'll have to play a lot of ranked multiplayer matches. Score as many points as you can each game to get these faster. You can check the scores ingame by pressing . Take down as many of the enemy as possible. In objective games, make sure to be the one that scores the flag or secures the HQ, for example. Don't teamkill, as a punishment takes points away from you. You can view your current points by going to 'Leaderboards' and then 'Global Leaderboard'. If you have played ranked matches then the first page that comes up will show your rank. The star indicates your points, and you can press  to view more detailed statistics.

  • Sky dive to safety on Veteran difficulty

    Possibly the hardest achievement in the game. You have to complete the epilogue on the veteran difficulty. I have no tips on this achievement, but this video will show you the only way to finish it on time:

  • Conquer the final stage of Babel.

    This achievement is unlocked through the Babel gameplay mode, by completing the fourth stage: Axis Mundi. Babel's block placement is completely randomized, making strategies very difficult to create. This is absolutely the most outrageously difficult puzzle in the game. White, Vortex, and Cracked block types are all present here, but Vortex Blocks are the main threat. The blocks are often arranged in highly complex patterns, making it easy to collapse most of the tower just by moving the wrong block at the wrong time. Extensive mastery of the "Edge" mechanic is a necessity if you are to reach 300 steps. This Babel stage can also be played in Pairs which should significantly make it easier for you. If playing in Pairs, 168 steps are needed to complete it. The North American version of Axis Mundi is said to be "broken" and impossible to complete due to the unviable block drops so Pairs Mode is strongly recommended. For an in-depth strategy of each Babel Stage click HERE. If you somehow manage to do this not only will you unlock this achievement but also a special video from Trisha!

  • Nod Campaign Finished with Gold medal and Bonus Ribbon

    Complete the Nod Campaign on hard with the Bonus Objectives. The Bonus objectives appear green in your map. To check them, press the back button, but some of those objectives don’t appear. For a list of ALL the bonus objectives and a brief explanation of how to achieve them, check the bottom of the guide. I recommend that you finish the game on easy, then go to medium, and finish the Scrin campaign on Hard first since it's easy and gives you an idea how to play on hard.

  • Collect 300 Hidden Orbs

    Find and collect all 300 hidden orbs in game. Can be rather annoying if you do them out of order so your best bet is to use the map here, mark off each orb as you collect it, and finishing one territory/island before starting another.

  • Earn 5 Stars on every song in the game on Hard.

    This includes the challenges. You can check your progress on a song by selecting it and looking at the rating next to the Perform It! option. The letter will indicate the highest difficulty, and the number of stars will indicate the rating you got. For example, if you've 5 starred a song on hard it will show H*****.

    Your score dictates your star rating. Your score is higher if you can keep a good multiplier going. It counts up 1 every time you have a Flawless or Nice on a sequence. 1x is lowest, and 4x is highest. If you move a body part wrong, the wrong part will glow red on the character. For example if your feet are correct and your arms are wrong, the characters arms will glow, but his/her feet wont.

    Also, make sure you keep moving during the Freestyle section. If not, you will lose your combo. You can tell if you moved enough if it says Flawless at the end of the freestyle section (instead of Nice or other). All you have to do is make sure you move the entire time to get a Flawless. Just wave your hands at the screen if you need to conserve energy.

    Lastly, if you're still having a hard time, watching Youtube videos can help. Riffraff67 has a lot of songs on his channel being performed on Hard. He does a picture-in-picture, so you can see how he moves in relation to what the dance move is. Mightymecreative is also a popular Dance Central video poster.

  • All achievements completed. Congratulations!

    This achievement will unlock when you have unlocked all other achievements.

  • Unlock all achievements.

  • TYPE: 1 Play REQ: Survive for at least 7 days.

    This must be done in Infinity mode. Refer to this guide I posted in the forums for food locations and some tips: click here.

  • Complete the game on Hard Core setting

    Beating the game on any difficulty unlocks the Hard Core setting. The difficulties DO NOT stack in this game so beating it on Hard Core does not unlock Mission Impossible.

    Hardcore Tips

    1. Weapons: I recommend buying only the force gun and using it in conjunction with the Plasma Cutter. Having more than these weapons in your inventory or safe will cause ammo to drop for weapons that you do not use and will spread your ammo very thin for the guns that you do use. The Bloody Force Gun that comes with the Martial Law DLC will allow you to get this gun at the first store for free as opposed to waiting until Chapter 7 for the schematic.

    2. Armor: This is much easier if you have bought the CE or Martial Law DLC Pack as you will get a 15 slot, 15% armor suit at the start of the game making inventory space and damage control more manageable. The Bloody Vintage Suit that comes with the Martial Law DLC gives you an additional 5% damage with the Force Gun. NOTE: You can equip any suit to get the extra inventory slots and armor, and then revert to another suit and still keep the # of slots and the armor bonus of the best suit.

    3. Inventory: Keep 4-5 medium med packs. The large med packs are extremely expensive at 10,000 credits. The medium med packs are half the price and do the trick, while allowing you to keep your credits for the more essential items you will need. Keep 3 stacks of stasis kits (9 kits) for getting yourself out of tricky situations. For ammo, I recommend 2-3 stacks of plasma cutter ammo as it is fairly expensive and you will only need it in precision situations (i.e. Hangar Boss in Ch. 1, Brutes, and final boss) where hitting a particular part of a necromorph really matters. 5 Stacks of Force Gun ammo should leave you with plenty of wiggle room until you get to the next store. Plus, force gun ammo is cheap! Use any spare money you may have after restocking to buy power nodes to keep your equipment upgraded.

    4. Saves: I recommend using your saves in the later chapters and utilize the disc switch glitch as your first save, but remember you can't shut your game off until you actually use a save. If you are having trouble getting to Chapter 7 without saving you can use it early, but I wouldn't recommend using it any sooner than chapter 4. If you make it to the disc switch without using a save, then I recommend saving on Chapters 10 before the hallway with the two Brutes, Chapter 11 (before entering the 'Exploration Mine' and the Drill Ride) and 13 after defeating the final Brute. For your Chapter 13 save, take the Elevator up to watch the cutscene of the Marker, then ride back down and save so if you die you don't have to rewatch it.

    Here are some additional threads with tips from other members that may prove useful.

    Hardcore Tips by SquaredSumo705

    Hardcore Tips by Jumnious

    Hardcore Tips by DreamDevice

  • Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without setting off any alarms.

    This is the achievement where you'll need to make sure you don't make any mistakes when trying to avoid being caught. First off, I recommend you save often to save any heart ache. Save once you get to a new area, save when you get past a tricky spot even if you're still trying to pass it, save before hacking etc.

    Next up you'll want some certain Augmentations to help make this a smoother ride. Most are listed in the Roadmap above, so please refer to that. The main one that will save you from getting spotted is the Skin Augmentation - Cloaking System. With this and some quick recharge you can bypass a whole area with getting spotted or worrying about movement timing. 

    Now onto the things you don't want to do:

    • Never make a guard, camera or turret turn Hostile. If this happens, reload a last save. Having anything Alerted or Suspicious is fine.
    • When hacking a turret, don't make it turn against anyone. This will count as kills and sound alarms.
    • When you knockout anyone, hide the bodies. The last thing you want is a guard or camera spotting them and setting off an alarm.
    • Save before you hack. If you mess it up, they will lock down and may set off an alarm.
    • Some areas in the game it'll automatically go into a Hostile state. This is is fine so don't worry. It normally happens after a cutscene and that you're in the surrounding area, so it's part of the story. But be warned, you'll actually start these bits without actually being seen, the AI just know you're about! Just get out of the area without actually being spotted and you should be good to go.
  • You earned a platinum medal in each one of the Gymkhana tutorials

    You unlock the Gymkhana Academy after getting 450 total points during the first season. There are a total of 5 tutorials. The number beside the tutorial name is at what point you can find the platinum walkthrough in the video.

    1: Smash (0:07)
    This one is tricky. Follow the path in the video underneath, and you should eventually get it. If you are having trouble, try revisiting it once you get more similar with the game.

    2: Air (1:02)
    Probably the easiest of all the tutorials. Just line up with the ramp and make sure you have decent speed and take off straight. Spin you car around to head back the other direction and land 4 perfect jumps, to get 45000+ and get that platinum medal.

    3: Drift (1:48)
    Very frustrating, but not too bad once you get the hang of it. Again, feel free to come back to this if you are having trouble. The key is to go in a 8-figure instead of an oval. Another key is to score off ALL gates during every corner. Missing a single one will make you get gold instead. Average at least 4,000 a gate, and you should be able to get that platinum medal. If you find yourself having a few bad corners, try rewinding or restarting.

    4: Spin (3:05)
    Make sure to approach the zone at an angle, hit your brake, turn into the zone, and then apply handbrake and start spinning. As soon as you reach 3 triangles (10,000 points) start heading for the next zone. As long as you make no mistakes, you should be able to make it before the time runs out.

    5: Donut (4:19)
    The final challenge. Start off with the donut in front of you, and then do what feels right. As soon as you see those 3 triangles fill up, head towards the next closest donut opportunity. Don't waste time, just head for whatever is front of you. After a few tries, this one should come.

  • You completed all missions after the prologue, alerting or killing no one but key targets

    Alerts come when the awareness meter above an enemy's head turns red and they start shooting at you. As for not killing anyone, learn to blink passed enemies, utilize your sleep bolts for your crossbow ( + to the top left), you'll know they're sleep darts because they're green. Also be sure you use knockout takedowns by holding when you're behind an enemy. One last tip would be to hold while you're knocking them out so you catch them as they collapse, otherwise they'll fall to the ground and possibly alert nearby enemies.

    Whenever you finish a mission, it shows two boxes at the bottom for killing or alerting people. You must complete the entire game with both of those boxes checked for every mission. You cannot replay them later, it must be in one playthrough. If you messed up you must replay the level (do not exit the game and try mission select, it does not work). It's obviously best to play this on easy. Some people prefer to be able to upgrade and use powers, while most people wish to stack this, Clean Hands, and Mostly Flesh and Steel together. If you are using a rune you are voiding your achievement. So do not upgrade Blink if trying to stack these achievements.

    Check here for tips on how to get Clean Hands, Mostly flesh and Steel, and Ghost all in one playthrough.

  • All the items related to EZI have been collected.

    All of your EZI items disappear going to your second play through, so don't even worry about them on your first play. You can't get them all until you have most of the score pieces, so try to follow the guide for "Score Piece Collector" closely, because the only way to play the right score piece is to have them all and count from the top to get to the right number. If you have missed any score pieces, counting to the right one will be impossible.

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2
    EZI Cracker - Play Score Piece 2 for the Gentlemanly Pop in the square of Forte City.
    EZI Certificate - Play Score Piece 5 with Wiseman Maracas in the Glissando Cliffs.

    Chapter 3
    EZI Photo - Play Score Piece 20 with Lonely Pitch at Lake Reverb.

    Chapter 4
    EZI Scarf - Play Score Piece 4 for Captive Congo on the Pirate Ship Dolce. (3F-NW Door)
    EZI Egg - Play Score Piece 14 for Killer Bell Lyre in a hidden cave in the Sharp Mountains.
    EZI String Phone - Play Score Piece 1 for Celebrity Marcato in Baroque Castle. (2F-East)
    Smiling EZI - Play Score Piece 6 for Contrary Marimba outside Hotel Ensemble in Baroque City.

    Chapter 5
    Cherry EZI - Play Score Piece 3 for Worrywort Horn by the fountain in Ritardando.
    EZI Pajamas - Play Score Piece 11 for Shallow Sweet in Baroque Castle. (2F-West)

    Chapter 6
    EZI Paddle - Play Score Piece 7 for Granny's Girl Quena in the upper room of Hotel Ensemble in Baroque City.
    EZI Handkerchief - Play Score Piece 18 for Conceited Choir in Baroque City.
    Elite EZI - Play Score Piece 21 for Solitary String (cat) in Tenuto.
    EZI Pendant - Play Score Piece 27 Methodical Gospel in Ritardando.
    Small EZI - Play Score Piece 29 for Precocious Flute by the cave in Agogo Village.
    Swimming EZI - Play Score Piece 15 for Twilight JuJu in the Chorus Plains.
    Laughing EZI - Play Score Piece 9 for Strolling Ghost Note in Hanon Hills.
    EZI Pocketbook - Play Score Piece 13 for Tenacious Coronet in Cantabile Inn.
    Weekly EZI - Play Score Piece 16 with Gentle Harp in Baroque City.

    Chapter 7
    Rainbow EZI - All the way to the east of Elegy City, inside a small urn. It is in front of the steps that takes you to the dunes.
    EZI Bun - Play Score Piece 28 for Glamorous Oboe in Elegy City.
    Chapel EZI - Play Score Piece 13 for Desolate Saburo in the Noise Dunes.


    Note: Huge thanks to Ray5555 and Kaens from our forums and Kiryn Silverwing for her guide on Gamefaqs. If you are stuck at any point, check that guide out here.

  • Achieve Rank 30 (Ranked Match)

    Rank 30 requires 1,250,000 experience. I would strongly recommend boosting this achievement with two other people by having on person constantly down the second person while the third revives them. Make sure you don't exceed the 1,500 XP limit per game. If you plan to do this without boosting, then be prepared for an investment of two to three hundred hours, easily.

