The Concessioner Achievement

  • The Concessioner



    Build every type of concession in the same zoo.

    This achievements requires that you build every type of concession in the same zoo in either Challenge or Campaign Modes. From the Build Menu, go to Concessions. There are 8 entertainment and 7 Food+Drink concessions to build. The last concession does not unlock until a later Fame Rating. They must all be present in the zoo simultaneously. This could be an issue with the zoo limit. Temporarily sell some other building to make room for you to quickly construct all the concessions if your zoo limit has been reached. 

  • What's the eighth one? And at what fame level does it unlock???
  • Disregard my last comment.
  • Once you have a large amount of money and the necessary fame, create a new save. Now start selling everything it will allow you to. Then just place all the concessions. Get the achievement. You don't even have to save before exiting, unless you want to.

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