- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 31 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10-15 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: None [free roam after completion]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None

Welcome to Yoku's Island Express, a Metroidvania open world platformer that utilizes pinball mechanics to navigate the map. It's a novel concept that makes for a unique and enjoyable game. Like many other games of this type, no achievements are missable, and there are lots of things to do/collect around the map. Since pinball mechanics play a major role, there is some skill/luck involved with being able to make your ball go where you want, but this is a pretty casual game in that you can't actually die, so there's no penalty for making any mistakes. Let's get started.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
As with many games in this genre, it's hard to provide a strict walkthrough of what to do since it's pretty much an open world. There are only a couple things I'll make note of, to keep in mind as you progress.

The first is what to do with the fruit you collect everywhere: do you save it or use it continually? My recommendation is to not bothering saving up fruit. Every time I decided to save up, I'd end up maxed out on fruit, and getting more and more fruit that was essentially wasted. Instead, I recommend spending your fruit on the access flips you'll see everywhere as you progress. I found it best to keep a minimum of 30 or 40 fruit on hand, only because you don't want to have none, and get to a point where you can't progress without unlocking a flipper, and then have to backtrack to a pinball section just to farm some fruit. Buy everything you can as you progress. There are only a couple of more expensive things, such as maps you'll find later. But those are easier to buy post game, when you'll have a huge wallet capacity for fruit and will be generally overflowing with fruit that needs somewhere to be spent.

The second thing really worth highlighting is scarabs for the "Perfectionist" achievement. Every pinball section in the game has at least one, but upwards of three, scarabs. The "Perfectionist" achievement solution has more description on what these are and how they work. I highly recommend activating every scarab you come across as you progress. In my experience, there were only two or three scarabs that weren't possible to activate, because they required an ability I hadn't obtained yet. While the scarabs you missed will be highlighted on your map, the amount of backtracking and exploration you'll need to do post game can be significantly reduced by taking the little extra time to activate each scarab as you progress.

Aside from those two things, there's nothing else to worry about as you play the game, and nothing else that needs to be prioritized or focused on. Feel free to either play through the story quests first, then come back and do side quests, or mix them up. There's no benefit to doing one before the other. I recommend focusing on story progression, and unlocking as many areas as possible with fruit. Many side quests and miscellaneous achievements require access to multiple areas. It's easier and more efficient to do all of that post game, when all areas are accessible and you have all abilities.

After completing the game, you'll assuredly have quite a bit to do. Sadly, the lack of fast travel makes this a bit slower, but ensuring you enable all beelines definitely helps significantly. The first thing you should do, if you haven't already, is to buy all the maps from the vendor in the center of the map. These will reveal everything on your map that you need. At this point, sweep through the map, mopping up any scarabs you missed, opening chests, collecting wickerlings, and completing side quests. No matter how you tackle it, this post game mop up is going to take a few hours with all the back and forth that's required to do everything. Consult specific achievement solutions for any specific achievement you need, to wrap up this completion.

Yoku's Island Express is a really fun and unique game, with great graphics and simple yet addictive gameplay. It has surprising depth and things to do for this type of game, but because of the unique gameplay design, it never feels tedious or boring. A bit of work will be required for the completion, but nothing is really difficult since you can't die or fail, and nothing is missable.

[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]

Yoku's Island Express Achievement Guide

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There are 31 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Blow the noisemaker

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Refer to the "Kickback and relax" achievement solution for more information.

  • Get the biggest wallet

    There are ten wallet upgrades that need to be collected to obtain the maximum wallet size. All but three of them are found in random chests around the map. Once you buy the chest map from the vendor, all chests will be displayed on your map, and then it's just a matter of getting to all of them to open them. Some of them will contain wallet upgrades towards this achievement.