  • Held every weapon and accessory.

    All weapons and accessories only have to have been in your inventory at some point during the game. You do not have to keep them unless they upgrade into something else you need for the achievement (Aqua Ring -> Riptide -> Nereid, for example). Once you think you have/had all the items, speak to Bahkti. (refer to Pulsian Pioneer for the Bahkti mini-quest)

    Also, you're not required to upgrade every weapon to it's tier 3 form. Instead, upgrade them all to tier 2 and pick just one for each character that you'd like to be tier 3 (eg: Lightning's Omega Weapon). This will save you a lot of time and money.

    The elemental rings can only be obtained two ways; one is from finding them in treasure spheres, the other is dismantling their respective charm. Be warned, if you sell your rings and charms, you have void yourself of this achievement.

    The following missions will award you with certain elemental rings.
    • Mission 06 - Fulmen ring (tier 2 Spark)
    • Mission 11 - Frost ring
    • Mission 27 - Blaze ring (tier 2 Ember)
    • Mission 39 - Siltstone ring (tier 2 Clay)
    • Mission 52 - Gale ring (tier 2 Zephyr)
    • Mission 53 - Blaze ring (tier 2 Ember)
    • Sulyya Springs [Treasure Sphere] - Riptide ring (tier 2 Aqua)

    All the charms are found in treasure spheres on the Archlyte Steppe.

    Accessories List
    Weapon List

  • Achieve a gold trophy in every single race in the Event list in Season Play mode.

    This is the most time consuming in the game. You need to finish 220 events in 1st place, and every event consists of 3 or more different tracks.

    The fastest way is to hire a driver compete the race for you. He will take 50% of the winnings and you won't be able to earn any XP, but this way you don't actually have to race. You can just set the race up and then go do something else until the race is finished.

  • Kill 10,000 people in versus ranked match total

    This is possibly the most time-consuming achievement in any popular game to date. Averaging a kill a round, this will take you around 400 hours of gameplay to complete, not counting time spent waiting for matches to get started. What's more is, players have reported getting upwards of 13,000 kills and not having it unlock. It is possible that 'stealing' a kill (killing a downed player that you did not down) will not count towards this, or that the match must be at least 3v3 at the time of the kill, but no one knows for sure. What is known is that a lot of time and patience, and a little skill, is needed for the achievement.

    For help on weapons kills, maps, and general gameplay, check out our multiplayer guide here.

  • Achieve the highest personal rank in multiplayer.

    At the end of multiplayer matches, money is divided up among players depending on their performance, size of team, etc. By collecting money, your character can obtain higher rank levels. The highest personal rank is 10, and is obtained by collecting $5,000,000.

    Here's how the multiplayer ranking works i.e. EXP needed to rank up:

    Rank 0
    EXP - $0
    HEAD - White, Skinny White, Black, White Moustache,
    TORSO - Red w/black body warmer Grey w/Blue, Black w/ Green,
    LEGS - Beige, Black, Jeans, Brown
    GLASSES - Purple Sport, Orange Sport
    HATS - Green B/Ball, Black B/Ball, White B/Ball, Brown Beanie, Olive beanie, Black Beanie,

    Rank 1
    EXP - $1,000
    HEAD - White Tattoo, White Chubby
    TORSO - Black Shiny, Red Shiny, Black shiny w/ white jumper
    LEGS - Navy Jeans, Pale Jeans
    GLASSES - Brown Rimmed
    HATS - Purple Do-Rag, Russian

    Rank 2
    EXP - $10,000
    HEAD - Black w/ Stubble, White w/ Beard
    TORSO - Blue w/ Brown Jacket, Brown/Sky Blue Jacket
    LEGS - Camoflague Army w/Boots
    GLASSES - Thin Framed Blue Tinted Glasses
    HATS - Urban Camo Do-Rag

    Rank 3
    EXP - $50,000
    HEAD - White w/ Tattoo under eye
    TORSO - Unsure (But Olive/Black jacket, Red w/ Brown Jacket, Black/White Jacket, Light Gray/Dark Gray Jacket all unlock between Rank 3 and 5)
    LEGS - Baggy Jeans w/ Boots
    GLASSES - Round Blue Tinted
    HATS - Airport Earmuffs

    Rank 4
    EXP - $100,000
    HEAD - Asian w/ Goatee
    TORSO - Unsure (But Olive/Black jacket, Red w/ Brown Jacket, Black/White Jacket, Light Gray/Dark Gray Jacket all unlock between Rank 3 and 5)
    LEGS - None
    GLASSES - Black Tinted w/ Blue Frame
    HATS - Bike Helmet

    Rank 5
    EXP - $250,000
    HEAD - Dark Black
    TORSO - Unsure (But Olive/Black jacket, Red w/ Brown Jacket, Black/White Jacket, Light Gray/Dark Gray Jacket all unlock between Rank 3 and 5)
    LEGS - White/Black Camoflague w/Boots
    GLASSES - Reflection Tinted Glasses
    HATS - WWII Army Helmet

    Rank 6
    EXP - $500,000

    Rank 7
    EXP - $750,000
    HEAD - Helmet w/Goggles

    Rank 8
    EXP - $1,000,000
    HEAD - White bike helmet w/Blue Stars

    Rank 9
    EXP - $2,500,000

    Rank 10
    EXP - $5,000,000

    ZOMBIE - Earn 'Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie' achievement

  • Complete Through the Fire and Flames on Expert

    The beginning of this song is the hardest part by far. The really good players can beat it on a couple of tries through once they learn the start of it. Study the beginning and play it in practice a couple of times, if you think you have what it takes. If you feel you have the skill, go for it. There's not much I can say to help.

    You can always try it with a friend, and have colours assigned for it to be easier.

  • Beat every play in one session. On Hardcore Mode. Also, never die.

  • In Firefight, on any mission, pass the 4th Set on 4-player Heroic LIVE co-op.

    Map: Lost Platoon
    No. of players required: 4
    Difficulty: Heroic

    Player 1 Role:

    Warthog Driver - Drive around the outskirts of the map, splattering enemies when appropriate. Communicate with Player 2 to prevent any mishaps.

    Player 2 Role:

    Warthog Gunner - Jump of the Turret of Player 1's Warthog and shoot any enemies that you see.

    Player 3 Role:

    Chopper - Drive around the main building, splattering the larger enemies as well as shooting the smaller ones.

    Player 4 Role:

    Spartan Laser/Back up - Pick up the Spartan Laser from the small room close to the spawn and camp on the balcony of the main buildings. Take out the Wraiths as soon as they appear with the Spartan Laser and provide back-up to your teammates.

    This achievement will take you between 2-3 hours depending on the skill of the players.

    See below for links to other strategies:

    mastercmj2003 - Alpha Site
    fireskull - Lost Platoon

  • Completed every mission in Halo: Reach alone, on Legendary.

    Legendary is much harder in this Halo then others in the past as the AI is much tougher. Here are tips on how to complete the campaign on Legendary:

    • Conserve your ammo. Running out of ammo is severely dangerous. Enemies already take a large amount of bullets, and there isn't much ammo to be found laying around. If you do find yourself out of ammo for a weapon, swap it for anything. You need to have a weapon no matter what.
    • Be patient. Nothing will get you killed faster then running out of cover blindly.
    • If you need to, run out and see where enemies are at to get a feel of what's to come.
    • Save your grenades, they will become your lifesaver. Use them only in extreme measures and taking out large groups of enemies.
    • During any portion of the campaign, be on the lookout for the "Drop Shield" ability. This is the best ability to have during the game. It shields you from enemies fire/grenades, and heals you while you are inside it.
    • Always be on the move, never stop and be in one area. Enemies will just point all their fire at you and kill you almost immediately.

    You must complete all 9 campaign missions on Legendary Difficulty. You do not need to do "Noble Actual", as it is only a cutscene, not a mission.

  • Complete the Campaign on Legendary Difficulty

    To unlock this achievement you must complete all 15 campaign missions on the Legendary difficulty. If you find yourself outnumbered, just remember the 3 R's, Regroup, Retreat and Recruit.

    Using skulls does not affect this achievement, so use all positive skulls to make the game easier. Unlocking this achievement will also unlock the "Adjudicate the Arbiter" achievement as they are stackable.

    For a guide to completing the game on Legendary see this thread.

  • Defeated Ethereal Queen in Infinity mode.

    For this achievement you will need to complete the Seraphic Gate's final boss the Ethereal Queen in the Infinity Mode difficulty.

    To unlock Infinity Mode you will need to complete the main story of the game on the Normal difficulty, this will unlock the Hard difficulty. Then you will need to play through and complete the story on the Hard difficulty, this will unlock Infinity Mode.

    Note: You do NOT have to play through the Seraphic Gate on Normal or Hard to get this achievement.

    Some tips for fighting the Ethereal Queen can be found here (LINK) and a guide here (LINK).

  • Earned a Platinum Medal, or saw one earned, in all Free Play levels

    The hardest achievement in the game obviously. Remember, if you received Platinum in Adventures Mode, this does not count, you have to do them all in Free Play. While it is a blast to play co-op it doesn't seem to offer any advantages so it's best to attempt this solo. Some games require a lot of jumping and sidestepping so you'll likely get tired. Make sure you are well rested for the more grueling of activities.

  • Survive all campaigns on Expert.

    Get a good team of survivors up with 3 other players and try to go through each campaign. Don’t worry if you die, just as long as one person gets into the last safe room of each chapter, you're good to go. Staying together is the best advice I can give.

    This does not have to be done in one sitting. Although, each individual campaign must be done in one sitting.

  • Score 100% on the Guitar Solo in "The Final Countdown" on Expert

    Tough achievement here. All I can say is practice. The best thing to do is slide your hand back and forth because most of the solos are HO/PO sliding notes. Practice in practice mode at 50%, then keep playing that until you easily 100% it. Then move up to 60%, keep playing until you 100% it. Keep doing this all the way up to regular speed. Once you can 100% it, play the song and unlock this achievement.

  • Obtain all Treasure Box items in the field. The items you missed may be available at auction houses.

    Use THIS WALKTHROUGH to find every item needed for this achievement. I followed it personally and got the achievement. Make sure you mark off the list whenever you collect s Here is everything you need:

    • Search: pots, chests, posters, shiny objects, etc.
    • Ram: Trees, pillars, machines, etc.
    • Complete: Treasure Hunts
    • Find: 8/9 Golden Seals, Invisible Chests

    The following places can be skipped entirely as the items will later show up in the auction house. Be sure to purchase every item in the auction house and mark off your guide to make sure.

    Disc 1

    • Highlands of wohl
    • Sea Of Baus

    Disc 2

    • Experimental Staff

    Disc 3

    • Khent
    • some areas from and near Ghotza
    • Aurora-Bound Train
    • Uhra Sewers

    Disc 4

    • Outside Numara, Sea Battle
    • Grand Staff Part 1 and 2
  • Complete 1 Mass Effect playthrough on the Insanity difficulty setting. Do not change the setting.

    Note: ALL organic enemies have immune. They are very accurate and WILL cut you to shreds. Take cover often, but watch out for rockets. Use the Spectre Master Gear and a lot of Biotic powers. Oh, and for fun, enemies and bosses are higher levels than you.

  • Unlock And Complete New York Minute Hardcore

    This mode is unlocked after beating the game on any difficulty. You initially have only have 1 minute to finish each chapter, but kills earn you more time. The timer will stop during cut scenes and slows in bullet time. Headshots, cover, precision and bullet time will be crucial on this playthrough as well as speed. Use the Painkiller Location Guide. Painkillers are very handy in your NYM:HC playthrough as well as Old School and Hardcore playthroughs.

    If you die in this playthrough you will restart back at chapter one, so be very careful when toward the end.

    Also see Payne In The Ass achievement description for Harcore playthrough tips.

  • Attain a Time Trial star rating of 90. [Pure Time Trials]

    A lot of skill and time is required to get a star rating of 90 on all trials. There are 32 time trials (including the Pure Time Trials) for you to obtain up to a 3-Star Rating in each.

    The maximum star rating is 96, so there is little room for error.

    Some tips for beating the target times:

    - Don't always use the most obvious routes, There will be various other routes that can shave many seconds off your time.
    - Take advantage of the ability to download the ghosts from the leaderboards.
    - Try to plan out your route before you attempt to break the target. It helps if you plan where to jump, when to jump, etc.
    - If you get lost at any point during the new trials just look around for coloured blocks (usually red, purple, pink, yellow). These are the slowest, but easiest routes to follow.

    Check THIS thread for videos that may be helpful for the Time Trials.

  • Finish Kombo Challenge mode on MK and DC

    This achievement unlocks after you completed every character's Kombo Challenge. Check out this YouTube channel for video guides on all characters' Kombo Challenges.

  • Complete all operations' bonus objectives

    This is probably going to be the hardest achievement in the game. During each of the 6 operation battles there will be a list of bonus objectives you need to do during the mission. They are probably some of the hardest things that need to be done because the AI difficulty is very hard during these matches. Just winning the operation mission is hard enough, let alone trying to get all the bonus objectives done.

