- Estimated difficulty: 5/10 (in co-op) 7-8 (solo).
- Offline: 56 [785]
- Online: 12 [215] are online required but all 68/68 (1,000) can be done in online co-op games.
- Minimum time to 100025-45hrs
- Minimum playthroughs needed: 1, 2 recommended - Cadet & Sniper Elite difficulties.
- Difficulty affects achievements: Yes, Sniper Elite difficulty required.
- Missable achievements: None
- Glitchy achievements: 1 (gold bar not showing).
- Unobtainable achievements: See Roadmap.
- Extra equipment needed: No

Currently the game only has 67/68 970/1000 available due to a glitch with a gold bar on Crucible of Evil, a patch has been announced for 'early April' so this should be obtainable soon. 

Zombie Army Trilogy is a 3rd person Zombie Horde survival game, made in the same engine as Sniper Elite 3 remade in part from the original Nazi Zombie Army games made from the Sniper Elite V2 game. It includes the death cams in the sniper elite games, and various sniper rifles. The main differences are the chains of explosions and heavy requirement to use your explosives when faced with massive waves of zombies, coupled with some harder elite style zombies with various weaknesses and strengths.

Anyone familiar with the Sniper Elite series will likely already know this, but for those who don't progress on things such as severed limbs, collectibles or monster kills are saved automatically, so if you want to farm a specific spot for monster kills on demons, snipers or whatever you can kill them then reload checkpoint and kill again repeatedly if you wish.

Part 1 - Campaign Run:
First you want to lower the difficulty down to Cadet as playing in Marksman offers no achievements at all. In Cadet the bullets go on the cross hair making blood bottles and accurate shooting easier. You can play in a private game with a friend if you like, up to you if you want to lower the enemy spawn to one player to speed through quicker. The campaign has three chapters and five missions in each chapter.

Each mission has five gold bars and four bottles in the game, you will want to collect these on this playthrough to save time. For a collectibles guide go here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...nqHvmvfMJg6k2E

Now start your campaign and get used to the game, explosives are the best method for taking out large hordes of zombies / skeletons. If you find yourself in a bad situation throw a grenade or two and watch the body parts fly! Along this playthrough you should net yourself a vast majority of the solo-able achievements (44/68). Some achievements like the 10 unbroken head shots and the explosive related achievements may may require an easier mop-up method afterwards. 

So after you finish all the campaign go back and finish up any of the solo achievements you couldn't finish previously, you can set up private games with four player spawns on labyrinth of death if you missed the 20 explosive kills, chain count 30, five in one kill, or 5,000 score with one bullet achievements.

The kill XX Super Elites, Zombie Snipers and Summoners will be gained once you do the co-op campaign run, but you may need to farm Fire Demon kills as there aren't many Fire Demons in the game.

Part 2 - Online Horde Mode:
The online to this game isn't very good honestly, if the host leaves the game ends. Being the host is nearly a necessity but you cannot host a public game unless you try join an online game with nobody playing and get made host, I'd recommend trying to find at least one friend for the horde mode. Now all you need to do for these achievements is reach wave 10, make a private game or get lucky making a lobby, set the difficulty to cadet and enemy spawns to one player, with a friend it shouldn't be hard to reach wave 10, even with a few randoms it can be very easy. 

During the online horde mode make sure to revive fallen allies, take out zombies with your pistol if you fall down, protect allies being hit by zombies and attack any Super Elites that spawn, these will all count toward achievements also try be top scorer on a horde map and receive the most medals. If you work with a team of friends or one friend if you host you can get your friend/s to leave and re-join after a few waves so you will always be the top spot. You'll also get five more achievements for getting to Wave 10 on each map.

Part 3 - Sniper Elite Campaign Completion:
This will be the hardest part to complete, by now you should most likely have 66/68 achievements or close to it, the only missing ones being this, "Leave the limbs you've lost" and possibly some of the Kill XX special enemy achievements, if you didn't farm those.

