- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
- Offline: 20 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 15+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: N/A

  • DLC: The Forgotten Land
    • Difficulty: 7/10
    • Time to 210: 3+ hours
    • Unobtainable: None

ZHEROS is an incredibly tough action brawler. Originally it was nearly impossible to beat, but the developers have patched the game to decrease the overall difficulty and add checkpoints to all the levels. It consists of 18 levels of increasing difficulty. None of the achievements are missable, as you can replay levels at will to collect missing RP or stars. The difficulty achievements DO stack, however the achievements for playing as either Mike or Dorian will NOT unlock while playing in co-op, so three playthroughs are required for the full 1000. Also note that only the main player will unlock achievements when playing in co-op; your partner will just be there for the long (and frustrating) ride.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Two Playthroughs on Easy as Mike/Dorian:
Begin by playing through the game on Easy as either Mike or Dorian. In this playthrough you will focus on collecting all of the stars and upgrading your character to the maximum by getting both RP in every level. Most, if not all, of the miscellaneous achievements will unlock while playing through regularly. This is also a good time to go for getting “Fist of Fury”, which requires you to complete an entire playthrough without using the gun. Simply beat the game without pressing . I recommend doing this on your first playthrough so that you don’t accidentally fire the gun as a reflex. Easy difficulty is not very difficult at all and you shouldn’t have any problem completing it. Once done, you need to play through the entire game again in a new save slot as the other character to get their corresponding achievement. You should be able to easily blaze through it in a couple of hours now that you know the levels and game mechanics.

Co-Op Playthrough on Hard:
This will be the make it or break it achievement. Hard difficulty is incredibly tough, especially in the later levels, and there are several parts that may have you ripping out your hair. See “True Heroes” for some general tips and advice. You can do a co-op playthrough on an easier difficulty if you wish, but this will add an additional playthrough. Co-op MUST be done in couch co-op, as online multiplayer is not available. If you don’t have a friend available to help, you can play with a second controller and just let your companion die over and over as you fight. I don’t recommend this as it will make the game much more difficult. You will also get the achievement “Friendship” when reviving your opponent five times during this playthrough.

If you don’t have all of the achievements by now, you can easily go back and replay levels to get anything that you are missing.

The Forgotten Land DLC

Dr.Vendetta is back! Determined to have his revenge on the Zheros Squad, his plot is clear as ever, become the strongest being in the universe. Our heroes will travel across an ancient land chasing the evil doctor to stop him once and for all explore a world inspired by the treasures, lands and mysteries of the east. Find new allies and guide our heroes in the final showdown to save the galaxy.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
There are only three achievements with this DLC. They are all straightforward and can be unlocked in one playthrough.

Overall Conclusion:
Most of the achievements for ZHEROS are easy to obtain. The real difficulty lies with beating it on Hard and completing it in couch co-op, as not everyone has someone they can play with. If you do manage to get all 1000 give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it.

Special thanks to Youtuber UntilTammaro for providing the videos for "Nowhere to hide".

[XBA would like to thank NShepherd N7 for this Roadmap]
[XBA would like to thank jroller1979 for 'The Forgotten Land' DLC Roadmap]

ZHEROS Achievement Guide

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There are 23 achievements with a total of 1210 points

  • Kill 300 ScreenMan


    This will unlock through normal play. A ScreenMan is the most basic enemy and the first one fought in the game. They are pretty weak and susceptible to having their shots deflect back at them. There are also sniper and shielded versions that are more rare.

  • Complete your first mission


    Simply complete the first level of the game on any difficulty.

  • Complete the game at Easy


    Complete the game on Easy difficulty. I recommend doing this twice as your Mike and Dorian playthroughs. See “True Heroes” for some general tips and advice. The difficulty achievements do stack if you choose to play a harder difficulty first.

  • Complete the game at Normal


    Complete the game on Normal difficulty. See “True Heroes” for some general tips and advice. The difficulty achievements do stack if you choose to play a harder difficulty first.