  • Achieve the rank of Elite

    675,000 is the amount of experience required to reach the rank of elite. Exp is achieved by doing anything online but the quickest way to rank up quickly is to get a 4 player match of T-Hunt on any level with the settings to realistic and high population.

    Of course there is also a glitch for those of us who are less adept at T-Hunting. The below video shows a fairly easy to do glitch that allows you to complete the level Countdown in about a minute. The level’s amount of experience has since been reduced to 50 exp per win but it is still a good amount of exp. What happens is that the player taps in order to take cover on the elevator and instead takes cover where the elevator would have landed. This allows the player to move to the launching pad without any enemies to fight.

  • Completed the Endless Setlist 2 without pausing or failing.

    This is it. The big one. The one that will seperate the boys from the men (and women). You will have to play through the Endless Setlist 2 without pausing or failing a song. Firstly, people have come up with schemes of disconnecting their controller, hitting the guide button etc. Take warning that none of those work, Harmonix obviously knew what people were going to do. This does not have to be done on expert, so do it on medium so that pretty much gets rid of the no failing part. You can fail and be saved by someone, as long as you don't fail the whole song and have to restart. Make sure you have a wired controller, so your batteries don't die on you, also make sure no one unplugs the wire. When deploying overdrive, guitarists, tilt your guitar, don't press the back button, to make sure you don't accidentally press the Start or Guide button. One way you can do this is swap in and out with a friend, each doing a couple of songs. You will probably have to return the favour too. Make sure you have done everything you need to do before attempting this. I think the best way to do this is to wake up early on the weekend, and play that whole day. This can obviously be done with a band, but at least if you do it by yourself, there is less risk and nobody to blame.

  • All items that can be purchased at the SHOP have been obtained.

    This achievement pretty much stacks with the "All Costumes Complete" achievement. Contrary to the achievement requirement above, actually you DON'T have to obtain all items at the Shop with all Roses and Lambdas. These are the only things you need to purchase(with all 50 characters) in order to get this achievement:

    -All 17 Edit Costumes
    -All 20 Swimsuits
    -All 30 Artwork (costs 60,000RR)
    -All 4 Others Items (costs 67,000RR)

    Remember you only need to purchase all the Artwork and Others items once, it's all the Edit Costumes and Swimsuits you have to purchase 50 times. Purchase all of those items from the Shop with all 50 characters and this achievement will unlock right after the Costume Complete achievement. For some reason you will unlock both achievements individually rather than 2 for 350G possibly because this achievement is glitched or the requirements for it are misunderstood.

  • You have defeated the Absolute Conqueror. Perhaps YOU are the Last Remnant...

    The Absolute Conqueror is a stronger version of the final boss, only appearing if you have done the achievement "The Final Instance" on the same save file. He has 1,000,000 HP and will eventually go into Overdrive where he attacks five times every turn he has (which will show up more than once if you have multiple unions deadlocked on him).

    The most successful way of defeating him is using one super-union comprised of only leaders, using a strong formation called Dragontail II. To get this formation, you first need to complete Union of the Golden Chalice Guild Task 57 to receive the Rattail formation by obtaining a Divine Francisca weapon. To get this, hire the soldier Chamberland and just leave him in your reserves. He comes equipped with a Francisca and will eventually upgrade it to a Divine version.

    Once you have Rattail, go to the Ancient Ruins and unlock every chest to receive both Foxtail and Dragontail upgrades. Now you can make your super-union. Be sure to have all weapon art users in the union and that your health is almost to max. I only had about 9.4k, but I used Rush, Torgal, Caedmon, Baulson and Blocter. You are going to need to conserve some AP during the first section against the two weaklings and hope they don't use Kilohit or Catapult to damage you much. Going into the fight with the Conquerer himself (and don't be alarmed, his name won't actually change to "Absolute Conquerer" it will still just say "The Conquerer") get your health up after he uses his Fatal Eclipse, then hope you get some good command prompts.

    When I did this, I got two Talisman protection prompts, a dual-Heaven's Door attack with Baulson/Caedmon, an Ominstrike and about six Defense Triggers that did 50-90k each. Someone else who killed him in two turns got a quad-weapon art turn worth 700k. I personally took a slower approach and killed him in 5 turns. You want to try and kill him before he goes into Overdrive, or do like I did and kill him on his 5th attack during Overdrive (that would have wiped me) with a Defense Trigger. That is obviously not going to happen often, so aim for a high BR and crush him quickly instead. Equip anything that will raise your AP so you can always have a good amount to use on weapon arts. Mine was relatively low, which is why I had to rely on Defense Triggers and Talismans.

  • Restore all of Piñata Central’s Computer Records

    To restore records back into the computer, simply complete the challenges given to you. Challenges can be viewed, accepted, and cancelled by talking with Langston in the village. Langston always has three challenges available, but you can only accept one at a time. There are no time limits on challenges, and you can always cancel a challenge and accept a different one without any penalty.

    That big box outside your garden is how you submit piñatas to complete the challenge. The piñatas must be at full candiosity to be submitted, so just feed them a joy candy which will fill it up automatically.

    You must send off every single piñata in the game to get this achievement. To see what Pinatas you have sent off, look at your awards in your journal. You dont have to complete challenges, you just need to send your pinata to a party using that box, just get a pinata, give it a joy sweet and off it goes!

    To see what you are missing, view this list.

  • Beat the game in Ironman mode on Classic or Impossible difficulty.

    Although you have the option of playing on either Classic or Impossible difficulty it will be much easier on Classic. Ironman mode means you have only one save file that autosaves after both you and the aliens have had your turn. Although the enemies will be challenging, the main difficulty you will face with this mode is the possibility of making a mistake or wrong decision and being decimated within a few turns, unable to reload a save allowing you to correct this.

    You will need to have a solid understanding on how the game plays and what strategies work in each situation. It is highly recommended you attempt a play through on Classic difficulty prior to starting Ironman Mode, as trying to go from Easy or Normal to Classic/Ironman Mode can be overwhelming.

    See 'Our Finest Hour' for more on how the difficulties differ.

    For a detailed walkthrough/strategy guide on beating Classic/Ironman Mode refer to the Classic/Ironman Mode Walkthrough

    You can also find additional gameplay and Ironman mode tips HERE

  • I really hope no one needs help on how to get this. Just play any mission on easy. Walk up to bad guy. Bad guy hits you a lot. You die.

  • Make all possible combinations in the inventory

    I recommend waiting to do this achievement until Episode 7. By that point, you'll basically have free run of the entire park and be able to move around to find the components that you need.

    Here are all the combinations.

    Explosive Plastic Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Handkerchief + Flare
    Explosive Plastic Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Handkerchief + Glowstick
    Explosive Plastic Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Handkerchief + Bullets

    Explosive Plastic Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Bandages + Flare
    Explosive Plastic Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Bandages + Glowstick
    Explosive Plastic Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Bandages + Bullets

    Explosive Glass Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Handkerchief + Flare
    Explosive Glass Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Handkerchief + Glowstick
    Explosive Glass Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Handkerchief + Bullets

    Spray Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Flare
    Spray Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Glowstick
    Spray Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Bullets

    Explosive Glass Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Bandages + Flare
    Explosive Glass Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Bandages + Glowstick
    Explosive Glass Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Bandages + Bullets

    Bloodpack + Double Sided Tape

    Glowstick + Double Sided Tape

    Flare + Double Sided Tape

    Combine two bottles of liquid together.

    By Episode 7, you'll have a pretty good idea of where to find different things, but three reliable locations are the pump room near the lake in the middle of the map where you encounter the goo in the basement, the large two-story house where you find your first Root of Evil in Episode 4, and the courtyard near the obelisk in the northeast corner of the park. The last location is especially useful for finding blood packets.

  • Perform a Leap of Faith from the Top of Florence's Giotto's Campanile

    This can be done early on in the game. One of the first missions you will do as Ezio will have you go and beat up your sister's cheating boyfriend. The boyfriend just so happens to be right by this building, so once you finish the mission, it's just a matter of climbing all the way to the top of it, synchronizing with the view. Once you do the obligatory jump back to the ground, this achievement will unlock.

  • Get scolded by your former master in Episode 10.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    In the hot-spring scene, perform enough actions to fill the burst gauge. Once you activate burst, watch the amusing cutscene that follows. Once Asura has been punched, this will unlock.

  • You can get the full 1000 points right in the beginning of the game. Simply keep hitting B to use your ranged attack on the guards.

  • Finish all levels of Klungo's Arcade game

    The first level of the arcade game unlocks with 7 Jiggies banked but you will need 30 total to unlock all levels. The fifth and final level does not unlock until you pass the first four levels. All you need to do it time your jumps with the A button to complete each level. The first three are rather easy but level four will definitely take some time. Eventually you will learn each "sweet spot" for jumping and once you can memorize the entire level you'll pass it. The final level against Grunty you simply need to jump once, but you have to jump a split-second after the fireball leaves her mouth or it will hit you.

    Note: At times the game will freeze and Klungo will have to reset it. This is not a glitch with your game, this is just Rare thinking they are funny. It is annoying, but don't let it get to you.

  • Earn Platinum Medals during Verse 1 and Verse 2 of Chapter 14.

    This one is a bit of a pain on normal, so change the difficulty to "very easy". The key is not getting hit and you don't need a pure platinum medal in both Verses, a platinum is enough. Here another video how to do it.

  • Shock an enemy in the water.

    For this you need to use your "Electric Bolt" plasmid on an enemy standing in water. The first level has such an opportunity with a small flooded area around a big globe.

  • Find and defeat the rare monster King Poo.

    What you need: Need to be on disc 3, and to have defeated both Jumbo Poo and Corrosive Poo in the same region before he appears.
    Location: Ancient Ruin Caverns near Talta (where you first landed after the original Land Shark scene.)
    Recommended Minimum Level: 80 with really high shadows. 99's in more than 1 recommended.
    Strengths and Weaknesses: Water. Plenty of waterus and Water sword do the trick. The double cast is great for casting prerevive and then attacking. Use - Double Cast, Resurrection, Endure, Prerevive.

  • Equip a class mod for your character

    This is unlocked fairly early in the game and can be done before you leave Fyrestone. One of the missions will require you to complete the objective and come back to Dr. Zed, he will then reward you with a class mod. Simply equip it as you would a grenade mod in the inventory.

  • You did not shoot SKX

    After the final boss, there will be an ending scene and you will hear something in the trunk. You will get out and open it finding SKX. Simply wait a few seconds and he will shoot himself, granting you this award.

  • When the fight starts, use your Voidwalker on his mace and then on the ground. When he brings it around jump through and attack his soft spot. He will fling you off and fall down, so attack away. When he gets back up, he will summon smaller demons. As you fight them he will do a wide sweep attack. Don’t bother trying to put a portal on his mace because it will go away when he gets ready to do his attack. He may also do a smash attack, but you will see his hand raise, so you can dodge it. Just keep repeating this pattern and he will die.

  • Explore the entire island.

    There are 72 unique points required for this achievement. You'll want to explore every area thoroughly as it seems some buildings in an area may count as a location by themselves, or what appears to be one area may be separate into a few (such as the interior of the hotel). To see if you're on track, you should have 18 at the end of Act 1, 45 at the end of Act 2 and then 57 at the end of Act 3. Make sure you have 57/72 locations before the "point of no return" (the game warns you when this occurs) as there are 15 locations to find in the prison before the game ends.

    Note: If you have 71/72 locations before the patch released on September 14th, you will need to use this trick to reset your achievement data, because the patch upped everyone's count to 72/72 but did NOT unlock the achievement. Be warned that ALL your achievement data will reset, not just this one! I would suggest getting every other achievement in the game first. Your save files will not be affected by the trick. If you had less than 71/72 before the patch, you won't need to do anything and it should work fine when you reach the last location in the prison. If you started the game with the patch in place, you're also good there.

    Commonly missed locations:

    • Southwestern Moresby: There is a fenced in warehouse, as well as the beach directly west of it.
    • Southern Moresby: The boat on the shore along the bottom of the map.
    • Northern Jungle: There are two small villages up there.
  • Find and steal a piece of poo

    As soon as you have finished using the loo at the beginning of Duke Lives, take the path to the right, enter the shower room and open up the two far right toilets. When you find a turd press to pick it up.

  • Pause the game for the first time.

    Once you enter the first level press the button to pause the game. Once the pause menu is displayed you will be awarded with this achievement.