Easiest way to complete the game on Sniper Elite difficulty is in online co-op, you can do it solo but it's incredibly difficult at times. Luckily you can do it with friends, seek fellow achievement hunters or play public games with varying luck on being host. Set the game to Sniper Elite difficulty, one player spawns this will cause only one players worth of enemies to spawn for you. Then try to have a minimum of three players total, as this makes it very easy, most missions can be done with two players, but three is much smoother and four is even better.

The main difference in Sniper Elite difficulty is you take insane damage, the bullets do travel on the cursor (like in Cadet) but your scope wobbles more, the most dangerous thing in this run is the Super Elite's with heavy machine guns, don't get close or you'll die in a second, keep your distance use cover and head shot him as much as possible. 

Suicide Zombie's can also one shot you in this if you haven't got full hp and take an almost direct explosion, be much more careful with your own explosives too as these also can kill you very easily. I'd advise taking a shotgun and switching to if one of these guys gets too close, a shot toward the face should drop him to the floor.

Snipers tend to take 2-3 shots to take you down but they jump almost immediately after firing and take multiple shots to kill, its best to focus these guys down first (if no suicide zombies are coming) in a smaller group (2-3 players) as losing a player mid-fight before the zombies have even arrived can cause a lot of problems. 

Part 4 - Mop Up:
After finally beating Hitler on Sniper Elite difficulty co-op, you may be missing a few achievements still, such as the kill XX amount of this type of creature or severe 10,000 limbs. Progress carries over through different playthroughs online or offline so you can work on them gradually or if you want them out the way early you can use chapter select find a level with the creature you want kill it and reload checkpoints to farm them.

Most of the achievements will come naturally as you progress, some require a bit of grinding and some will take a bit of preparation or some help from friends/fellow achievement hunters but overall you shouldn't struggle too much following these steps. Enjoy your 100% completion!

[XBA would like to thank SharinganAJ for this Roadmap]

Zombie Army Trilogy Achievement Guide

Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 68 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Successfully complete Village of the Dead


    *Story related cannot be missed.*

  • Successfully complete Cathedral of Resurrection


    *Story related cannot be missed.*

  • Successfully complete Labyrinth of Death


    *Story related cannot be missed.*

  • Successfully complete Library of Evil


    *Story related cannot be missed.*

  • Successfully complete Subway to Hell


    *Story related cannot be missed.*

  • Successfully complete Purgatory


    *Story related cannot be missed.*

  • Successfully complete Gateway to Hell


    *Story related cannot be missed.*

  • Successfully complete Crucible of Evil


    *Story related cannot be missed.*

  • Successfully complete Terminal


    *Story related cannot be missed.*

  • Successfully complete Tower of Hellfire


    *Story related cannot be missed.*

  • Successfully complete City of Ashes


    *Story related cannot be missed.*

  • Successfully complete Freight Train of Fear


    *Story related cannot be missed.*

  • Successfully complete Forest of Corpses


    *Story related cannot be missed.*

  • Successfully complete The Keep


    *Story related cannot be missed.*

  • Successfully complete Army of Darkness


    *Story related cannot be missed.*

  • Successfully complete all Chapters on Sniper Elite difficulty


    You can unlock this solo or in co-op campaign. I'd recommend co-op as solo it can be quite frustrating, time consuming and difficult. If you create a private co-op campaign with some people, set the difficulty to Sniper Elite and enemy spawns to one player you can quite easily do this without many issues. Unfortunately you cannot make a public game solo, unless you fail joining an already created game and are given your own lobby. 

  • Kill an Occult General


    You first meet an Occult General in chapter one: Cathedral of Resurrection. He summons enemies during the fight, you must kill the skulls that rotate around him before you can damage him, then after you damage him he will get more skulls this time. Repeat the process three times and he will die along with his summoned minions.

    *Story Related cannot be missed*

  • Pick up a Panzerfaust


    The Panzerfaust is a rocket launcher, you can find a few through the campaign. The first one you can find is in the very first level, Village of the Dead in the church at the end if you go up the right stairs at the top is a case with one on-top.

  • Pick up the Preacher


    The Preacher is a two shell super strong shotgun. You can find it in multiple locations in the game, the earliest location is the first level of the game in the church at the end of the level. The Preacher is next to the weapons cache on the bottom floor.

