- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 12 [200]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 3-5 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 0
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats, and you are allowed to adjust the settings for achievements.
- Does difficulty affect achievements: N/A

Keep your eyes on the sky and on the ground for these twelve achievements. If you are really good, you could get 200 in a half hour, but several runs will be needed realistically with Xevious’ moderate difficulty.

In Xevious, you have two attacks. Ground and air. The game has achievements centered around both types, as well as finding hidden flags and bases embedded within the landscape, acquiring a high scores, and defeating a mothership. Before anything else, go into Options and change your setting for extra lives so that you get one every 40,000 pts. A warning pops up saying you can’t post scores on the leaderboards but achievements are still fair game. Remember, this is a Namco game, you get all your achievements after your game is over, just be patient.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:

Step #1- Points Run
Naturally, if you are going for High Scores, you will likely gather many of the other achievements along the way. The key to 100,000 points is grabbing easy points and extra lives. For easy points, take advantage of ground enemies. Many of them do not even shoot, and even the ones that do can net huge points and are worth the risk. Dodge the air enemies if you can and concentrate attacks on the ground. Of course, shooting down air enemies is important, as they will charge or shoot at you. Extra lives will come with points, but “Special Flags” hidden in the landscape will give you Extra Lives to extend your play. To reveal the flags wou have to blindly bomb the ground to get them to appear. Look for the first flag as you fly OVER the river in the first stage. There aren’t many enemies so I suggest grabbing this one for sure. A picture of the flag is located HERE, but remember flags are not always in the exact same spot. Flags do appear in the same horizontal plane in each spot, so spam the ground along that horizontal plane with bombs to reveal the flag. Flags are also located in Area 3, Area 5, and Area 7. If you can grab them safely do it but make sure you don’t die hopelessly looking for it. This may take you several tries to get a hang of things.

Step #2- Ground Run
If still don’t have the achievements for defeating 30 and 100 ground enemies, start from the first stage, and concentrate on ground enemies. Grab the first Special Flag for sure to stay alive longer, and kill air enemies only to avoid being killed. These must be done in one run, they are not stackable between playthroughs.

Step #3- Air Run
Destroying 500 enemies by air will be tricky. The method described in the Achievement Guide by Sajaa works very well. Start from the beginning, and kill as many air enemies as you can, but get killed before you cross the river where the Special Flag is. Repeat this method until you are down to your last life and you should have about 250-300 air enemies defeated. Now, while on your last life, concentrate on the air enemies as you try to stay alive as long as possible. Grab Special Flags (like the one in Stage 1) to extend your playthrough. Although you are trying to destroy air enemies, do not completely ignore the ground enemies, as they will net you some good points for more lives. Again, the 500 kills are not stackable, you must achieve this with only one set of lives.

Step #4- Special Flags, Secret Sol Citadels
By now you should have found a Special Flag, but if not, start from the beginning, and get to the river and spam it with bombs to reveal the flag. HERE is a screen of where the flag is, but remember the horizontal location changes in each run.

Col Citadels are secret towers also hidden in the landscape. It takes one bomb to reveal them, and another to destroy them. Start a new game but begin from Stage 9. The towers are shown in THIS SCREENSHOT. Reveal as many as you can then immediately die afterwards. You will start from Stage 9 again and you can reveal them again. Reveal 5 before all your lives are up for three achievements. You only need to destroy one of them for a fourth achievement.

Step #5- Andor Genesis! The mothership!
You probably destroyed it in your other runs, but if not, start from Stage 4 and get to the giant ship and bomb the middle of it to destroy it.

Not as easy as some other Namco retro titles, but obtainable with a little understanding of the game. All in all, a satisfying 200.

 [XBA would like to thank litepink for this Roadmap]

XEVIOUS Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Score 40,000 points.

    See "100,000 Points".

  • Score 100,000 points.

    This achievement can be a little challenging. For more lives go to the main menu then help & options, then settings, then change the extend setting to "1st 10,000pts to Every 40,000pts". Try get as many special flags as possible and try to reveal as many sol citadels as possible. You get 2000 per sol citadel revealed and another 2000 for destroying it. That's the best advice i can give you. Just keep practicing and you'll get it eventually.

  • Destroy Andor Genesis!

    Andor Genesis is a big ship that appears at the end of stage four. Start at stage four and progress to the end of the stage. When you get to the first river Andor Genesis will appear. To defeat it you need to drop a bomb on to the dark circle in the middle of it. As soon as it appears head to the right side of the screen and try to get close to it while dodging the shots. When you're in range drop the bomb to defeat it. Just keep selecting stage four in stage select and you'll get it eventually.

  • Destroy 100 air-based enemies!

    Easiest achievement in the game. Simply shoot down 100 air based enemies. You'll probably get this without even trying.

  • Destroy 500 air-based enemies!

    This achievement took me a while. What i did is i started on stage one then progressed through the level until right before you see water for the first time then killed myself. The point of this is you can get between 100-150 kills per life, i killed myself right before the first river because right after the first river is the first checkpoint and between the start of stage one and the first checkpoint there is a lot of air based enemies that won't give you much trouble. Just keep doing that until you're down to one life then just progress through the game. After doing this i made it to stage five then lost my last life and got the achievement. Note: This achievement doesn't stack and must be done in one game.

  • Destroy 30 ground-based enemies!

    See "Bomber 100".

  • Destroy 100 ground-based enemies!

    Ground based enemies are the enemies that you destroy with a bomb (to use a bomb press B). You can take out two enemies with one bomb by aiming right in between them if they're next to each other. Not much help i can offer on this one. Try to stay alive as long as possible and keep bombing. Note: This achievement doesn't stack and must be done in one game.

  • Reveal a Special Flag!


    To reveal a special flag you have to hit a certain area with a bomb.

  • Reveal a Sol Citadel!


    Sol citadel's are little domes that are hidden from plain sight. To reveal them you need to bomb the area that they're in.

  • Destroy a Sol Citadel!


    See "Sol Citadel Diviner Master".

  • Reveal 3 Sol Citadels!


    See "Sol Citadel Diviner Master".

  • Reveal 5 Sol Citadels!


    Sol citadel's are little domes that are hidden from plain sight.  These citadels are located at the beginning of stage nine. Just bomb the area that's shown in the picture and try to reveal as many as you can. After the screen passes them kill yourself. You will then start at the beginning of stage nine. Just keep repeating this until you have a total of five citadels revealed.

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