  • Bosses: Infinity (1st form) Atsuma (with 1st Form) Infinity (Form 2) Queen of Ice Magicore Emperor of Fire Magicore Lord of Earth Magicore (Magicors are with 2nd Form only) Infinity (3rd Form, Part 1) Infinity (3rd Form, Part 2) Infinity (3rd form, Part 3) Infinity (Final Form)

    Infinity 1st Form info:
    HP: 1,600
    EP: 1,600
    Attacks: Power Implant

    Atsuma's Info:
    Lvl: 45
    HP: 560
    EP: 350
    Attacks: EP Drain Blow

    Infinity 2nd Form info:
    Lvl: 55
    HP: 7,200
    EP: 1,600
    Attacks: Ice Lance, Flame Saber, Earth EP Drain, Nightmare

    Queen of Ice Magicore info:
    Lvl: 50
    HP: 2,400
    EP: 1,200
    Attacks: Queen's Cure

    Emperor of Fire Magicore Info:
    Lvl: 50
    HP: 4,800
    EP: 1,200
    Attacks: Kaiser's Cure

    Lord of Earth Magicore Info:
    Lvl: 50
    HP: 3,600
    EP: 1,200
    Attacks: Lord's Cure

    Infinity 3rd Form, Part 1's Info
    Lvl: 60
    HP: 9,800
    EP: 1,600
    Attacks: Death Rush R, Death Rush L, EX Apocalypse

    Infinity 3rd Form, Part 2's Info:
    Lvl: 62
    HP: 8,000
    EP: 1,600
    Attacks: Ether Charge, Omega Spectrum, EX Ether Cannon

    Infinity 3rd Form, Part 3's Info:
    Lvl: 64
    HP: 5,000
    EP: 1,600
    Attacks: N-Protect Howl, Death Grasp

    Infinity Final Form's Info:
    Lvl: 40
    HP: 5,000
    EP: 1,600
    Attacks: None

    For the first form you use Makoto and Toya. DONT attack Atsuma, if you do and he dies you have to start over. Make sure when Atsuma and Infinity move you move as well. Have Makoto stay in the middle row close to Infinity so he can hurt him and make sure Toya is one square over from Atsuma (if Atsuma is in the left corner move over one square). After attacking Infinity for a couple turns he will die.

    For the 2nd Form, take out the Magicores first. I had everyone except for Atsuma attack the Emperor of Fire's Magicore first as it has the most HP (I powered up Atsuma's PRM by 50% with High Charge then had him attack the Queen of Ice's Magicore). Once those two were dead I had everyone attack the Lord of Earth's Magicore. Once all three were dead, Infinity had a little over 2,000 HP left for me. Heal when needed and once all three are dead one or two combo moves will finish him off. (I used APO's Mega Link to max out my combo gauge and on the next turn attacked with everyone.) Make sure if you use APO's Mega Link that he goes last, that way you wont get a combo after he does it with the characters that haven't attacked (use your strongest attacks in the combo). This form also dies easily.

    The next form (3rd Form) is a little difficult. For the first form, just Use APO's Mega Link Voice and do combos and he'll go down fairly easy (heal when needed).

    3rd Form, Part 2 was the hardest one. When he steals your EP, you're stuck to the floor and you can't move. Keep doing combos with everyone (when you can attack as he steals alot of EP) and he will also go down failry easy.

    3rd Form, Part 3 was the easiest. Like before, use APO's Mega Link to max out your combo gauge and attack with combos. After a couple of turns he will go down as well.

    For the final form, you don't fight it. When the fight starts, everyone is on the field. You can only attack with Atsuma's EX Attack Enchant Arm (you learn it after you beat all three parts of Infinity's 3rd form and the cutscene). When you use it you go into another cut scene. You have defeated the final boss in the game, BUT thats not all you have to do. You then are at the Festival in Yokohama City and you have to find everyone. Raigar is up the stairs with Sayaka. Karin is buying Pizza. Toya is next to the stairs. You go up to get to Raigar, and Yuki is sorta near Toya with some kids around her (there's little walking distance between where they are at). Once you talk to all of them you go to the meeting point and watch the cutscenes for the achievement.

  • Take part in a debauched bedroom party with several participants

    Hookers are the way forward here, so Bloodstone seems like the best bet. When they proposition you, simply give them the Thumbs Up or even better, use the Come Back to My Place expression. Do that to 2 ... or even 3 if you must and then find a bed, whether it be a house you've purchased or an inn; it works. It only takes 3 to get this achievement, you and two others.

  • Kill a bunny with a carrot.

    This achievement is one of the first that you will get if you start with story mode first. In the first level, there is a rabbit by a closed off well (not for wishing). Don't kill it. Walk past it and once you cross a bridge there will be a planted carrot. Grab the carrot and then walk back to the rabbit and kill it.

  • Placed a grenade or mine while pickpocketing

    Note: Save before attempting this achievement.

    When crouching you are able to attempt to steal from someone's pockets. While in the inventory screen, move a grenade or mine from your side to theirs. Once you leave the screen, the grenade or mine you planted will explode and kill them. I would suggest reloading your save after getting the achievement if you did this in a city as the entire city will probably now hate you.

  • Killed yourself 5 times.

    Simply kill yourself 5 times in the campaign to obtain this achievement.

  • Perform the Hoedown Throwdown at Meadow Hall.

    After getting Jackson from the deli you start doing the Hoedown Throwdown. Just complete it.

  • Kill 2 enemies with Multi Target AA missiles while they are affected by your EMP strike.

    This will be easier to boost instead of trying to earn it in multiplayer. Have two people on the opposite team become damaged below 30 health and get them close to each other so your missiles miss. Fire 2 multi AA and activate EMP when your missiles are bout 1000m away from them. To get credit for the kill they need to get hit while they still have the blue electric around them. Getting hit in the stall caused by EMP doesn't count.

  • A mission has been completed with precisely 47 kills.

    Complete any level and kill exactly 47 people in the process (this includes all targets, civillians, guards etc.. EVERYBODY) Start a game on "Curtains Down" go straight to the toilet next to the cloak room, and kill the guard. Now, stay in the toilet, picking off the guards one by one until every guard has come and you have killed them. Drag the bodies into piles of 5 for easy counting (this will be easy now as you have took out all the guards and no one will come and bother you while your in the process of doing it) Make a mental note of the number of guards (and anyone else if you killed some civillians in the cross fire) and go and kill the two targets. Add these 2 too the number of guards killed. Then walk around and pick off civilians until you hit the goldern 47 kills mark, and leave the level. This is easiest done on rookie or normal.

  • Utilizing Caddoc's Dash or E'lara's Arcane Burst, pick off fifty shields. As E'lara, make sure you hit the shield and not the character. As Caddoc, make sure their shields are in front of them (as in they are actively defending) before slamming into them with dash.

    Select and equip their respective weapon magic with the D-pad and use them with  just like you do when casting battle magic.

  • Access restricted enemy locations 50 times.

    After defeating some enemy soldiers, they will drop their hat. You can walk over to it and press to pick it up and put it on. Now go to a restricted location, which can be identified by the large grey icon in front of them with an enemy soldier depicted on it. Press at the icon to knock on the window. An enemy will inspect you, and give you access to the location. You can also do this in free play using an unlocked enemy soldier.

    If you're looking to get this one in a hurry, go into Free Play and go into "Motorcycle Chase." Once you build the cycles, drive down the road, ignoring all fighting. You will have three enemy doors right after another, then save and exit, and restart the level.

  • You can unlock this once you finish the Invasion of Naboo level where you get Jar Jar.You just have to break him 20 times, this can be accomplished in the Cantina, Free Play,or Arcade. This is easily done in Free Play/Arcade. This achievement can be combo'd with the 'Unblockable Combo' achievement. Just practice on Jar Jar for the other achievement and if you do it perfect 20 times, you will unlock both at the same time, otherwise this will come first.

  • Used the cowbell 50 times (Awarded to all signed in players)

    To get this achievement, as you are selecting your song go to song options on the screen where select the video is. Go to Noise Makers and select Heavy. As the song starts press or and after 50 hits you should get it. This will unlock during the song.

    The song “In Bloom” works well as it’s got a big space of time before the singing comes in for you to tap away.

  • Peeped under Juliet's skirt once.

    In order to peep under Juliet's skirt you must manipulate the camera angle by moving the right thumb-stick () up/down (depending on your settings) to be as close to the ground as possible. Hold it there for a couple of seconds. Stand still and Juliet will stick her chainsaw into the ground allowing you to get a peek. It's best to do this while there are no zombies or any type of danger around. This achievement is not as exciting as it would seem as Juliet will cover herself up as you move the camera. Simply push forward until you're either in front or behind Juliet and she pulls her skirt down and it will eventually pop. This can be done at any point during gameplay.

  • Complete the entire game on Professional difficulty

    When playing your second play through on professional you DO NOT need to complete any of the mini games, just the training and the 8 competitions. The only difference between amateur and professional is that in amateur the horse jumps for you, where as in professional you need to press A to jump.

    Note: This does NOT stack with Amateur difficulty. They must be done separately.

  • Score a goal on a breakaway on Amateur difficulty or higher.

    Score a goal on a breakaway. Pretty self explanatory, A breakaway is when when one of your players goes one on one with the opposite teams goalie (or net depending on whether or not you pull the goalie.) You can does this normally or with a second controller. If doing it with a secnod controller then be a good team like the all-stars and chose a bad team for your friend, or the other controller, Start the game. Get the puck go behind your own net, then sprint towards the other net. When at half take the other controller and Pause then select "Team Strategy" then "Pull Goalie." The shoot at the empty net when you're close enough.

    Must be at least Amateur difficulty

  • You and your Mistresses have found a way to get along splendidly

    This is easy enough, simply make sure you have the overlord banner and purchase 2 of the other options for each mistress, one in each area (ie one in the bedchamber, one in the Throne room). To get the options to purchase items for each mistress you have to change who is your “first mistress”. To do this take the long thin corridor on the left of your bedchambers to a room where all three mistresses are, then press in front of which you want to be your first mistress. The place to change your tower decoration is also in the bedchamber.

    Items in the Bedchamber: Bed, Curtains, Candles
    Items in the main Chamber: Throne, Statues, Alcoves

  • Show that pit who's boss

    This can be gained in Chapter 9 – Chamber 17.

    Wheatley tricks you as you enter this chamber and hit the launch pad. When you finally land on the platform surrounded by his death trap, aim and shoot a portal on the wall up ahead past him and then when the conversion gel hits you, put a portal under your feet.

    Now that you're on the walkway, start to walk away from Wheatley. He'll then ask you to come back and jump in the pit below. Doing so, and killing yourself will net you the achievement.

  • Place a hogtied woman on the train tracks, and witness her death by train.

    Before you can attempt this achievement you will need to lasso, which you earn from Bonnie in the early missions. Once you do have it you can lasso and hogtie any women you desire, though there are some, which are easier than others. If you don't want to damage your fame or honor you can buy a bandana from Thieves' Land at the tailors shop.

    Once you have either item you can now lasso your victim. Lasso and hogtie the lady of choice and place her on your horse. You can now make your way to the train track, check your map to see where the active train is. You will be looking for red train icon following the tracks. Head towards the train and play your victim on the tracks by pressing . Now just stand back and watch as the train plows down your victim and the achievement unlocks.

  • Defeat a Majini with a rotten egg.

    Drop the difficulty to Amatuer and start chapter 1-2. Run through to where you encounter the female Majini, when you've got her attention shoot her with the pistol once and quickly equip the rotten egg and throw.

  • Kill 25 Gang Members each with 'the Penetrator' AND the Fart in a Jar.

    The Penetrator can be bought at any Friendly Fire store. It is a melee weapon and looks like a giant purple dildo. This weapon is also awarded to you during the story missions. The Fart in a Jar is obtained by going into a Friendly Fire store and upgrading the Flashbang to its max level.

    You have to kill 25 gang members with the Penetrator and disorient 25 with the Fart Jars. To quickly do this you can toss one Fart Jar at an enemy and then kill them with the Penetrator. To simplify things, kill the gang members while standing in front of a Friendly Fire so you can quickly restock on your Fart Jars and remove the notoriety if things start to turn ugly.

  • Idle for five minutes.

    Just leave the game still at any time for five minutes. You can do this right after finishing Reverse Bear Trap to get it out of the way if you want.

  • Once all the videos are unlocked (see Master the System), simply press A on them to start them, then hit B to exit. You don't have to actually watch them all.

  • To get this ending, you need to get the Observation Room Key. The key is in a dog house directly across from the exit of the Rosewater Park after getting Maria. This key is used on the door to the Observation Room on the 3rd floor of the hotel.

  • Make Woo Hoo.

    Get another Sim's "Romantic Interest" status up, high to full will do, by doing friendly and romantic interactions with them. Soon enough the romantic option "Woo Hoo" will be available click it and watch the magic happen.

    Alternatively you can click on your bed and choose the "Relax" option. Then pick the Sim you are romantically interested in and choose Make "Woo Hoo". This way of doing it is helpful because you can make "Woo Hoo" sooner than the romantic option is available. You will need the other Sim in the same house though.

    This is made a lot easier if you start the game with a male and female Sim.

  • Make a Sim transmogrified from a cat and a Sim transmogrified from a dog become a couple.

    Either adopt a dog and a cat or create a new household with these animals. Complete enough in-game challenges until you unlock the Transmogrify Karma Power. Transmogrify is available after unlocking at least 12 Karma rewards. It's located in Tier 5. Transform your cat and your dog to a Sim. Use the friendly and romantic interactions and propose a relationship.

  • Perform a Turbo-Boost Start across 3 consecutive events.

    Once you get used to the timing for the turbo-boost start you’ll get this achievement eventually. You can’t just do this and restart twice, you need to finish the race you’re on for it to count. This works over Single Race, Multiplayer, Grand Prix and Misson events.

  • In multiplayer, kill an opponent with a precision aim crotch shot.

