Play Time Achievement

  • Play Time



    Play with 25 animals.

    These achievements require that you complete each interaction a cumulative total of 25 each times across all of your zoos and can be done in any game mode. There are three types of interactions: feeding, hosing, and sensory (playing). The interactions must first be built in the exhibits before you can do them. Each interaction type can only be performed on specific types of animals, so pay attention to that. For example, the hosing interaction can only be performed on elephants, bears, hippos, and rhinos. These will come naturally while playing through the game, but to get them done quick, you can repeatedly perform the same interaction on the same animal over and over until they unlock. You only need to begin the interaction; it does not need to be completed to count (i.e. you only have to feed one piece of food or hose until the green bar goes up a small amount).


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