Happy Animal Friends Achievement

  • Happy Animal Friends



    Keep your average animal happiness in the Green for 20 minutes.

    This achievement requires that you keep your average animal happiness in the green for 20 consecutive minutes of real time. Average animal happiness is just that, an average of all your animal's happiness. You can check this by heading to the main gate (in zoo or tycoon view) and holding  to bring up the Zoo Overview. This achievement can be done in any game mode and will probably unlock with no effort. If you are having trouble, start a Freeform zoo and build a single tropical rock mini-exhibit and fill it with three lemurs. Just monitor the happiness of your lemurs for twenty minutes, making sure to keep them in the green. This will at most involve a single refill of the cleaning or feeding stations.

  • You will probably get this through just playing the game. If not try replaying one of the easy campaign missions.

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