    As the description specifies, you must get a crotch shot for this achievement. You need to do this online so get your buddy and invite him to a match. Once you're in the match, shoot your friend in the crotch with a precision aim. In order to get precision aim you need to get at least 1/4th of your tequila gauge full and then hit to activate precision aim.

  • Entered a cheat code in a desperate plea for help.

    Anytime during gameplay after the Gladiator Battle first set, pause the game. Enter the following buttons to unlock the cheats. A Chime will confirm the code has been entered correctly.

    Infinite Health (Metropolis) - , Right, , Right, Up, Left, Right,

    Infinite Stamina - Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, ,

    Unlock All Costumes, Trophies, and Theater Items - Left, Up, Right, Down, , , , Up, Right,

    Unlock All Moves - Left, , Right, , Down, , Up, Down, X, ,

    Note: You can earn other achievements with cheats active.

  • Pull off a T-Spin 2-Line Clear playing Marathon.

    See Rollin on Spinnas. Set up the T-spin so that when you spin it into position it will clear two lines, you should get this at the same time as the other achievement if you follow the video. Again make sure you are in Marathon mode.

  • Real guys stick around for their ladies

    When you go to Jenny's apartment, she will ask you to stay and watch a movie with you. Simply don't touch the controller and she will eventually fall asleep.

  • Send the garden gnome into space.

    In Episode Two, find the Gnome in the communications shack in the begining of the game. He is hidden under a shelf. Keep the gnome with you until you get to the White Forrest Base and place it in the rocket with Lamarr. You must close the door after you place the Gnome inside the Rocket with Lamarr. The achievement will unlock once the door is closed.

  • Easiest achievement...ever

    When the game loads up, hit (Start) to play. Yep, that's it.

  • Construct 1337 buildings

    The easy way to do this is to build up a good economy first (so you have a large bank balance) and then save you game, then just build row upon row of $50 decorations, as they count towards this. You do not need the exact number so once you go over the 1337 it will pop up.

  • You feel cold as you examine the skeleton and read the name "Arthas" etched into the nearby sword

    This one can be found in level 2: The Frozen Tundra, checkpoint What I Do Isn't Very Nice. After you defeat the two W.E.N.D.I.G.0 Prototypes and got into the forest again Nord will start talking to you. After he finished you will have to climb up two short ledges close together. After climbing up the second ledge, there is a fallen tree leading of to the right. Walk over the tree into the cave with the skeleton and sword. Look at the sword to unlock the achievement.

  • Win 10 matches by submission (single player only).

    Win 10 matches by submission (single player only).This counts for matches in RTWM, career and quickplay. Easiest way would be to use Cena's Finisher (STF), or Chris Jericho's (Walls of Jericho).


Secret achievements

    DLC: Arcade Crazy

    There are 100 achievements with a total of 0 points


      Secret achievements

      • Earn 185,000 points.

        This is one achievement not many people have. It’s extremely hard, but not by any means impossible. One of the ways to earn it is to start the game on insane with one other friend (two less people so there are more enemies to kill). If you and the other person are good you should have no problem beating the game, but dying at the same spot can become rather frustrating (that is why I say it is a hard achievement). For those who are very skilled at the game, you can try beating the game by yourself. If you can, even on normal difficulty, this should guarantee you the achievement.

        Alternate method: You can also gain this achievement by using 2 controllers and playing on normal. Simply attach the second ship to yours and play through the game by yourself. Make sure that when you reach the last boss that you have 165,000+ points or you may as well start over. The last boss is worth 20,000 points. Make good use of your lasers by destroying multiple mines and enemies whenever you get a chance. Also pick up every weapon upgrade. These net you more points, so even if you have the Rockets or the Laser, still pick up the other upgrades. Also pick up all the health as well, even if you are full and the other "player" is about to die. Always go underneath the upgrades to pick them up ensuring that you get them and not the other ship on accident.

        Alternate method 2: Although this method takes a bit of time you can do it by yourself on normal mode. Good if you don't have an extra controller. Play up to the boss with the spider hands that takes out red meteors, and have at least 100,000 points by then.

        If you don't have the laser then wait because after the boss blows up the meteors, power-ups come out. (Try and pick up every single power-up and life as you get 50 points just for doing so). Blow up the red meteors before the boss does and get points for it. They will usually be lined up and a good shot can take out 4 meteors at a time. You'll get about 100-200 points each time.

        Be patient and get the 185,000, if not, then get 130,00-140,000 and finish the game off. You'll get it before then.

      • Survive 25 waves in Skirmish mode.

        This achievement is extremely hard and will be what stops most people from completing the game. Skirmish mode is accessed through the main menu.  You get only 4 lives. Even starting at wave 19, you will most likely die on wave 23 where there's an unfair amount of overpowered ships. This is not easy, but you can try following the seperate guide I've created HERE for some tips.

      • Complete all underground zones

        Probably the hardest achievement in the game. You must complete each of the game's 4 lairs in one playthrough. You have no extra lives when in the lairs, and if you die you are kicked backed to the battlefield and the lair is no longer accessible. For this achievement, you need to conserve all grenades and nukes acquired throughout the game for use in the lairs. Dying on the overworld will not effect your pursuit of this achievement (provided you do not run out of lives entirely), so do not use your special weapons on bosses or other tough situations. When in the lairs, be sure to blow up all explosive barrels and kamikaze enemies from a safe distance. Make sure to look behind you constantly when in the hallways (especially in the last 2 lairs) as enemies will randomly appear behind you on occassion. To be safe, grenade turrets and large groups of enemies. When you reach the arena-like open areas, be prepared to dodge a lot of fire. It is tempting to use nukes in these areas, but be careful as the blast does not destoy any bullets the enemies have already fired, but it does whiteout the screen making it temporarily impossible to see the bullets. Try to save all of your nukes for the last area of the last lair where you must face the flying electricity balls. Nuke these things straight to hell and then carefully clear the next room to finish the final lair. This achievement can be unlocked on any difficulty, and will unlock when you finish your current zone, NOT when you meet the requirement.

      • Finish the story by completing level 32 with each pilot.

        You must get up to, and beat level 32 with all 4 characters. You can die while doing this and it will still count.

      • Finish the Lemurian Request: Achilles's Odyssey.

        You are going to need a lot of time for this. You cannot run out of moves because the game will automatically start throwing "possible" moves in on the top when you start running low. The best part is, you can save your game, so it doesnt have to be in one sitting. If you're stuck don't bother using the hint button, for this will make your score bar go down, just wait the 15 seconds and it gives you a tip for free.


        Alternative method by Zef...

        A very time consuming achievement, taking around 15,000 minutes (250 hours or 11 days) to complete. You WILL NOT have to play in one go, the game allows you to save your progress when you exit the game. So you can load up your game and chip away at the levels over a longer period.

        You cannot 'lose' in this game mode as the computer will always leave you at least one move to keep the game going, so if you are struggling to find a move look at the top of the grid as that is where you will usually find them. You can also wait for the game to tell you where a moveable piece is, just stay idle for a few seconds and you get a free hint. Useful if you don't feel like looking yourself.

        Besides having a lot of free time to play you should try and make combinations to maximise your score, making power gems and hyper cubes gives you a bonus and destroying them will also give you more points. Take your time to make these pieces as you are not playing against the clock, you might as well spend a little time to get those extra points as well as work towards two other achievements.

      • Unlock all gear and weapons!

        Gear and weapons are unlocked with natural level progression. As you advance in rank, you will obtain more modifiers for your weapons.

      • Finish every level with the ranking "Dhampir".

      • Successfully complete 5 laps in an endurance game on Hard

        Possibly one of the hardest achievements. Smooth Operetta (surprisingly) is the favourite here. It has a slow tempo, so it won't be as hard. Patience is another factor here. Remain focused and, if you are really struggling, play through the song normally and learn the notes. Never use the multiplier, otherwise it will distract you.

      • Complete a full speed run of the entire game, beating the challenge time.

        Once you've finished the entire game (after receiving the achievement "Closure") go into the main menu by hitting start and then select "Speed Runs." From here select "Full Game." Now you've got 45 minutes to beat the game (collecting every puzzle piece mind you) this isn't impossible to do but it may take two or three tries at the minimum.

        My times when I finished the game in 44:56 (phew!) were...
        4:06 to complete world 2's puzzle
        8:52 to complete world 3's puzzle
        18:34 to complete world 4's puzzle
        30:42 to complete world 5's puzzle
        39:58 to complete world 6's puzzle
        44:56 to complete world 1

        The main thing to remember is simply to go as fast as possible and know exactly how to do each level as quickly as possible. I made what I would assume is a perfect run and only just barely finished. Solve the puzzles as soon as you get the last piece and end up in the house, they don't count towards your time taken.

        You can't use the menu to do "Return to Clouds" so when you have to go back to level 2-2 to get the two missing puzzle pieces you have to continue through 2-3 and 2-4. This also gets annoying when you screw up on a mission that you can't fix (like Irreversible.)

      • Reach 100% Brain Usage!

        This is received through completing your daily training, though it doesn't really have to be daily, you can do the testing as many times a day as you have the ambition for.

        After you complete your daily training, you will receive a percentage grade on how well you did, as well as a bar graph showing how you performed in each category. The ones that are lower are the categories you need to improve on.

        You start out at zero. As you do well in your daily training, your overall brain usage goes up. If you do well, maybe up 2%, if you do extremely well, maybe 3%. If you do poorly, your score goes down a % based on how badly you did. As your score keeps getting higher, the questions become more difficult, therefore making it harder to do well and improve your grade.

        As you progress up the ranks towards 100%, you will receive rank upgrades, as well as unlocking more puzzles to practice on.

      • Explore 200.6% of the game.

        This is the most time-consuming achievement in the game. You have to access every single square of both the Normal and Inverted Castle. There is an excellent map HERE that you can use to keep track of your exploration. You'll need to open it in Excel (Read Only) to view it. 

        If the achievement doesn't unlock by the time you fight Shaft in the Clocktower of the Inverted Castle, then you've missed a room, so use a Library Card to teleport out of the fight with Dracula and return to the Normal Castle. From there, study your in-game maps to figure out what you missed. There are a total of 1890 rooms in the two castles combined, 942 in the Normal Castle and 948 in the Inverted Castle.

      • Earn a Four-Star Rating in EVERY Challenge Arena

        You will need to collect 1000 VP for this achievement, but they must be obtained in online RANKED matches. Follow the basic game hints as stated for the other achievements and you will be able to get this fairly easily, although it will take time. Human players are craftier than computer AI, so you will be playing an entirely different game altogether. Win 100 ranked matches and you will unlock both achievements.

      • Complete the game in Arcade mode using only 1 credit.

        Got this my second try only because I've been playing this game for 20 years. I know the levels like the back of my hand, and with practice you will too. Stay alive as much as possible and KILL KILL KILL. You will receive extra lives based on points. Know when to duck, slow down, run, where to shoot, when to shoot... The spread Gun works GREAT during the levels, but the laser will take down a boss before you can blink your eye. Good Luck, its pretty tough for a Contra beginniner. Practice makes (almost) perfect!

      • This will most likely be your second to last achievement that you obtain and the best way to get quick kills would be to play the Arms Race mode with Easy Bots. It would be best to go for this specifically once everything else is completed.

      • You have cleared Special 1 through Special Stage of Crazy Box.

      • Earn a gold medal on at least 40 Story or Challenge mode missions in any campaign.

        To get a gold medal in your missions you must earn the required amount of points and still have all your cores at the end of the mission. If you find yourself short a couple points during the endgame results, remember that the amount of resources you have add to your points, so if you can build a tower or upgrade less, then do so.

        Extra missions like Poison Core, Grinder, Relaxed, etc. count toward this achievement as well as the default Story and Story Challenge.

        Look here for examples on how to achieve a gold medal on your story missions

      • Dig through the entire area on any Round!

        You must dig EVERY BIT of dirt on the screen. Your screen should be completely black. This is probably by far the hardest achievement in the game, but its doable. Start in level 1 and kill 2 enemies. DO NOT kill the third enemy or the last one will leave, and you will advance to the next level. Now go back and forth, or up and down, avoiding the last 2 enemies as much as possible until you have no area to clear in the paths you made. Now go back and forth or up and down (depending on how you did it first) to clear the rest of the small debris on the screen… you have 3 lives, stay alive as much as possible and good luck.

        Edit: Supposidly this achievement is glitched for a lot of people, but its not unobtainable... i got a suggestion from someone over at xbox.com on how to help and it seems to be working for most people now...
        if anyones having trouble, just do your normal thing and clear the stage until theres no more dirt... Go around the outside of the screen clockwise, then counterclockwise and get killed in that same level afterwards.

      • Complete all challenges, all territories, the Memory of the tribe and cover each map with vegetation

      • Earn 1,000,000 points without dying

        At this point your best bet is to continue doing circles shooting a path for yourself. Shooting a path is probably one of the only ways you are going to get through this. Things will get crazy and you're likely to lose yourself but just concentrate and try not to blink very much. If you're smart/good enough you will have some bombs saved up which will help a lot. If you are close to getting this chances are you know what to do.

      • Destroyed Amagisu's final form without taking damage.

