Poop Master Achievement

  • Poop Master



    Clear up 1,000 pieces of poop.

    This achievement requires that you cumulatively clear 1,000 pieces of poop across all your zoos and can be done in any game mode. You can clear poop by entering the Edit Exhibit menu, clicking Poop, and then using the bumpers to highlight the individual pieces of poop and  to clear them. Use the bumpers to rotate through and destroy all the poop in the exhibit. Each animal will periodically poop and it will remain on the ground until you clear it. This achievement is easier if you do not have too many zookeepers, as they will clean the poop for you, slowing your progress toward the 1,000. 

  • I guess we are deep in the shit now!
  • Achievement of the year.
  • What happens when you become poop master do you think?
  • Wow.
  • we have to play with poop :)
  • Bullish!t! ... And rhino sh!t. And hippo sh!t. And tiger sh!t. And monkey sh!t. And...
  • lion tigers and bear shit o my!
  • this is funny but it takes so long lol

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