    The three wallet upgrades not found in chests are as follows:

    • Once you unlock the Dive Fish as part of the story (which allows you to swim underwater), you'll need to dive into the water below the Church in the lower right area of the map. Here, there are 8 sets of tadpoles you need to touch to collect. Once you have all 8, return them to their home on the far right side and you'll be rewarded with a wallet upgrade
    • Throughout the story, packages will become available at the Island Express (post office) to deliver. The third package you can deliver is required to go to Quinbe, who is on the far right side of the map in a cave above the shore. You won't be able to get inside the hive to deliver the package until you unlock the bee paint for your ball. Refer to the "A ball for every occasion" achievement solution for obtaining it. Paint your ball the bee pattern, and take the package to Quinbe in the hive to be rewarded with a wallet upgrade
    • At Tall Totem Tower, use the grapple points along the right side outside of the building to scale it, and you'll come to a breakable crystal that contains a wallet upgrade
  • Discover Fosfor’s Lair

    Right in the beginning of the game, you'll meet Fosfor in a pond, and you'll be required to feed him a mushroom to progress in the story. Fosfor's lair is down in that pond. You'll need to wait until much later in the story when you've acquired the Dive Fish and Sootling On A Leash abilities. Once you have them both, return to this pond (just east of the beach you start at on the western side of the map) and dive down. Swing across the flowers with the Sootling to find Fosfor. Talk to him to unlock this achievement.

  • Unlock all treasure chests

    There are a total of 25 treasure chests in the game, scattered throughout the open world. Each chest contains either fruit or an upgrade, so it's worth grabbing each chest as you find them. You'll likely find a decent amount of these just from natural exploration as you progress. There is a vendor near the center of the map that sells a map which displays all treasure chests on your map. If you prefer to save the fruit for spending somewhere else, or are having difficulty pinning a chest down, there is a nice map at IGN found HERE that displays the entire map with all chests labeled. Simply open all 25 to unlock this achievement.

  • Try every ball style

    This achievement first requires that you obtain all five different ball colors from around the open world. Their locations are as follows:

    1. When you go to the cave temple on the bottom of the map as part of the story, you'll eventually come to the Treasury, where you'll meet Licorice, who sells the ball color for 200 fruit.
    2. In the caves between the cave temple and the waterfall is a chest that contains a ball color.
    3. In the Skull Gang lair in the upper right portion of the map, you'll have to recover a ball from the water and move it along the path to solve this short puzzle. The reward for solving this puzzle is a ball color.
    4. After unlocking the "Life finds a way" achievement for delivering the egg, leave the area and come back at least five minutes later. The egg will have hatched, rewarding you with a ball color.
    5. On the far right of the mushroom beach, use the grapple to reach the ball color.

    Once you've acquired all five colors, head to the sprinkle dispensers in the center of the map near Mokumana's Village. You'll then need to use all possible color combinations on your ball (colors 1 through 5 individually, colors 1 and 2 combined, colors 1 and 3 combined, etc.). Once you've used all 15 combinations, this achievement will unlock.

  • Collect every ability upgrade

    When you open up your inventory/backpack, you'll see a grid of items on the left and another on the right. This achievement requires you to obtain all items on the right grid, and all of their upgrades. These items are as follows:

    • Noisemaker: Story-related
    • Kickback: Story-related, but if doing this achievement after completing the game, you'll need to reacquire Kickback. To do so, take the northern beeline up to the top of the snow area, but get off the beeline two stops before the end. Drop all the way down to the ground and head right into a cave to find him again
    • Sootling on a Leash: Story-related
    • Dive Fish: Story-related
    • Slug Vacuum: Story-related
    • Fast Dive Fish upgrade: Awarded upon completing Willo's side quest. Refer to "How wonderful" for more information
    • Slug Vacuum Deluxe upgrade: Awarded upon completing Rinri's quest. Refer to "Spreading spores" for more information
    • Skvader: found in a random chest or crystal. The "Treasure hunter" achievement solution has more information on chests
    • Fat Skvader upgrade: found in a random chest or crystal. See above
    • Grand Postmaster Badge: awarded upon delivering all packages and letters. Refer to "The mail always gets through" for more information

    The items on the left side of your backpack, such as the wallet upgrades, treasure map, etc., are not required for this achievement.


Secret achievements

  • Free Kickback

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Refer to the "Kickback and relax" achievement solution for more information.

  • Suck up a slug with the Slug Vacuum

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Refer to the "Kickback and relax" achievement solution for more information.

  • Find the Post-office

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Refer to the "Kickback and relax" achievement solution for more information.

  • Save Spina

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Refer to the "Kickback and relax" achievement solution for more information.

  • Collect the Divefish

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Refer to the "Kickback and relax" achievement solution for more information.

  • Complete the temple trials

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Refer to the "Kickback and relax" achievement solution for more information.

