Close to the Animals Achievement

  • Close to the Animals



    Complete all 3 interactions with the animals.

    This achievement requires that you perform all three animal interactions at least once (feeding, hosing, and sensory). See "Play Time" for more information about interactions. 

    *GLITCHY* If you first complete the requirements for the achievement in the tutorial, it will become glitched. It is best to attempt to unlock this achievement ASAP following the Step 0a of the Roadmap. If it does glitch on you, there is a fix. When booting up the game, select a different save location to than the one you normally use (i.e. a USB drive or a cloud). Skip the tutorial and go right into Campaign mode and select the Hard level in Canada. Build and complete all three interactions here to unlock the achievement. 

  • I had to figure this one out on my own without the help of the tutorial I was alone on this one. I am hoping I can help prevent anyone else from having this issue too. Select campaign Choose the level Canada Fame and Fortune Kidding Around Ignore the goals and do the following: You need to build three interactions along the edge of an animal exhibit. -Sensory enrichment - can be used by tigers, chimpanzees, or lions. -Hose interaction - can be used by elephants, bears, hippos, or rhinos. -Feeding interaction - can be used by elephants and giraffes. Once you build all three just go into the zoo view and have your guy interact with the animals on all three stations and then it should pop for you. I built the hose & feeding station on the elephant
  • I built the hose & feeding station on the elephant exhibit and after my bears died I added a chimp to their old exhibit and added the sensory enrichment station to it. Now you can enjoy the game worry free like me!! Thanks for reading Hope this helps. :)

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