    You can also grab it in Army of Darkness, The Keep, and other various spots.

  • Loot a Super Elite's corpse


    Simply loot a super elite, these are the big slow moving zombies with heavy machine guns that take a large amount of headshots to take down (10 on Cadet). Simply try to kill him when he's right next to you, then hold on top of his corpse in and hope you get the loot, the problem with these guys is they de-spawn in about 0.5 seconds. So try deal the final blow when the enemy is right next to you then get on-top of his corpse and hold in the button.

  • Loot a Chainsaw Elite's corpse


    The first time you meet an Chainsaw Elite is Forest of Corpses, chapter three, after killing a zombie under the a truck it will roll down the hill and the first chainsaw elite of the game will come up the hill. These guys are very dangerous, try to snipe off his face mask whilst avoiding being too close. He will also take a good amount of headshots to go down.

    See "Elite Pickpocket" on best way to loot him.

  • Kill a Zombie Sniper in mid-air


    You may get this randomly on your playthrough but the best way to get this is to find a location with small jumps, take out all snipers but one, learn the jump paths and try to hit them mid-air, a perfect location is chapter two - mission four Terminal. Near the end of the level, the jumps are all fairly short making it much easier than some locations.

  • Kill a Suicide Zombie by hitting his grenade


    You may get this with a bit of luck without trying, you must shoot a suicide zombies grenade before he blows himself up, bullets passing through zombies can trigger them also. If you want to get this early you can find a spot with suicide zombies, try it then reload if you fail. They make a loud noise when approaching, look around find them and use your hold breathe ability and try to snipe it out his hand.

  • Headshot a Heavy Armour Zombie without removing his helmet


    This one can be a bit tricky, some of these guys have full frontal face masks, some have eye slots, some have exposed backs of heads. In co-op horde mode on Dead End you get attacked by waves of waves of these guys, chapter three - Army of Darkness in the machinery area has tons of them, a few locations and methods are shown in this video.

  • Become possessed


    You can get this in chapter three: mission one - City of Ashes. After entering the hospital area you eventually come to some baby cribs, crib #1 has a doll on it, simply use it and watch what happens and get the achievement.

  • Pick up a phone


    This is most easily done on chapter three: The Keep after meeting the guy strapped to a chair linked large sphere of energy. After continuing to the next room to find explosives you should go right over a bridge, first room in-front of you is a communications room, sit around a few seconds and a phone will ring, answer it and get your achievement. You can also get this in the Fuhrerbunker on Crucible of Evil in the basement levels, listen for the ringing and follow it once downstairs.

  • Save the man in the hospital


    This is in chapter three: mission one City of Ashes. It's also a part of the collectibles so you will need to do this for the gold bar anyway. You'll eventually come outside of a hospital after your survivor base bunker is attacked at the survivor camp. As you come outside the hospital look up and you'll see a HELP sign above with a NPC who is going to be killed by a zombie, you must save him and later talk to him and grab his bag. Go back into a room and use the bag on a table. The wall above the table will read 'you can still save him.'

  • Put the tortured souls in the Forest out of their misery


    This is on chapter three: Forest of Corpses, you must kill 11 total tortured souls which are NPC's. You find one in the starting area before the first horde wave, you must kill him before the horde wave as he gets burned alive. Then after the first safe room you find the other 10 strung up. 

  • Shoot the 3 Zombie Ravens outside the Folterschloss


    This is on chapter three: The Keep. At the very beginning of the mission if you aim toward the right you'll see a tower with a strung up skeleton and three ravens on it, simply shoot the three ravens and the achievement will unlock. Beware they move once the first is shot, I recommend shooting the middle raven, left then right, the achievement unlocked for me after the second raven died. You can also reload the checkpoint if needed and try again.

  • Complete any Campaign chapter in 4-player co-op at any difficulty level

    For this you need to complete a level in the campaign with four players co-op. All players need to be in the lobby before the game starts and still in the game when you finish the level, late joiners or leavers will void the achievement. As public games tend to start too quickly you'll either need to pre-plan this with three other people or play a game and hope nobody leaves during the next map. 

