Edison Achievement in XCOM: Enemy Unknown

  • Edison



    In a single game, complete every Research Project.

  • How to unlock Edison

    Research projects become available after killing aliens, capturing aliens, completing Crash Site/Base missions or by completing prerequisite research. The number of scientists and laboratories constructed will determine the research time of each project. You can increase the overall research speed of projects by adding additional scientists to your staff, by successfully completing missions that offer scientists as rewards, receiving scientists from the council for having satellites in Europe, North America, South America and Africa, and by building additional laboratories. Keep in mind that some research projects will require additional materials, like alien materials or alloys, so try and keep a small supply on hand at all times.

    There are a total of 53 projects and all will need to be completed in a single game. You can always check what projects have been researched by selecting the Research Archive in the laboratory menu. The following are the different research projects and how they can be obtained.

    Dead Aliens:

    • Weapon Fragments (recovered from all alien types)
    • Xeno-Biology (recovered from all alien types)
    • Alien Materials (recovered from all alien types)
    • Berserker Autopsy
    • Chryssalid Autopsy
    • Cyberdisc Autopsy
    • Drone Autopsy
    • Ethereal Autopsy
    • Floater Autopsy
    • Heavy Floater Autopsy
    • Muton Autopsy
    • Muton Elite Autopsy
    • Sectoid Autopsy
    • Sectoid Commander Autopsy
    • Sectopod Autopsy
    • Thin Man Autopsy

    Live Aliens:

    • Berserker Interrogation
    • Ethereal Interrogation
    • Floater Interrogation
    • Heavy Floater Interrogation
    • Muton Interrogation
    • Muton Elite Interrogation
    • Sectoid Interrogation
    • Sectoid Commander Interrogation
    • Thin Man Interrogation

    UFO/Crash Site/Base missions:

    • Alien Nav Computer
    • UFO Power Source
    • Hyperwave Communication
    • Outsider Shard
    • Elerium
    • Fusion Lance - (Available after shooting down a Large Battleship UFO and completing the crash site mission)
    • Guided Fusion Launcher - (Available after shooting down a Large Battleship UFO and completing the crash site mission)

    Requires previous research to unlock: (the majority of these will come from interrogation and autopsies)

    • Arc Thrower
    • New Fighter Craft
    • Ethereal Device
    • Experimental Warfare
    • Carapace Armor
    • Titan Armor
    • Beam Weapons
    • Precision Lasers
    • Heavy Lasers
    • Light Plasma Rifle
    • Plasma Rifle
    • Heavy Plasma
    • Plasma Sniper
    • Alloy Cannon
    • Plasma Cannon
    • EMP Cannon
    • Skeleton Suit
    • Plasma Pistol
    • Psi Armor
    • Ghost Armor
    • Archangel Armor

    TIP: When going for this achievement, it is a good idea to select your base location as South America, as this will mean all interrogations and autopsies are completed instantly.

    Also try and capture each alien as soon as they start to appear on missions, as waiting until later levels can be difficult when attempting to capture several at once. Aliens like Sectoids and Thin Men become less frequent on later missions. When capturing tougher enemies, rely on your veteran soldiers, as you will most likely take a few hits and this will mean instant death for rookies. Also be sure to upgrade your Arc Thrower in the foundry when the upgrade becomes available later in the game. This will mean you can stun an enemy without having to wear down its health first.

  • Having issues with this one. I have subdued every alien type and looks like I recovered at least one of everything so I'm not sure what I'm missing.
  • Have you shot down and attacked all UFO types? They may contain unique components
  • The research projects are: Xeno-biology Arc Thrower Outsider Shard New Fighter Craft Hyperwave Communication Ethereal Device Weapon Fragments Alien Materials Experimental Warfare Elerium Psi Armor Carapace Armor Skeleton Suit Titan Armor Ghost Armor Archangel Armor Beam Weapons Precision Lasers Heavy Lasers Plasma Pistol Light Plasma Rifle Plasma Rifle Heavy Plasma Plasma Sniper Alloy Cannon Plasma Cannon Fusion Lance Guided Fusion Launcher Alien Nav Computer UFO Power Source EMP Cannon Interrogate Sectoid, Floater, Muton, Sectoid Commander, Berserker, Thin Man, Heavy Floater, Muton Elite, Ethereal Autopsy Sectoid, Sectoid Commander, Floater, Thin Man, Muton, Chryssalid, Cyberdisc, Berserker, Heavy Floater, Muton Elite, Drone, Sectopod, Ethereal The tw
  • The two that are probably the last for most people to get are the Fusion Lance and Guided Fusion Launcher, which require you to clear the Battleship variant UFO.
  • Ah ha I missed interrogating the muton elite. Thanks the list was very helpful.
  • got all the stuff off the list but no achievement
  • Thanks for the info Dalfiuss, was missing the Fusion stuff, I never would've known about it otherwise. Never saw a battleship leading up to the final mission, had to sit on my hands and keep scanning...
  • So I think Im screwed because the only thing I havent done is interrogate a sectoid because I havent even seen one in the 20+ missions since I built the Alien Captivity Chamber.
  • Would anyone even have the slightest idea on how to come into contact with a sectoid at this point? All I fight are Muton Elites, Sectopods, and Heavy Floaters. The occasional Ethereal here and there depending on the mission. It seems that Thin Man are about the only alien type in Council Missions. Is there any mission type where I run a chance of encountering a sectoid or is it basically to late?
  • @9 Late game, there are few council missions that still have the sectoid running around. For me, it happened to be a council mission where you just eliminate all hostiles. The aliens also tried to hijack a truck of valuable stuff, which I believe is the elerium that I got as a reward (unless that's random).
  • i tryed to capture an Ethereal but it kept failing :( and i dont know why it failed
  • You can capture Ethereals. Just keep trying. I didn't know you could capture the Sectopod though (don't why you'd want to try though, I try to kill them as fast as possible). I think the interrogations will be the reason for not getting this for most people.
  • Any chance on regular floater on late game? I need to interrogate it :( I also do not have two Fusion related researches, however I still hope to get right alien craft. But still, now floater for long time on any mission
  • For floaters in late game: shoot down large craft usually they will have groups of three heavy floaters but sometimes it is two heavy and one regular floater. You can tell because it's the one with less health than the others.
  • @3 Thanks for the list, I missed interrogate floater. I totally thought I had it already, but was in another game. I played on easy, but when I downed a craft it gave me a survey of aliens in the craft, by that stage I was so close to finishing the game, I didn't care about the countries and just skipped all the downed UFOs that didn't have the floater. Eventually one turned up, think it was in a large scout.
  • The best way to catch them all is to injure them first.then,when they're health is low a blast from the advanced arc thrower will take all of them down no problem.
  • Awww fuck, I'm at the end of the game and I missed the Floater for interrogation. :(
  • this is hard for the interrogations because my guys are TOO badass and keep killing them before i get a chance to stun them. even the big red Mutons they can kill in like 2 shots. im trying to get their health low enough to get a high stun chance, but without actually killing them and its proving to be a huge butt.
  • I hope I haven't missed any from the list
  • Use the pistol....
  • son of a nutcracker, i don't think I'm gonna get it on this play through because i missed capturing a Sectoid early on!!!
  • I need to interrogate the Sectoid commander. But I am very far on the game. Does anyone Knows if they appear late in the game? Even with Etherall already uncloked?

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