Correction, the Mad SkillZ Achievement

  • Correction, the Mad SkillZ



    Complete all the scenarios (Campaign Mode only).

    These achievements require that you complete all 20 scenarios of Campaign Mode. This mode will task you with numerous objectives to complete on a limited budget and within a time limit. There are 4 scenarios labeled as Easy, 8 as Normal, and 8 as Hard. These scenarios will really test your zoo managing and multitasking skills. Most of them will likely only require one attempt to complete but a few may require a couple. Completing previous missions are sometimes needed to unlock subsequent ones. Most can be completed well under the time limit, but you will probably find yourself coming down to the wire on more than one occasion. Just keep at it, they really are not that difficult, especially after you are familiar with the game mechanics from playing Challenge Mode. 

    See the "General Tips" section in the Roadmap for information on succeeding in the game.


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