  • Kill a Survivor


    This is an easy one, load up chapter three: City of Ashes. At the very beginning look outward and to the left, you'll see a survivor next to a table with a bottle of blood on and a zombie coming to kill him. Instead of saving him shoot him till he dies the achievement will pop then reload checkpoint and you can save him second time around (he also adds to your 20 sidequest counter).

  • Kill 5,000 enemies of any kind


    Just kill 5,000 enemies of any kind over multiple playthroughs, skeletons, zombies, suicide zombies, elites, demons, summoners and summoned zombies all count toward this. I'm not sure if fire zombies that demons create count though.

  • Skeletons are a very common enemy type, the easy way to kill them is to just kick them with . In later levels skeletons gain medieval armor which takes a silly amount of shots to remove, instead kick them the chest piece will fall off then kick again to finish them, you should easy get 500 skeleton kills before the end of the first campaign run through.

  • Kill 100 Zombie Snipers


    Zombie snipers make occasional appearances, they are long range snipers who jump from spot to spot, to find them look for dark black clouds, these are the snipers. In harder difficulties they move very frequently and take multiple shots to kill. By the end of your first campaign run you may have about 70-80 of the 100 needed but you can finish this on your co-op Sniper Elite run.

    If you want to farm the achievement, load chapter three: The Keep and progress to the point you pass the front gate and progress over a bridge the bridge will collapse behind you and you'll get a checkpoint. Walk around the corner and a sniper will be aiming at you from atop the building, kill him reload checkpoint and you can keep killing him till the achievement unlocks.

  • Kill 50 Suicide Zombies


    Suicide Zombies scream loud when approaching, once they arrive they will try to explode on-top of you. Kicking them will make them explode so you must try to shoot them before they reach you. This will also make the grenade kill any surrounding zombies, you should easily get this achievement before finish the first campaign run. If you want to farm them Library of Evil Chapter one the last section has many of these guys jumping out the ground like land mines, just shoot them and the kills will count.

  • Kill 50 Super Elites


    Super Elites are quite a common enemy type, these are the big slow moving zombies with helmets and heavy machine guns. They take around 10 shots to the head on Cadet to kill, only headshots seem to phase them, you can kill them with body shots but it will take forever, regular weapons don't do much so stick to the sniper. The Preacher and Panzerfraust do some damage but the sniper is the weapon of choice.

  • Kill 25 Fire Demons


    Fire Demons are a rare 'boss' type mob they don't make many appearances, even after doing your cadet run and sniper elite run you may be short on these.

    I farmed my last few on Tower of Hellfire. At the start I ran for the trench, cleared my way through, unlocked the bunker door and you get a checkpoint once back outside, run past all the zombies and you'll come to two barracks run past these to a truck with an explosive can next to it that you need to shoot to advance. A Fire Demon will appear once you destroy this, he will use a fireball quite quickly, once he's used a fireball he becomes 'weakened' you'll notice this by how he's inactive and not on fire shoot him three times with the sniper rifle and you've got a kill. Reload checkpoint and you'll be close to this point again, this is the easiest way I found to farm demons.

  • Kill 25 Summoners


    Summoners are somewhat rare. They must suffer a head shot to die and summon zombie waves but don't actually attack you themselves, just scope in when they say 'RIIIIISE' as this is the best time to score a head shot as the head doesn't move as much. A good farm spot is Crucible of Evil, chapter two. After leaving the mannequin shop you'll come outside to a burning plane you will get a checkpoint here, go down the right alley and four summoners will jump on the side pillars, kill them and reload checkpoint.

  • Get a 5-for-1 kill with any sniper rifle


    This one is a bit luck based, you need five kills with one bullet from the sniper. The easiest way to try and get it is either wait for a segment with a large horde during the campaign or start up a fresh game on chapter one: Labyrinth of Death with four player enemy spawns. Get a large group of zombies in a train and try snap up that five for one.