  • Complete the game at Hard


    This is the hardest achievement in the game. Enemies do large amounts of damage and take a lot of hits to go down. I recommend doing this in coop so that if one of you is knocked out, the other player can keep fighting and attempt to revive the other. You can also lock some of the larger enemies into a stunned animation if you both pound away at him together. I can give some general tips and advice:

    1. Upgrade your character by earning as many RP as you can, even on the harder difficulty. I recommend focusing on your fighting abilities and your gun, while ignoring your shield. Your higher level fighting abilities do a lot more damage, especially your ,,,,, move. Mashing over and over may get the job done, but it will be much more difficult. See “Nowhere to hide” for tips on getting all the RP.
    2. Use your gun often. While it doesn’t do much damage, you can do it from a safe distance and it stuns most enemies. When playing in co-op, you can trade turns shooting the enemies while one person beats on them. If you hit a difficult spot, simply wait in a safe location and let your gun recharge. Sometimes that makes all the difference.
    3. Master your character’s fighting moves and your enemies’ animations. With practice you will learn when to block to deflect enemies’ bullets (which does damage to them) and melee attacks (which negates damage done to you and stuns your opponent). The more you do this the easier fights will be, and you’ll have more health to continue to fight.
    4. Observe your environment. While purple force fields will block how far you can go, most fighting environments give you enough room to escape for a few moments to catch your breath or shoot your gun. One of the most difficult fights, at the end of level 2-7, has a ledge you can jump on that prevents enemies from getting to you. While you can’t damage them from up here, you can let your gun fully recharge. Simply jump down, shoot, jump back up, and repeat. Look for similar situations throughout the game.
    5. When playing in co-op, reviving a teammate gives them half of their health back. Use this to your advantage. Near the end of a fight but you’re both low on health? Let a teammate get knocked out, lure the enemy away then sprint to them and revive them. Repeat the process for yourself. This can be extremely helpful in boss fights, just make sure to fight at the edges of the boundaries so you can lure the enemy to the far side, giving you enough time to revive your companion.
  • Mike



    Complete the game as Mike


    Simply complete the full game as Mike. I recommend doing this on Easy difficulty. Note that this achievement will NOT unlock if playing in co-op.

  • Complete the game as Dorian


    Simply complete the full game as Dorian. I recommend doing this on Easy difficulty. Note that this achievement will NOT unlock if playing in co-op.

  • Complete a level without being hit


    Easiest done during the first level on Easy difficulty. Bash your enemies as soon as they spawn, deflect any shots fired, and use your gun to take out groups of them. This shouldn’t prove to be too difficult. If you get hit, simply restart the level.

  • Complete a level without using any medkit


    Medkits are the floating, glowing green potions. Simply don’t pick one up during a level. This can be easily gotten while trying to get “Untouchable”. See it for more tips.

  • Reach a 100 combo streak


    This achievement is currently glitched but in a good way: it will unlock early. I got it around 50-60 hits. The best way to get a high combo is to play on a higher difficulty because enemies take more hits, and use your weaker, quicker attacks. Find a large group of enemies and start wailing away at them. Getting hit does not interrupt your combo, but it will reset after a few seconds of not hitting an enemy.

  • Deflect 100 bullets


    Press when an enemy fires a shot at you to activate a shield and deflect a bullet back at your enemy. Many enemies in the game have a ranged attack and most of them can be deflected. There will be a small icon that pops over your head to show that you have done so successfully. The timing may take some practice but with time it will become second nature. If you don’t get this over the course of your main playthroughs you can easily grind this out on the first level.

  • Revive your companion 5 times


    When playing co-op, if your companion runs out of health he will be knocked out. Simply run over to them and hold for a few seconds to revive them. Do this five times and the achievement will unlock.

  • Find all secret stars


    In each of the 18 levels there is a secret star to find. All credit goes to Youtuber UntilTammaro for the following videos:

  • Complete the game in co-op


    Complete the entire game in couch co-op. Online multiplayer is not available. If you cannot find a person to play with, you can use a second controller and let the other character die as you fight, though this will make the game more difficult. Note that the character-specific achievements will not unlock in this game mode.