  • Defeat Screetch

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Refer to the "Kickback and relax" achievement solution for more information.

  • Befriend a Sootling

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Refer to the "Kickback and relax" achievement solution for more information.

  • Defeat the Spider

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Refer to the "Kickback and relax" achievement solution for more information.

  • Complete the story

    The story in this game is actually relatively short (since it's the exploration and pinball mechanics that really extend the lifetime of the game). Every objective is marked on your map as you progress, and the general means of progression is not tricky (no puzzles or obscure tasks to complete), making this a straightforward game to complete the story in. Refer to the roadmap for more tips and considerations as you progress through the story.

  • Discover the heart cluster at the bottom of the sea

    Once you've obtained the Dive Fish ability as part of the story, this allows you to swim underwater. Once you've obtained it, head to the beach on the very far right side of the map. Jump into the water on the coast and dive all the way down to the ocean floor to find fruit in the shape of a heart, unlocking this achievement.

  • Ride the Beeline

    Refer to the "Busy bee" achievement solution for more information.

  • Unlock all the Beelines

    There are four beelines that need to be unlocked for this achievement. To unlock a beeline, you need to pay fruit at each terminus of the line. Three of the beelines come together at a hub in the center of the map. You'll come to each one's terminus as you progress through each area of the story. Just pay to unlock each end to activate all three. The fourth beeline is separate, but again is one that you'll pass during the story quests, so just make sure to buy it when you see it to avoid the need to backtrack.

    Once you've paid to unlock all four, this achievement will unlock. Riding one will unlock "Weeeee!" but you'll be using them continually, especially post game to mop up.

  • Deliver the cake to the inventors house

    As you progress through the story, packages will become available at the post office for you to pick up and deliver. The purple package will be required to be delivered to the inventor. When you pick up the package, the inventor's house will be marked on your map. Head to his house, but to deliver the package you need to go into the back of the house, not the front door. Head below and around the back of the house to go inside the upper floor and deliver the package, unlocking this achievement.

  • Toot the noisemaker 100 times

    Refer to the "That's enough" achievement solution for more information.

  • Toot the noisemaker 1000 times

    The noisemaker is found in one of the first chests you come to in the beginning of the game and is story related. Once you obtain it, you can toot it by pressing . You'll need to use it many times as you progress through the game and unlock all other achievements, but nowhere near 1000 times. I recommend just mashing periodically as you play the game just to make progress towards this achievement as you go, rather than a single long (relatively) grind at the end of the game.

  • Customise Yoku’s ball

    Refer to the "A ball for every occasion" achievement solution for more information.

  • Become the Postmaster

    This achievement requires you to do two things:

    1. Deliver mail to all 30 mailboxes around the map (i.e. simply interact with each one).
    2. Deliver all three packages from the post office. These become available as you progress in the game and deliver mail.

    For the mailboxes, you will likely come across most of them during normal progression and exploration. They will also be marked on your map when you get close enough. For any you may be missing, refer to the following video that shows all 30 mailboxes. Full credit to the video's creator.

    For the three packages, these are simple enough. You'll notice the package sitting in the middle of the post office, and as soon as you pick it up, you get an objective marked on your map of where to deliver it to. The first package is straightforward to just deliver, but the second and third packages have special requirements. Refer to "Party time!" for how to deliver the cake to the inventor's house, and refer to "A ball for every occasion" for how to get the bee color for your ball, which is required to access the hive where Quinbe is, who you need to deliver to.

  • Activate all Scarabs

    There are a total of 41 scarabs in the game that need to be activated. It's important to know what they are and to look out for them as you progress, but only to avoid a lot of unnecessary backtracking later in the game. Since the game doesn't really explain scarabs, when you come to the pinball areas of the game, you'll possibly notice the outline of a scarab near various lanes and targets in the pinball sections. To activate the scarab, you need to continually pass through that lane or hit that target over and over until the scarab becomes fully colored, at which point it'll spew a bunch of fruit onto the pinball area.

    These scarab outlines are sometimes obvious, but some are a little tough to notice if you aren't looking for them. I highly recommend actively looking for them every time you get to a new pinball area. To make this easier, there is a map over at IGN, found HERE, that has all scarabs marked on the map. It's much more efficient to activate each scarab as you progress, and I recommend doing so. There will be a couple scarabs that you won't be able to activate until you acquire a later ability, but the majority can be activated immediately.