  • Reach a total shot distance of 50km


    This achievement will take some time but will eventually pop before you finish everything. If you want to farm this play horde mode Dead End, aim down the alleyway to the spawn point from the far end and you'll rack up huge amounts of distance in no time.

  • Sever 1,000 limbs


    This shouldn't take too long but to add to the sever limb's counter you need to shoot off either heads, legs or arms.

  • Sever 10,000 limbs


    This will likely be the last achievement you get. This is the most time consuming one but you can farm this quite quickly with the right spot. Load up chapter three: Army of Darkness advance through the level to the machinery area before the big doors open you'll get a *Checkpoint* then you'll see an army of armored zombies coming toward you slowly. 

    Walk toward them and you'll see a propped up corpse holding a Preacher, pick this up grab the ammo now let rip into the armored zombies legs, one shot should sever both legs, repeat this over and over trying to get as many leg shots as possible, once out of ammo reload checkpoint and you'll be at the same point again, rinse repeat and you'll farm about 1,000 limb's per 10 minutes.

  • Get an unbroken 10-headshot streak


    This one's more skill based, however some zombies move strangely and headshots can sometimes be harder to obtain, a good spot to get this is on chapter three: Freight Train of Fear, nearer the end of the level you come to an area with caged up zombies, these guys do the same animations over and over so you can learn the patterns, in all about 22 zombies are caged up making the 10 headshots very easy.

  • Kill 20 enemies as they revive


    To get a zombie to revive you need to kill it but with sort of non critical damage. Aim for the legs or arms then if they 'die' sometimes they will begin to resurrect, you can recognize a resurrect by an animation below the zombie it sort of looks like a satanic circle. Now what you need to do is kill the zombie before this animation ends, if you don't the kill toward your counter won't count. Headshots will cause zombies not to ever resurrect, body shots are hit and miss.

    The best way to kill them before the animation ends is to switch weapons, I mainly used the regular shotgun but you could use a preacher (if able) get close and shoot the zombie in the face as he stands back up or if you've robbed him of his legs in his face as he's on the ground! The animation is fairly short so haste is important.

  • Get at least 10 for 1 with an explosive kill


    See "Come and get it! It's a running buffet!"

  • Get at least 15 for 1 with an explosive kill


    See "Come and get it! It's a running buffet!"

  • Get at least 20 for 1 with an explosive kill


    This can be easily done on Labyrinth of Death, set to four player spawns. Take a two dynamite setup and anything else, only the dynamite is important. Place the sticks nearby each other to cover a wider area, gather a mass of zombies together and snipe the dynamite at the right time, you'll easily pass 20 using this method.

  • Defeat 500 enemies with headshots


    This will depend on skill and precision but you should easily get 500 headshot's. Zoom in and hold breathe if you struggle this slightly slows down movements making headshots easier.

  • Kick 50 enemies down


    Simple, just kick down 50 enemies using . You should get this very early on.

  • Score 5,000 with a single sniper round


    This one sounds hard but really isn't. You just need to build a combo high enough that your score multiplier to around 50-70. Labyrinth of Death with four enemy spawns will be an easy way, just build an high combo then try get a 3-4 kills in one bullet, you can also aim for the head which gives much more.

  • Reach a Chain Count of 10


    See "You've got red on you."

  • Reach a Chain Count of 20


    See "You've got red on you."

  • Reach a Chain Count of 30


    Basically score 30 enemy kills in a row without missing a shot. You can also use explosives to make it easier. An easy way to get this is chapter one: Labyrinth of Death, four player enemy spawns set, then herd zombies and work your way to the achievement.

    This video shows how to get 5,000 points with a single sniper rifle shot but also shows an easy way to get a high chain count.

  • Reach at least Wave 10 in Horde Mode – Waves of Despair


    You can do this alone in an private online game, but it is best done with at least one other player who you know. Make a private game invite your friend and have difficulty as cadet with enemy spawns set to one, you can try making a public game the same way if you get lucky enough to be the host. 

    For the high score and most medals you can always have the friend leave your game if you need him to (assuming you are host) then the friend can re-join the game with a fresh zero counter on everything or if not take turns on different maps handling the majority of the zombies.