  • Complete the game without using the weapon


    Complete an entire playthrough of the game without ever pressing to use the gun. Only fight using your fists. I recommend doing this during your first playthrough so that you don’t accidentally forget and press as a reflex.

  • Buy all upgrades


    In order to buy all upgrades you need to get a high enough score in each level to get both available RP at the end. The score threshold is lower on Easy than on higher difficulties. You can get a higher score by defeating enemies with a high combo and collecting the crystals that they drop. You can also destroy orange crates to collect gold crystals and collect the star in each level for a bonus. If you do not get a high enough score to get both RP, do not worry. Simply click restart to go through the whole level again and you will start with a portion of your score. Repeat this as many times as it takes to earn both RP, but I only ever had to replay a level once. However, if you continue on to the level select screen you will lose the ability to retain a portion of your score. This achievement is not difficult, but it can be a bit repetitive playing levels over again.

  • Break an enemy guard 100 times


    The description for this achievement is a bit misleading. You do not have to break past an enemy's guard, but instead you need to press to activate your shield to deflect a melee attack back at an opponent. There will be a small icon that pops over your head to show that you have done so successfully. Many enemies in the game have a melee attack and most of them can be deflected. The timing may take some practice but with time it will become second nature. If you don’t get this over the course of your main playthroughs you can easily grind this out on the first level.

  • Complete Sektor Zero


    Sektor Zero is the first half of the game and consists of 10 levels. Once you have beaten the tenth level the achievement will unlock and you can continue to the next part of the game.

  • Complete the Wilderness


    The Wilderness is the second half of the game and consists of 8 levels. Once you have beaten the eighth level the achievement will unlock.

  • Defeat Dr. Vendetta


    Dr. Vendetta is the final boss of the game. He is not too difficult unless you are playing on Hard. He never blocks so you need to play aggressively and deal as much damage as you can. I can provide some general tips:

    1. Use your strongest attacks. While this might seem obvious, you may have been using your faster moves most of the game to kill the weaker opponents. If your fighting abilities are maxed out I recommend using your ,,,,, move to deal a ton of damage.
    2. His hat cannot be deflected but his melee attacks can. Remember to tap to deflect his attacks occasionally. When he jumps in the air to slam on you, hold and he will easily be parried when he lands.
    3. At around half health he will start casting a big, powerful purple attack. Roll away quickly to avoid it, then charge back in.
    4. When he whistles he will summon a group of weak enemies to back him up. If you manage to knock him down while he does this, they won’t spawn. Otherwise just shoot them with your gun to quickly destroy them and return to fighting him.
    5. When playing in co-op, avoid using the medkits until he starts summoning weak enemies. The swarm of little guys will make it almost impossible to revive a companion when they go down. Before then it is easy to revive a teammate by luring Vendetta to the opposite side of the map, then sprint over to your teammate.

DLC: The Forgotten Land (Store Link)

There are 3 achievements with a total of 21 points

  • (The forgotten land) Stop 20 Sven Enemies from trasforming


    The enemies you need to stop transforming appear near the end of the first level. If you leave them with low health that is when they will transform.

    There are two types of this enemy. One that wears red and one that wears blue, you want the blue ones for the achievement. There are plenty of them throughout the game, so it should come naturally.

  • (The forgotten land) Complete the game defeating Dr.Vendetta


    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    3-8 Sky Tower is the last mission of this DLC, once completed the achievement will unlock.

  • (The forgotten land) Deflect 50 bullets using the vehicle shield


    There are a couple of good levels to do this on. The first is 3-5 Suburbs. When you start the level you will have to defeat some enemies before getting into the Mech. Now get in it and press the to activate your shield. Make sure not to kill any of the enemies, just keep your shield up to reflect the bullets. Rinse and repeat the level until the achievement unlocks.

    The other level to do this on is 3-6 Harbor. Once you get to the second checkpoint, press the red button to spawn the mech. Once, you get in it press the to activate your shield and reflect the bullets. Now just die and you'll respawn at the checkpoint so rinse and repeat.

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