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There are 17 achievements with a total of 250 points

DLC: Not Dead Yet!

There are 5 achievements with a total of 50 points

  • Kill 3 zombies while 'No Guts, No Glory' is in effect.

  • Play 'The Keys Are Still in It!' while 'Too... tired... to... run' is in play

  • Kill 50 zombies with the Meat Cleaver.

  • Use "There You Are!" to move your pawn from an outdoor square into any building.

  • Use "Hey, I Got One of Those" to gain a Shotgun

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Zombies!!! Achievements FAQ

  • How many Zombies!!! achievements are there?
    There are 17 achievements to unlock in Zombies!!! worth a total of 250 gamerscore.

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