        This is in stage 6. You must defeat the final bosses final form without being hit. He can deflect bombs and takes little damage from standard attacks so this will be tough.

        Here is some modified advice from helgor;
        Make a save right before this boss and practice this spot over and over. Learn the patterns and safe spots. As a precaution to make sure you have it down; don't make an attempt for the achievement until you can beat Amagisu' final form 3 times in row without getting hit. Not only will this save you time re-playing the entire game but also allows you to focus purely on learning his patterns.

        • You cannot use bombs at all during the fight.
        • Continues do not matter; leading up to the boss fight.
        • Using bombs before the boss fight does not matter.
        • You must destroy the bosses entire form without getting hit. This means the achievement starts after you kill Guwange-Sama (giant baby head monster), you must not get hit from that point on.

        Here is a video of Fatal x Blade beating him without taking damage:

      • Defeat all 19 Red Star champions in Boss Blitz mode.

        After completing the campaign, you will have access to all 19 of the game's bosses in Boss Blitz. For the achievement you must run the gauntlet and destroy all 19 of them. You have only one life and will only receive aid from your support aircraft between missions, although thankfully it provides upgrades each time.

      • Surround one piece with six black pearls.

        Hands down this is the most difficult to achieve. You have to surround one piece with 6 Black Pearls. I can only really repeat that you should get as many Starflowers in the beginning levels as you can and be VERY careful when arranging your pearls. After all you wouldn't want to have all 6 and then accidently combine 3 or 4 of them and lose all that progress. Slow is the name of the game.

      • Clear the game in any mode without using Continue

        All i can say is Good Luck! This takes a really big amount of skill at the game and could take over a year to master the game completely. If you just dodge bullets the whole time and change to their color, this may be obtainable.

      • Earned a Gold Medal on every mission.

        IMPORTANT: If you Gold medal the last mission you need in Co-op there have been cases where only the host unlocks the achievement despite the others being awarded the Gold medal. If this happens to you do not panic. Replay a few missions, it doesn't matter which and the achievement will pop.

        At the end of each mission, you are awarded a medal depending on how well you protected the objective and for boss missions how quick you killed the boss.

        • The requirement for the Gold medal on all missions except boss missions is 80% health left on the objective.
        • The requirement for the Gold medal on boss missions is time dependent.

        Do not expect to Gold medal every mission on your first go. You will need to level up and upgrade your Trench to easily Gold medal them. In reality you should not have any problem with this achievement with the exception of the second last level 'Volcano' and the last level 'Farnsworth'. The latter being a boss battle.

        It is recommended that you use machine guns and machine gun emplacements for 'Volcano'. Learn each wave and it should not be a problem.

        'Farnsworth' may seem tough to Gold medal but the boss really has three forms...

        First form; one weakness on the top of it's head.

        Second form; three weaknesses around it's body.

        Third form; four weaknesses that dangle from it's body.

        If you equip two 'Gungnir' Sniper Rifles and fire them at the same time at a weakness it will instantly explode. The 'Gungnir' is found in the missions 'Oasis', 'Hospital' and 'Port' in the second act 'Africa'. Make sure the legs you are using have the 'Quick Load' ability on them as there is no point otherwise and remember to redeploy after each cutscene. You will only be able to miss about one shot if you want to make the 320s cut off.

        Once all missions have been awarded the Gold medal, this achievement will unlock as well as any other medal related achievement.

      • Complete the game in one sitting with five or less deaths

         This achievement is the hardest of the lot as it takes a lot of patience and practice, to complete the game without dying more than 5 times.

      • Awarded for earning the play rank of Pharaoh

        Earn 280,000,000 points across all games and game types played on your Gamer Tag.

        A listing of all the possible ranks and the points required to attain each one can be found HERE.

      • Defeat Jace, Jace and Jace as the Archenemy in a campaign game

        Jace, Jace, and Jace are the eleventh group and last three Planeswalkers you must defeat. They are all using the Realm of Illusion deck, so be careful not to let them get too many creatures out. Once you defeat all three of them, this achievement will unlock.

      • Win With Every Character in an Online Ranked Match.

      • Clear the game without dying.

        This achievement isn't as hard as it looks. Simply play through a stage without dying and save. If you die on the next stage, reload your previous save and try again.

        The only real challenge comes from beating Wily's castle due to not being able to save between levels. Stock up on as many E-tanks, shock guards, and Beat calls as you can afford before you make the trek. Save your 1/2 damage power-up until Wily Stage 4.

      • Complete all 50 Single Player episodes

        Simply play through the campaign. Training missions and co-op missions do not count.

        General gameplay tips:
        - Memorize the level.
        - Find and exploit all possible paths.
        - Take your time when you can.
        - If an AI bot is bearing down on you, never stop moving.
        - Play the tutorial first.
        - Watch your time.
        - All the gold does is add more time to the clock. Know when you can go for it and when you shouldn't.
        - Read the name of the level. It may give you a hint as to how to play it.
        - You can switch zoom levels by clicking the right stick. One will give you a complete look at the level, one is standard playing level, and the third is a close-up. All of them come in handy for different parts of the game.

      • Master of The Eight-Port Challenge

        This achievement doesn’t explicitly say it, but it requires completion of the Eight-Port Challenge with a gold medal time.

        A great walkthrough from shalley303 can be found halfway down the page here.

        *Previously unattainable, but now available with the most recent update.

        Tips: When completing harder levels make sure you balance profit and power. having too much power sucks profit. Try to sell some power generators for more powerfull ones to keep the station rating high. Have all your ports on full appeal, 1st grade ports and cheaper and work the best for raising it. Make sure you shut off repair ports when they are not needed as they suck up power.

        A glitch that might help you is a repair glitch. What it does is so the repair ports are turned off but still work. Put the repair ports on 0 bots. then shut it off and turn it on the highest number. the bots will still come out and work, but you will still get charged for each repair.

      • Complete every level in Challenge Mode and even the Peggle Masters will be impressed.

        The Challenges on this game are very hard so you need some practice. When you fail a challenge always retry with a different character.
      • Survive 40 waves of pure zombie ferocity

      • Finish the game without dying in survival mode.

        In order to complete this achievement you need to finish all 14 levels of survivor mode. This means beating the entire game, in 1 sitting, without dying once. It is recommended to play through the game at least once to familiarize yourself with the controls and the levels. Good luck.

      • Earned Gold stars on every song included with Rock Band Blitz.

      • Complete the game in single player on serious difficulty.

        Choose the Serious difficulty in the main menu when you start a new game and go through the whole single campaign on the same save file. Save a lot using the button.
      • Win at each Classic game at least once.

        Simply play every game type in Classic mode until you have beaten every one. Some are more difficult than others, so this can be a very difficult achievement if you are unfamiliar with those games. If you are unsure which games you have won in then check the leaderboards, they display the scores even if you did not win, but if your score is noticeably high then chances are you have won that game type.

      • Clear the E.G.G. STATION ZONE without taking any damage.

        This is the hardest achievement of the game. Check the video below if you do not feel like reading.

        First Form:
        Run in and jump on the left platform, as soon as Robotnik drops his ball and starts heading towards you jump at him, then do the same again and again. He will then drop his ball to go and do a smash move but if you do another homing attack you will hit him before he can start this move. The important thing is to make sure he is not still flashing white from your first attack so that your hits all count.

        Second Form:
        This is the method I use everytime and is flawless. Head in and stand a little to the right of the flippers at the bottom (if you stand directly under Robotnik he will pick you up and drop you on spikes). When he heads off to the left jump up and hit him, then as soon as he stops flashing do it again. He will then fly up above where he was before. As he is doing this, spin dash (hold down and press B) up the right wall then jump off (press A or B) before you reach the bumper and use your homing move (A when in midair) to hit him and the rebound will send you into a bumper which will send you down to the right flipper which you then flip yourself up on (Press A or B again) and land on top of Robotnik (going underneath would make you hit his electric attack) and that should be the fourth and final hit.

        Third Form:
        For an easy first hit run all the way to the right then when the pillars for the area go up jump off around halfway up and do a homing attack. This boss is fairly easy, because the spaces are always near him and there are only four or so easily-visible patterns which you will quickly learn. The only one I always avoid is when he is above you in the middle and pillars all rise straight up. At that point, just stay under him as the attack is hard to pull off and get back into a safe position from. Your final fourth hit will withdraw the pillars straight away so you can go for a riskier move than usual if you like.

        Fourth Form:
        Keep holding right and double jumping to get speed as soon as you can. You have two safe positions, very close or far back. Just trust your instincts and you will get through this one with no problem.

        Final Form (Round 1):
        This guy is a copy of the boss from the end of Sonic 2 but much easier (for now at least) when he is walking towards you jump up and hit him twice (you can hit him more if you want but I'd suggest playing it safe for the achievement).Do regular hits not homing attacks, because after two hits he sometimes puts his hands up and you don't want to be hitting him when he does this because it will damage you and ruin your run. After a few hits he will zoom up into the sky. Stay at the right side of the screen, then move a little to the left just before the countdown finishes. Make sure you give him space when he lands - his landing shockwave can hurt you and make you start over for the achievement. He has one other attack in this form where when he lands he will raise his hands into a straight position (like he's about to go boxing). If he does this just zoom right over into the left corner then go back. After 12 or so hits he will start to frazzle and your hits will not make him flash white.

        Final Form (Round 2):
        When he starts to go electric and the alarms sound shoot over to the left of the arena. He will always start this round by bounding over, he takes two steps then does giant moon leaps which you can spin dash under,. He usually does three of these before he gets to you so choose your moment well, use your spin dash, and run to the right corner (he will bound back that way, but never reach that corner). He will take off like before and this time stay in the right corner doing a spindash until just before he lands then shoot over to the left corner. He has two attacks from here, the steps we mentioned before or he will shoot his hand up from the far left corner. You can see it going up but it wont hit you, so don't worry. It will come down above wherever you are so I tend to walk slowly towards him then when it comes down hit it from the left side with a homing attack in the air which will propel you towards Robotnik. The reasons for this are that if it lands in the floor it takes three hits which is more chances to accidentally get hit and you have a timer before it returns. Once you hit it, it will fly back and hit Robotnik, knocking him down. Run over and do two normal jump attacks on him (three if you want to be risky) then repeat. After 9-10 attacks he will shoot pink shots at you but these are small and easy to dodge. Occasionally, he will also shoot a laser beam along the floor when his arm is coming down but as long as you avoid the front of it you'll be OK. Twelve hits later he'll fly up and his scanning target will zoom across the screen.

        Final Form (Round 3):
        Stand in the middle of the zipping target zone and wait to see where it ends up. Stand roughly five Sonics or so from either side of that area then get ready to jump when Robotnik hits the floor and use a homing attack on his head and bam. Once you do that, you're done. If his floor hit hits you you have a chance to recover just jump and hit him as soon as possible, but be quick (this is why we want to be close to him).



      • Completed the game in under 8 minutes. No shortcuts.

        To complete the game in under 8 minutes starting from the Mines, you will need to learn a balance between rushing and patience. You'll have to be smart about this speed run, making sure not to go out of your way for treasure, a damsel, or certain items. If you can manage to get a jetpack, cape, or compass, you will have a much easier time going for this. If you don't get a compass you might want to just start over. 

        You should be able to clear the mines fairly quickly. You'll want to have less than 2 minutes used up by the end of the Mines. The Jungle will most likely take you the longest time. Your limit for the end of the Jungle should be 4. The Ice Caves should take the least time if you have a cape or jetpack. Try to finish the Ice Caves with only 5 minutes used up. The Temples can take a while as they are possibly the most difficult stages. Reaching Olmec with 7 minutes is a good goal to give you enough time to defeat Olmec. See the video guide for my details.


      • Complete the Single Player game in Hardcore mode.

        The differences between this difficulty and the regular difficulty are that every enemy that you encounter will be able to kill you and whenever you die you will have to start back at the beginning of the mission.

        I suggest that you do NOT rush this for when you try and go quickly you make mistakes. Move slow when you can and be sure to use the to see further around the screen. For example you should use the to look around for turrets. With time and perseverance you should unlock this achievement in no time.

      • Achieve a Gold Medal in every level. This also unlocks a tile on the Inner Board.

        This one was surprisingly tough. You need to earn at least 10,000,000 points to reach Captain rank and the points are not cumulative from game to game. I did it with the Bomber class because it is the fastest ship and has a powerful weapon. The Bomber is also the weakest class and can only take 2-3 hits once the enemies become red. Be patient and play conservatively. Stick to the edges of the maps because many enemies tend to gather in the middle. Use your crappy powerups immediately to try and get Invincibility, and save it until you're about to die. There is one level where a ton of space pirate ships come and drop huge amounts of point boxes; there are also Temporal Distortion powerups on this level you can use to gather a lot of point boxes. More importantly than trying to get kills and points, stay alive. Patience really is key.


        As a possible alternate method, I just used a flagship myself. I don't know if you get bonuses to your score with a bomber but by using a flagship and being accurate, I got an extra 5,405,847 points with my in-game score being 6,778,750. These added up and put me well over the 10,000,000 mark.

