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  • One of Everything



    Breed every animal and their color variants.

    These achievements require that you breed every animal and their color variants (give birth to them, not re-breed) in the game at least one time and can be done in any game mode or combination of game modes. Let's start off with the fact that only animals you can place in the main exhibits can breed (not mini-exhibit animals). In order for animals to breed, you must have at least one male and one female of the same species in the same exhibit. Only animals that are Level 6 or higher (i.e. an adult) can breed. Breeding occurs somewhat randomly, but the odds of breeding can be increased by researching Animal Breeding in the Research Tree at the Main Gate of your zoo (which increases breeding odds for all animals in your zoo) or by assigning a breeding specialist to a specific exhibit (which only increases breeding odds for that exhibit).

    Color variants are a subset of each species. Basically there is a small chance that when animals breed the baby will not be a normal version of that species, but actually a color variant. Each breedable species has one color variant. Completing the third tier of Animal Breeding in the Research Tree will increase your chance of a color variant by 50% so that should be top priority. "Have You Seen This Guy?!" will unlock when you breed you first color variant animal. Once you breed each species one time (color variant or regular), "One of Each" will unlock.

    In total you will need two breed 78 different types of baby animals, broken downs as follows:

    • Bears (18)
    • Chimps (8)
    • Elephants (8)
    • Giraffes (10)
    • Hippos (2)
    • Lions (12)
    • Rhinos (12)
    • Tigers (8)

    This does not need to be in a single zoo, but more than likely it will be as you do not unlock the last animal until you reach maximum Fame Rating at Level 30. Zoopedia will keep track if you adopted, released, and bred each species of animal. However, it does not keep any information about color variants. For this reason, it is suggested you keep track manually all of your breeding. Specifically if you bred both the regular and color variant version of each species. You might find THIS spreadsheet created by xoAly helpful for this (it also has Xbox One exclusive animals in it however). 

    This will probably be your last achievement you unlock and will be quite a grind. Breeding is a slow process. The best way to go about doing this is to create many medium exhibits as possible with specific types on animals together (i.e. have all tigers, all lions, all rhinos, all giraffes in each exhibit). Medium exhibits can hold 6 total animals. Have two species in each exhibit, with a male and a female for a total of 4 animals. This will leave two open spots to be filled by baby animals. Note that if the exhibit is already full, no animals in that exhibit will become pregnant. Make sure you have maxed out your breeding research from the Main Gate, as well as assigned a Level 3 breeding specialist to each exhibit. There are pop-ups for when an animal becomes pregnant, but they are easy to miss. The easiest way to get a gauge if any animals are pregnant is from Tycoon view by hovering over an exhibit and holding . You can see the total number of animals in the exhibit (which in this case should read 4/6). Un-born fetuses will count towards the exhibit animals. Once an animal is pregnant, there will be a gestation period which sometimes feels like it lasts forever. If it seems that an animal has been pregnant for a very long time, try exiting to the Main Menu (and saving!) and reloading into your zoo. This often triggers births either right away or within a minute or two. 

    Each time a baby is born you will hear a crying sound and a pop-up will come on screen. Head to that exhibit and select the newborn and see if it is regular or a color variant. Make sure to take pictures of the color variant babies right away for the "Photographer Extraordinaire" achievement before you forget. After any photos have been taken, it is best just to immediately sell the newborn to make room for a new babies. Two animals can mate multiple times together and the same animal can give birth multiple times, however, blood-related animals will not breed. Once your two breeding animals of a species reach Level 15, release them to the wild as they will hardly (if ever) breed anymore and this will help towards the "Conservationalist" achievement. Keep adopting and releasing the male and female until you have bred both a regular and color variant of that species. Then sell all of that species and move onto the next. Note: Animals will not become pregnant in an exhibit that is already full of animals, or if your Zoo limit is completely full. 

    As mentioned, this is cumulative across all game modes. However, you will want to do this most probably in Challenge mode as you need to progress to Fame Rating 30 anyways in that mode. Once you earn the "World Heavyweight Champ" for completing 100 challenges, you can ignore the challenges with little consequences (except the ones that will confiscate an animal if you complete it). Once you reach Fame Rating 30, everything will be unlocked. However, you will be a long way from earning $10 million. Balance your exhibits and other elements of the zoo to maintain relatively happy guests to keep your revenue coming in. Once you reach $10 million, you no longer need to worry about guests at all. Sell everything that is not a breeding exhibit (save zoo keepers and breeding specialists). This will allow you to build more exhibits. Do so and continue with the breeding. 

    In total, you will likely need to dedicate 10 hours or more towards breeding alone due to the slow nature of breeding, the randomness to color variants, and shear amount of animal species.

  • This is going to take a while. What i did was set up one of each type of animal display in medium. Then assigned two males and two females to each display. If you take a picture of each animal it will be much easier to keep track of what you do and don't have. Not hard but time consuming.
  • Can anyone help me plz I'm stuck on the one of everything achievement I'm not sure how to get this last achievement I have up to 98 % I don't know which animals I need to bred anyone know how I can check ?
  • #2, if you go to the start menu then to zoopedia, then to Animals, it lists every animal and if you have adopted, bred, and released it or not.

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