    Note that any scarabs you miss will be marked on your map as well, with the same blue circle with a line through it, which is used on the map linked above. Using the map is more helpful for ensuring you don't move on before activating each one, or if you think you've found them all but are possibly missing one.

  • Take the surviving egg to Dipperloaf

    You will encounter Dipperloaf, a giant tree, as you progress through the story. Talk to him to activate this side quest. The egg in question is below him. Push it along the path and use the water to bring the egg up to him, and then talk to him to unlock this achievement.

    You will likely do this side quest and achievement as you progress through the story, since it's one of the first ones and is essentially forced on you.

  • Collect all Wickerlings

    There are a total of 80 Wickerlings scattered around the map to collect. Many are in out of the way areas or hidden from view, making them difficult to track down unless you explore pretty thoroughly. Thankfully, a great map of all locations exists over at IGN and can be found HERE. You'll likely find a decent amount just during naturally progression and exploration, and then can mop up after completing the game by using the map above.

  • Hatch the God Egg

    Hatching the God Egg first requires that you collect all Wickerlings in the game. Refer to the "WickerKing" achievement solution for doing so. While playing the game, you'll more than likely come across multiple totems where you can "add" ten Wickerlings, and it'll make a bulb light up next to a giant egg. The totems are visible on the map screen. You'll need to go to each one once you have ten Wickerlings and interact with the totem to light up one of the lights around the egg.

    Once all lights are lit (after collecting all Wickerlings and activating all 8 totems), you'll just need to head to the egg and talk to the guards. The egg is located in a cave in the lower right portion of the map. Speak to the guards to hatch the egg, complete this quest, unlock this achievement, and see the hidden ending for the game. Note that you can still free roam after this ending.

  • Complete Willo's quest

    This is a side quest given to you by Willo, and is essentially a long fetch quest. All items required will be marked on your map to collect and bring back. If you prefer a walkthrough for this quest, the video in the "The mail always gets through" achievement solution actually starts with a walkthrough for Willo's quest. Refer to it for any help required.

  • Complete Rinri's quest

    Rinri is located above and to the right of the post office. Speak to him and he'll give you spores that he wants you to plant in five specific places around the map.

    1. Above the giant creature in the village. Use the beeline to get to it.
    2. To the left of the big monkey holding up the platform in the middle of the map, in the alcove.
    3. On the far right of the map, on the cliff above the beach. Drop off from the beeline to reach it.
    4. At the end of the beeline that takes you up to the top of the snowy section, the spore spot is on top of the structure on your left from where the beeline ends up top.
    5. From the beeline that goes east to west to the Skull Gang hideout, drop off the middle of it and into the water in the gap between the yellow sections. Go left and onto the land there, and then left and drop down. Use the flipper on the left to break through and drop down again, and then use the yellow flipper to launch left, swing across the gap, and into the alcove where the soil is.

    After planting all five, return to Rinri to complete the quest and unlock this achievement.

  • Jailor



    Complete Thorn quest

    To start this quest, you need to lose a set amount of fruit from falling onto thorns during the pinball sections of the game. After set amounts of fruit lost, you'll get brief cutscenes that may seem odd. After losing enough fruit, eventually the cutscene will show shadow characters breaking free and running away. At this point, the quest can now be started and completed. Note that you will need the crimson ball color to be able to progress this quest. This is obtained by unlocking "Life finds a way" and then returning to Dipperloaf after five or so minutes have passed and the egg has hatched, rewarding you with the crimson ball color. You'll then need to head to the sprinkle dispensers in the middle of the map and color your ball crimson.

    With all that done, you're now ready to do this quest. From the sprinkle dispensers where you color your ball crimson, head right into the little cave hole to drop down lower. Head left into the next cave hole to go even lower. Go down into the well on your immediate left. Now jump into the water on your left and swim under the land you jumped off of to find a guard in red. Talk to him to start the quest. You now need to head to the big piece of land shaped like a monkey holding up a platform above its head. If you pull up your map, it's near the lower middle and tough to miss. Go to the mushroom on its left side to launch into the monkey statue. Progress through the pinball sections inside to complete the area, then return to the red guard to complete the quest and unlock this achievement.

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