      • Collect gold Medal on all levels

        This is a very tricky achievement well worth all 30 gamerscore points you'll receive for it. For this acheivement you'll have to get a Gold Medal time on all 30 levels in the game (up through 5-6.) The only advice I can give you here is to use the YouTube videos in the Speed Run thread right here and practice, practice, practice. The videos should definitely help on a lot of the levels to find a lot of shortcuts as well as "Hidden Paths" so that this goal is attainable. Credit for videos go to the people that put them up on YouTube. Good luck!

      • Get one of every type of hand from High Card to Royal Flush.

        To get this achievement you must get every type of hand in the game. Poker hands are (in order from best to worst):

        • Royal Flush
        • Straight Flush
        • Four of a Kind
        • Full House
        • Flush
        • Straight
        • Three of a Kind
        • Two Pair
        • Pair
        • High Card

        Your odds of receiving a royal flush are very poor and it takes thousands of hands to get. The best way to earn this is to 'rubber band'. To do this start up a Single Player Standard Game.

        • Limit Type: No-Limit
        • Blinds: $2/$4.

        It will be free for you to start. After the dealer is chosen and you start the first hand find a means of holding down the button for an extended period of time. A common method of doing this is by using a rubber band. If you use a wireless controller the batteries may die and you won't get as much boosting time, so I suggest one of the following:

        • A standard xbox 360 wired controller
        • A standard xbox 360 wireless controller with a play and charge kit.
        • A wired Guitar Hero guitar controller.

        I find the the Guitar Hero controller to work best due to its large (the green fret) button. Once you have done this just turn off your TV and walk away. If you are worried about your xbox overheating I suggest propping up a small fan near it to keep the area cool. A good time to do this is while you are sleeping, at school, at work, or any other time you can't play your xbox. Using this method you will play, on average, 65-70 hands an hour.

      • Completed all Projectives with one character

        First off you will need to complete all goals on all 7 maps in Career Mode to unlock "Projectives" mode. Each level in Career mode has 10 goals/objectives to complete. Each level in Projectives mode will only have 5 challenges, consisting of a Sickest Score, Land a High Combo, Collect C-O-M-B-O, Collect 8 Skateboards & Boneless the Magic Bum. Also, each run is only 1:00. 

        Please view the below videos for a walkthrough of each level in both modes. Click the level to open the video, and see a timelink to each objective in the video description. Also note that most scores are set after the character has been given stat upgrades.

        View the complete collection of videos HERE. For an alternate set of videos, please view the following thread by bs000 on our forums HERE.

        Video Walkthroughs:
        Career Mode:
        School II
        The Hangar
        Venice Beach
        Downhill Jam

        School II
        The Hangar
        Venice Beach
        Downhill Jam

        Upon completing all goals, in all 7 levels, in both modes, you will unlock this achievement, which is arguably the hardest and most involved achievement in the game.

      • The player has completed the Ultimate Endurance tournament without any faults.

        This tournament is extremely long and contains 20 tracks, these tracks are not easy and it will take a while. You have to complete all 20 tracks without failing, you can take as long as you want on them, just make sure you do not bail!

      • Complete each chapter on the Ultra difficulty setting

        To beat the game on the Hardest setting, you cannot rely on your AI teammates to help you much. While it is possible to attain on Single Player, it is ideal to work with a offline or online Co-op Partner or partners to achieve it. It is recommended to go through the Campaign on Casual first to familiarize yourself with the levels and then take on the Ultra difficulty. Remember to upgrade your units when you can, continue to fire since you don't run out of ammo and keep moving and evading by pressing "Boost" (). Take advantage of all the boosters as well. The red Frenzy Pack doubles your damage for 30 sec, the gray Shield Pack protects you for some damage and the blue cross Health Packs restore your health. You do not have to do the campaign in any order, so if you are limited on time with someone else, the following levels are easier to take on by yourself:
        Act 1 - Training, The Line, Payment
        Act 2 - Kanly
        Act 3 - Subversion, End Game

      • Complete all the levels in each world by beating the Voodoo time

        You'll have to complete all 15 levels in each of the 4 worlds (60 levels total) under the Voodoo time (for the Time Attack stages, the remaining time on the timer when you complete the level must be over the Voodoo time). Once you've grasped the concept of how to maneuver your dice in order for it to show the right number on the square you want, completing levels under the voodoo time becomes considerably easier. When all else fails, just keep moving the dice in different square/rectangle patterns to lock in the number you need. It's also recommended on the seemingly more complex levels to map out the entire area to see if there is an easier way to complete the level. Some maps contain more items then what you really need to use on order to complete a stage quickly.

        A Voodoo Time video guide for all levels can be found HERE.

      • Disarming all the bombs & pass all the stages in Survival mode

        Complete survival mode making sure that you disarm every bomb. If you get stuck on higher levels you can use a digital camera to take a picture of the puzzle, hit :start: to pause the game. Upload the image to you computer to help find the bombs.

      • Survive an Arcade level using nothing but the flashlight and handheld flares.

        To survive an arcade level, you must complete the full 10 minutes of it. Waves of enemies will come at you but you cannot shoot them. You will have to utilize flares and your flashlight to keep them away. The best thing to do is to keep away from the initial Taken that spawn in a level. This means you'll be running from and dodging the same Taken the entire time. This will simplify the achievement.

      • Complete each trip to Who Knows Where.

        There are three arenas that you'll unlock while playing through the game. Two of them are mementos that you'll have to find or buy from the Lost & Found, if you didn't get them in the area. The last one will be unlocked as part of the story. They are all on the south side of the bastion. Just press when next to them and fight you're way through the 20 waves.

        - Pipe
        - Stockpot
        - Bedroll

        It's best to wait until the end. I like to use the upgraded shotgun, because it is quick, does a huge amount of damage and can kill a whole bunch of enemies at once. You should also equip a few good potions. Get one extra try and 2+ water bottles. this will make the arenas much easier.

        Utilise the roll and counter attack (blocking with when the enemy attacks you). This will instantly kill the towers and some weaker enemies.

      • Kill 10 Alpha Section guards

      • Read every tutorial board

      • Die nine times in any one level

        This is pretty self explanatory. Simply find a checkpoint, kill yourself and repeat 8 more times.

      • Take out 3 CPU players at once in a Local game.

        Play Classic, Zombie with 3-5 CPU players on easy. Get Dangerous bomb with full fire and you should easily acquire this because the more blocks you have the more they will try and steal them. So just place them on there blocks and it will happen. I did mine on accident.

      • Collect all four princess' kisses in a multiplayer game

        This achievement requires you to get all four kisses from each of the four princesses in the game. The achievement also requires that you be in a multiplayer game. It does NOT require you to be online. I got this by playing with another controller, and playing only the levels required to get the princesses' kisses.

        NOTE: This achievement does not have to be done in one sitting, however, if you do it in one sitting, it will only take about 15 minutes.

        There are four princesses after each of the four main bosses. After the main bosses you will fight the other players to get the princess's kiss. Simply kill the other player and the kiss will be yours. The locations of these boss fights and the princesses are...

        Red Dress Princess- Barbarian Boss

        White Dress Princess- Cyclops' Fortress

        Blue Dress Princess- Ice Castle
        Note: If you are getting this achievement with an extra controller, and you are controlling the 2nd player, this level can be frustrating. There is a part where you have to walk a narrow bridge while arrows are shot at you and ice magic is shot at you. Switching between blocking, jumping, and moving with two controllers can be confusing and frustrating. Simply let the second player die, and continue to the end of the bridge by yourself. Kill the ice thieves there, and return to your 2nd players dead body. Revive him, and continue.

        Orange Dress Princess- Final Battle
        Note: You actually fight for the kiss after the final credits, back in the dining hall in the Home Castle.

      • You've done a great thing and made the world a better place. Here's a little gift!

        This achievement will unlock as soon as you load up the game and create your save data.

      • Become an Ape-Clyde.

        Put an ape on a cloning machine with Clyde and activate it. Can be gained on level 8-Rocket Clyde

      • Fire 125,000 total shots.

        You wont get this on your first playthrough. You'll have to go back and do a 2nd playthrough and/or do the Challenges to rack up the bullet count. I suggest you constantly hold down the  button as you play to speed this process along. One playthrough doing this will net you around 50-70k bullets fired depending on deaths, etc!

        The best way to get this achievement is to do the rubber band trick. You'll get about 7-10k worth of bullets in about 1 hour or less.

        If you want to see how many shots you've fired, just head to the Stats computer which is in the same room as Gerda to the right.

      • Got the jump on 10 monsters.

        Once you visit all twenty houses in Auburn Pines, you can enter the Black Gate. At this point, you will see the monsters in the streets. Sneak up behind them and press to do a pail bash. Do this ten times to get this achievement.

      • Eliminate every single monster on any map in Darwinia (excluding Garden)

        The second level, Containment, is quite easy to eliminate all the viruses. Take your squad around the whole map, and eliminate every virus. You may need to pan out and make sure you didn't miss any. Achievement unlocks when every virus in the map is eliminated.

      • Spend $100,000 in the pawnshop.

        Inflation is very high in this game, so everything costs a lot of money. Once you have rescued Gemini go ahead and do her sidequest (after you save her, leave safehouse and you'll hear her crying). The item she wants you to find is on the right side of the road leading to the Quarantine Camp. You will have $30,000 given to you total for saving and helping her. Now make a seperate save file, or save without the intention of saving over your playthrough. You will want to get around $70,000 from the casino. Buy a moose head ($500) at the pawnshop and go to the casino. Everything takes one hit to destroy with the moose head. You should make around $7000. Now, if you hold you will start running at about twice the speed knocking over anything in front of you. Head to the safehouse and go through the door. The casino slot machines are now restored. Just go back and forth gaining money until you have enough. To check how much money you have spent, hit and go to status.

      • Find Parker in the hockey arena

        Story related, can't be missed.

        This is unlocked in Act 2 Scene 10 (Playoff) at the very end.

      • For this achievement, you must reach the North Pole by completing all of the Army General's quests and although you don't need to, I'd advise you to also complete Captain Taint's quests so that you can travel using the pirate ship.

        After you reach Santa, you'll talk with him for a bit until he sends you into his dungeon. Just follow the path until you reach three levers. To successfully leave the dungeon, you'll need to pull the levers in this order:

        • Lever 1
        • Lever 2
        • Lever 3
        • Lever 1
        • Lever 2
        • Lever 1

        The bridge will then stop at the exit and you can safely leave the dungeon. Once you're out of the dungeon, you'll end up in the Reindeer pen. Kill all of the reindeer, including their leader Roodolph they'll drop a set of reindeer earmuffs. Make sure to equip the earmuffs in your helmet section and return back to Santa. He's yowl will not affect you this time and will cause him to roll away in terror while calling for his Coal Monster.

        To easily defeat the Coal Monster, make sure to run up to it immediately. Doing so will make the Coal Monster not send out his coal mines. Use the same method as with all other bosses to kill him. Once he reaches around half health, he'll explode into a fiery Coal Monster with fiery Coal mines surrounding the area. Continue to use the same method as the change the monster did, didn't have an effect on anything except making it harder to move around. Make sure to have plenty of health potions in case you need them. Once the Coal Monster is killed, a cutscene of Santa being cut in half will play and your achievement will pop up.

      • Kill a CyberDemon using your fists in Single player

        There are several levels that have a CyberDemon in both “Hell on Earth” and “No Rest for the Living.” The earliest place that it can be done is on level eight, “Tricks and Traps.” It is a lot safer and easier to attempt it on the second secret level, however, level thirty-two “Grosse.” You do not have to kill it entirely with fists; you can hurt it with other weapons, and then finish it off.

        Here are the steps on how to do it on level ten (on Ultra-violence):

        • The first thing to do is obvious, clear out most of the level, take your time, you’re in no rush.
        • The CyberDemon is in a little alcove above the exit hallway, this is in a dark room with two lights in the middle of the floor.
        • Head up to this room and save.
        • Hit it four direct times with the BFG.
        • Hit it three to four times with rockets.
        • Now pick up the invulnerability powerup to the left as you enter this room, and start punching it.
        • Around two to three punches should take it down.

        Here are the steps on how to do it on level thirty-two (secret level video at end of guide):

        • At the start, avoid taking the Berserk Powerup, and instead head through the door and you’ll be in a huge room.
        • There will be two blue torches and three green torches on each side.
        • There will also be five grey stone blocks on both sides.
        • Behind the second green torch on the right side, is a stone block. Behind this stone block is a wall, and on the wall behind the block is a golden adornment of some kind with a swastika behind in the middle of it. Press on this and an invulnerability powerup will be revealed.
        • Head to the door at the back of the big room you entered, this will trigger the CyberDemon to spawn.
        • Hit it twice with the BFG, which you should have from level eight.
        • Now run to the Berserk Powerup and grab it.
        • Now go to the invulnerability powerup and grab it.
        • Now start punching the CyberDemon until it dies.
      • You got 50000 on Double Dragon!?

        You need to have $50,000 or more at one time. So if you spent $1200 on something, you will need to find a total of $51,200.

      • Tip an exotic dancer.

        In the second level in the first episode, called "Red Light District", get past the door that requires the yellow key. Go inside the building then take a left, then turn right to face the pool table. Go past it and take the first right into the bar. Go up to the woman in blue and black and press .

