Photographer Extraordinaire Achievement

  • Photographer Extraordinaire



    Fill all the photo albums.

    These achievements require that you fill all the photo albums in the game. Photo albums can be found in the Game (Pause) Menu under Albums while playing any game mode. To take photos, you must be in Zoo view (third-person of your avatar) and then push . Use the sticks to zoom-in or look around. Snap a photo with 

    There are two types of photo albums you need to fill: Animals and Hidden Coins. For the Animals, there are 24 albums, one album for each type of animal in the game. You essentially need to snap a picture with the camera of every animals species in the game, as well as all of the color variants. In total, this will require 166 photos. You will have to adopt each of the regular species, but the color variants can only be bred. See "One of Everything" for more info on breeding color variants. For the Hidden Coins, there is one album consisting of 25 pictures of the Hidden Coins in the game. These coins are hidden among various exhibits, usually embedded in the walls/roof of the rock shelter of the exhibit, but not always. The coins are bronze in color and are a little larger than your in-game characters head. The specific coins and the exhibit they are found in are listed below (thanks to Van Uden for compiling the list):

    • Meerkat: Tundra Large
    • Chimp: Alpine Medium
    • Iguana: Temperate Large
    • Antelope: Savannah Large
    • Sloth: Tundra Medium
    • Binturong: Savannah Medium
    • Red Panda: Alpine Large
    • Lion: Savannah Large
    • Elephant: Temperate Large
    • Zoo Keeper: Alpine Large
    • Lemur: Temperate Medium
    • Parrot: Alpine Small
    • Peafowl: Alpine Large
    • Mongoose: Tundra Small
    • Giraffe: Grasslands Medium
    • Rhinoceros: Grasslands Large
    • Hippopotamus: Grasslands Large
    • Capuchin: Tropical Medium
    • Komodo: Tundra Large
    • Flamingo: Tropical Large
    • Tortoise: Tropical Large
    • Tiger: Temperate Small
    • Snake: Tropical Small
    • Bear: Grasslands Small
    • Fossa: Savannah Small

    Use the video below to find the exact location of each coin (credit: Youtube user Amanda f).

    After taking a photo of an animal or coin, make sure to push  to keep it. A pop-up will come on screen stating that "You picture was saved to the __ album." It needs to say either Hidden Coin or Animal album. If it says Photo Journal instead, take the photo again. You can check the albums to see what photos you are missing from each album. Blank spots will appear for the photos you are missing.

  • I keep trying to take a photo of my Pale Formosan Bear but instead of putting the photo into the Animal album, it's going into my Photo Journal Album, so I'm not getting credit for the photo of this color variation of bear. Any ideas?
  • I have the same problem... and all the photo's of the xbox one animals also or showing up... will I be able to get this achievement without going online?

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