Animal Lover Achievement

  • Animal Lover



    Make an animal completely happy.

    This achievement requires that you make a single animal completely happy for 20 minutes and can only be done in Challenge Mode. You can check an animal's happiness by going to Edit Exhibit>Animals>View Animals, and then using the bumpers to switch between animals. To unlock this achievement, you must fill then "Animal Happiness" bar the 100% (not just into the green) and keep it there for 20 minutes. This stat is basically just the average of the other four statistics, Hunger, Cleanliness, Habitat Happiness, and Social Need. Dont focus on this achievement as it will unlock early in Challenge mode without any effort most likely.

  • Uhh...
  • That game is also for kids and then an achievement called "Animal Lover"... and if that's not enough they even want you to make an animal "completely happy" and everybody knows what that means ._.
  • All 3 of the above commenters are sick minded. I'm sure only you think of it that way. Sickos.
  • Close your eyes and bite your lip, we are going in dry!
  • Wow I am pretty sure the children playing are less immature than these comments
  • ok, bunch of chumps above, but I got this by building a mini exhibit, tropical tree and put a male and female boa constrictor together and it should work
  • 20 minutes, yeah right unless its glitched. Was all green for about 5 seconds then it popped by surprise.
  • Comment #7 worked perfectly and took less than 5 minutes to from start to finish!

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