      • Launch the cow in New Junk City

        Easiest Achievement in the game. You will encounter the cow on the first level "New Junk City" within the first minute. Simply shoot the Refrigerator hanging over the cow to launch him.

      • Arcade Mode: unequip Candy's armor each stage, or destroy Candy's lower armor 10 times in a row

      • Read a fact about every type of fruit in the game.

        After playing in a mode you will go back to a screen with the options to play again or go back. At the bottom right of the screen there will be a fruit fact. Simply come to this screen enough and eventually the achievement will unlock. Note: the fruit fact that appears depends on the most common fruit in your highest combo.

      • Play the solo instrument to the music theme in the main menu

        This is a rather quirky achievement. It requires you to play along with the song playing at the main menu. From the main menu, move your  down with the music. You will begin with the cursor over single player. You want to play along with what I'm guessing is some sort of string instrument. You can easily tell the difference between the background music and the notes you must play.

        This video will show you what must be done.

      • This achievement seems to be one of those that can sometimes be hard to register. The requirement is to hit every key in order without stopping. If you have carpet I found it easier to just run across your screen rather than to actually slide, just make sure you hit every key. If you have hardwood floor or tiles, put on some socks and try not to hurt yourself.

      • Built a glorious statue of oneself (Single Player)

        This one can be unlocked once you have created a Sculptor. In the Sculptor, the bottom of the list (excluding the Stockpiles) has statues called Busts of (Somename). There are four different ones. Choose whichever one your want and build four of them. Make sure that you're making four copies of the same Bust, not four different ones. Arrange these four Busts in a square, much like the Town Square and it will form a Colossus. The achievement will then unlock.
        NOTE: You will also need to have built a Wizard's Tower in order to create the Magic Powder required for building the busts.
      • Activate all of the spikes at once in the Spider Tomb spike field

        This achievement can be done in the third level, Spider's Tomb. You have to run through the giant spike trap in that level so that all of the spikes are up. Follow the video below for a way to complete this, though it's not the only way. You don't necessarily have to end in the middle as shown in the video, you can leave through the side, as long as all the spikes are up.

      • Get hurt by every type of trap

        This will come naturally to most! It's certainly possible to clear every stage without ever being hit, but for the majority of us, this is unlikely. To make sure you get this achievement, just let yourself get hit by each new trap type when you first come across them. You can then restart the stage if you wish to. I'm not sure if this applies to the creatures too, so I let them get me just to be sure. So, if it crushes, burns, bites, impales, squashes or explodes, let it get you at least once.

      • Get 20 Tozt-7 kills in a Multiplayer game.

        The Tozt-7 is the flamethrower. To get this easily just sign in a guest and start a split-screen match. Set the weapon to Flamethrowers Only and first to 20 kills wins. Just go around the map and roast your guest account 20 times and you should get the achievement when the postgame lobby shows up.

      • Terrify a guard and cause him to stumble to his death.

        In Breaching the Perimeter, you will eventually be given the objective "Get inside the Security Tower." Shortly after it is given to you, you will climb up to a rooftop with a bunch of patrolling guards. Once you get far enough, you'll see a guard standing under a breakable light, another guard watching him from the ledge high above him, and a door into the next area behind the first guard. 
        Do whatever you want with the first guard on the ground, taking care not to alert the guard up on the ledge in any way. Then make your way through the building to the other side where you can climb up to the same ledge the guard is on. Now kill both guards nearest you when you get up there, taking care to leave at least one body up on the ledge with you instead of stringing them up or dropping them off the ledge. Now simply drag this body over next to the guard and throw it next to him. If you hit him, he'll just notice the body and call in an alarm. If you make him just notice the sound, he'll freak out and fall to his death, netting you the "Unstable Footing" achievement.

      • Bake a cake using wheat, sugar, milk and eggs!

        To make a cake you need one egg, three pieces of wheat, three pieces of milk, and two pieces of sugar.

        For the egg find a chicken running around somewhere and follow it until it poops an egg, then just take it.

        To get wheat, hit RT on the ground with your hoe until you get some wheat seeds. To plant them, find some ground next to water and use your hoe on the ground (grass or dirt - either will grow wheat). Then use the hoe again to till the ground and plant the seeds. You'll have to wait 1-3 in-game days for the wheat to grow before you can harvest it. Once it has grown, whack it with your hoe again to harvest it.

        For milk, you must craft three buckets from nine pieces of iron (craft them in the "Food" tab). Then use those buckets on a cow and you'll receive milk.

        Sugar must be crafted from sugar cane. These can be found on the outskirts of lakes (they resemble reeds).

        Once you have all these, go to the "Food" tab in the inventory and create your lie cake.

      • Download and play against a Ghost from a Leaderboard entry.

      • Inspect a pair of withered binoceros testicles with genuine enthusiasm.

        After defeating the first boss, you will see a pair of balls on the wall behind his desk. Inspect them 5 times for this achievement.

      • Complete a Combat Simulator game on Felicity, Complex or Temple using Classic Weapons.

        All you need to do is finish a match in any game mode on one of the classic Goldeneye maps with 'Classic' Goldeneye weapons. The weapons are listed below:

        The Classic Levels:

        • Felicity (Goldeneye: Facility)
        • Complex (Goldeneye: Complex)
        • Temple (Goldeneye: Temple)

        The Classic Weapons:

        • PP9I (aka: PP7)
        • CC13 (aka: DD44 Dostovei)
        • KLO1313 (aka: KLOBB)
        • KF7 Special (aka: KF7 Soviet)
        • ZZG 9mm (aka: ZMG 9mm)
        • DMC (aka: D5K Deutsh)
        • AR53 (aka: AR33 Assault Rifle)
        • RC-P45 (aka: RC-P90)

        Make sure to use a set with the word 'Classic' in front of it.

      • Once you have control of both portals, only enter the orange portal.

        You obtain the advanced portal gun in chamber eleven. For the remaining levels, you have to make sure that you only step through the orange portal. Be especially careful not to sit in the middle of a portal because the game may consider that to be passing through the blue portal. Just move through the portal as quickly as you can. Save frequently, so you can reload if you accidentally step through the blue one. The achievement will actually unlock right after you destroy the last piece of GLaDOS to beat the game.

      • Win by jumping off another Raskull to an out of reach finish. (Local or Xbox LIVE multiplayer)

        While playing any race, jump off any enemy Raskull into the finish. This achievement can be unlocked in single-player or multiplayer. The achievement will unlock immediately once you finish the race.

      • Take a photo of the Coelacanth.

        On the last level, Volcano, you will find the coelacanth just past the Moai Head Statue - it's fast though so you need to be quick to snap it! It's a long thin very dark grey fish.

      • Make it from one end of the lake to the other in hyperspeed

        Before you can do this you will need the friction dampers which you will collect as part of your progression. You will know when you're in the right area as you will see a lake with a house in the middle. A chopper will attack you around the house, build up speed by holding , you may be able to stop in the middle with the house to build up further speed. Once you hit the edge of the land jump while at full speed to sail across the lake.

      • Travel through time

        You can get this achievement on any Zone 1 or Zone 2 level in the game. The easiest way I've discovered to get this achievement is to find a past sign on a level, and then to find a vertical yellow or red bumper. Enter the spin dash attack mode by holding +. When you spin dash, you automatically enter the time travel mode. You will know this is happening because Sonic will be surrounded by a shimmering force field. Spin dash onto one of the vertical bumpers and just bounce up and down until you travel through time.

      • Watch a video clip in the Scrapbook

        As you play the game, you'll unlock classic South Park video moments. Simply watch one by going to the scrapbook, press , locate an unlocked video, watch it, and achievement unlocked.

      • Win a hand with a Straight or better without using any cheats

        This can be done in the "Learn Cheat'em" tutorial. Go to "Tutorial 1: How to Bet" in either single player or the "How to Play" section in help and options. You will play three hands with the aim to be the richest player on the table after three hands. Do exactly what the tutorial tells you and on the third hand you will have a full house, thus earning the achievement.

      • Complete 10 time challenges in the bonus shorts.

        There are a total of 25 challenged in the bonus shorts. You will need to complete the time portion and the clone portion for each challenge to get this to unlock.

        Remember you do NOT need to go for these at the same time. So when you are working on the clone portion, you can take as much time as you need to complete the challenge. Likewise, when you are working on the time portion feel free to create as many clones as you want to get the level done as fast as possible.

      • Guybrush can hold his breath for 10 minutes, but not any longer than that.

        You will get to a point in the game where you steal the Idol from the mansion, the guard will throw you into the water. Before this happens after talking to Elane make sure you save the game so you can reload after. When you try to go outside you are thrown into water by the guard, all you have to do is wait for 10 minutes and the achievement will unlock. Make sure you save first though as you will need to reload your game.

      • This is obtained in Stage 8. You fight Smithers at the start. He drops bombs from his coat. The black bombs you cannot pick up and explode very quickly. There will be blue bombs that do not explode. You can pick them up and throw them at him to get the achievement. There are several chances to get this achievement, as he will keep dropping them until defeated.

      • Complete chapter 5 of episode 2.

        You awake in a meat locker with Clementine, Kenny, Larry and Lilly with Larry being his usual charming self. Make sure to go through the dialog with Clementine and chat with the others especially Larry for some interesting little dialog. 

        Proceed to examine the air condition vent or in some people's case you will be thrown into a cutscene with Larry having a heart attack. You have two big options and the usual Lee silent treatment to choose from: Try to revive Larry, side with Kenny and help to kill him or wait for the timer to expire. 

        Helping Lilly
        You take over the CPR on Larry by hovering your cursor over Larry's chest. Kenny doesn't waste much time and drops a salt lick onto Larry's head crushing it. A little Walking Dead hype is that if you are to get to four compressions Larry's mouth moves before Kenny crushes him. All of my playthroughs I have never seen the mouth but others swear by it. 

        Helping Kenny
        Helping Kenny will result in being the guy who holds Lilly back while Kenny searches for something to end Larry with. It is a small little event in which you must restrain Lilly by button mashing. Lilly breaks free and you must restrain her again. Kenny will wait until you pull her all the way out of the way until he drops the salt lick on Larry.

        Doing Nothing
        Kenny will insult Lee and call him useless as he pushes him out of the way. You will get a ground view of Larry's death. Note that this decision counts as if you were to side against Kenny while Lilly won't hold this against you as you didn't try to kill Larry.

        Larry cannot be saved.

        After the whole episode you need to find a way out. Examine the air conditioner again, with Lee saying someone could sneak through it if he had a coin to take it off the wall. Guess who has the coin? Larry.

        Talk to Lilly and ask for permission to search through Larry's pockets. You will begin searching the three available pockets. The one on the right will have Larry's wedding right, the back pocket will have his wallet, and the one on the left side of the screen will be the one full of coins.

        Return to the air conditioner and use the coins on the two screws. After Lee takes it off the wall Clem volunteers to go through and manages to make it to the other side. 

        We'll see you on the run in Chapter 6.

      • You played 10 games without earning any other achievements.

        As the description states, complete 10 games without unlocking any other achievements. This should come while hunting for "I Think I Can!" and "Master Conductor."

      • Call in a Napalm Strike in any Versus game.

        An easy way to gain this achievement is in local co-op with two controllers. Set the Toy Box to 100 and the money to $10,000. Set up one turrent on each side.

        Using the main profile press and select the bottom option. If you don't get Napalm, spam the cheap armoured cars from the other team, and kill them with your commmando to build up $8k and then try again. Repeat until you get a napalm strike. Press to use it.

        An easier way to gain this achievement is to start the game, press , try to get the Napalm, and if you don't get it to just surrender and restart. Repeat until you get it.

      • Discard 9 or more cards in one turn.

        Just keep collecting cards until you either have nine numbers of the same color or you can change the colors (same number, different color). Do not use any command cards(Skip, Reverse, Scramble, Draw Two, Wild, or Wild Draw Four) unless they are the last card to be played. Line them up and play them all on your next turn. Its easier to do in multiplayer because the computer will more then likely win while you collect cards. Note: You can also get the "Party Decorations" Achievement if you change the color enough

      • Complete Chapter III without hitting any ladies before they hit you.

        This is EXTREMELY difficult, and even though it may seem impossible, it can be done in single player, even though it is easier in Co-Op mode. Throughout Chapter 3 there are 2 types of enemies, male and female. The male are the big fat strong enemies, and the female are the small faster enemies. If you are attempting this on single player, just make sure that the lady hits you before you go on your rampage, an easy tip is to play as Nite Owl for he can block making it easier to know if you have been hit or not. Or if you are doing this in Co-Op simply sit back and let your buddy do all the work.

      • Win a Pro Ranked Match in under 3 minutes

        This achievement is easily boostable with a friend. You must both search for a game in the Pro playlist at the same time. If you get paired with someone else, quit and search again. When you have found your friend, start the game. Whoever is NOT going for the achievement must kill themselves quickly. A good way to do this is by jumping into the water, if you aren’t close to water, simply teleport over the water. Whoever IS going for the achievement should skip their turn to prevent wasting time.

      • Beat the hidden character, Noob Saibot while playing the CPU.

        Story-based achievement. Can't be missed.

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