Blaster Master 500 Achievement in XEVIOUS

  • Blaster Master 500



    Destroy 500 air-based enemies!

  • How to unlock Blaster Master 500

    This achievement took me a while. What i did is i started on stage one then progressed through the level until right before you see water for the first time then killed myself. The point of this is you can get between 100-150 kills per life, i killed myself right before the first river because right after the first river is the first checkpoint and between the start of stage one and the first checkpoint there is a lot of air based enemies that won't give you much trouble. Just keep doing that until you're down to one life then just progress through the game. After doing this i made it to stage five then lost my last life and got the achievement. Note: This achievement doesn't stack and must be done in one game.

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  • Someone please help me, this one is a nightmare!

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