    The medals are awarded for best shot, most kills, most revives and highest combo (multiplier).

    If alone for high score you just need to maintain a high combo multiplier, the higher the combo the more points per kill. *Missing a shot will lose the combo.*

    Best Shot:
    This is calculated by how high a score you obtained with one single bullet, take a high velocity rifle now what you need to do is build a massive combo up. Each combo increases the points you gain per kill, the basic kill on a body shot is 10 with a x40 combo this would be 400, what you want to aim to do is have a massive combo count and then get a multi-kill with a single shot. So build a combo then look for a train of zombies behind each other and try score a nice multi-kill with a single bullet.

    Most Kills:
    Self explanatory, get the most kills, know the explosive items locations around maps, try to use up as many as you can quickly to get that kills boost and to make it more difficult for others to gain massive kill streaks.

    Most Revives:
    Self explanatory, remember to revive team-mates but don't dive into massive groups of enemy's or risk getting yourself knocked down. You have 60 seconds clear the zombies around the player, you can even throw an grenade on the player to brush away all the ones that killed him.

    Highest Combo:
    This goes hand in hand with best shot, just kill enemy's use explosives, don't miss shots.

  • Reach at least Wave 10 in Horde Mode – No Sanctuary


    See "Zombies, man they creep me out!"

  • Reach at least Wave 10 in Horde Mode – Flood of Tears


    See "Zombies, man they creep me out!"

  • Reach at least Wave 10 with the highest score in any Horde Mode map


    See "Zombies, man they creep me out!"

  • Reach at least Wave 10 with more gold medals than your companions


    See "Zombies, man they creep me out!"

  • Kill 50 enemies that are actively attacking other players

    You will need to play co-op modes for this. Just kill zombies attacking on other players, you could boost this if needed having your partner purposely take hits from enemies.

  • Revive other players 50 times

    Fairly easy to get on higher difficulty co-op modes. A lot of players die constantly, remember you have 60 seconds, don't rush in to revive this is how most wipes occur. Clear out the enemies first and play it safe, don't want to lose your progress because you ran in too quickly!

  • Kill 20 Elites in co-op

    This carries over in horde and campaign co-op modes. From what I could tell I didn't even need the kill-shot to get this, I think you only need to at least tag the elites as I got this very quickly.

  • Kill a total of 20 enemies while incapacitated


    Incapacitated is when you fall to the floor in co-op when you *die* technically. You sit on the floor with a handgun and can fire off shots on enemies close by, you can still be attacked by zombies like this and eventually reduced to laying down unable to do anything. Zombies can also glitch into you making it impossible to hit them whilst they hit on you. This can be boosted with a partner.

  • Complete every Survivor sidequest


    Survivor sidequest's are in chapter three. There are 20 in total but most have multiple steps which award +1 to your counter for each part making them fairly quick.

    The levels with side quest related segments are City of Ashes (9), Freight Train of Fear (3) and The Keep (8) making 20 total the quests consist of saving survivors, getting items for NPC's, using specific items and resurrecting the dead! 

  • Complete levels as every playable character


    Easiest way to get this is during your first playthrough. After completing a mission continue on watch any cut scenes you may get and once in the next level just quit out to main screen. Go back to solo game and select the mission you just quit out of and select one of the other characters. If you use this method by the end of chapter two: mission three you will have the achievement (eight playable characters). 

    If you are playing campaign co-op after each mission you can change character on the lobby screen before the game starts up. 

  • Collect every Gold Bar


    Currently one gold bar is bugged out, Rebellion announced yesterday they will be doing a patch early April fixing this. 

    These are the collectibles hidden on every campaign mission, each mission has five gold bars.

    For the complete collectibles guide follow the playlist link:

  • Find and shoot every Bottle of Blood


    These are the collectibles hidden on every campaign mission, each mission has four bottles of blood.

    For the complete collectibles guide follow the playlist link:

  • Reach at least Wave 10 in Horde Mode – Dead End


    See "Zombies, man they creep me out!"

  • Reach at least Wave 10 in Horde Mode – Dead Man's Bluff


    See "Zombies, man they creep me out!"

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