Are your Legs Tired? Achievement

  • Are your Legs Tired?



    Run 10km.

    This achievement requires that you move on foot for a total of 10km. You are on foot only when in Zoo view. All of the foot travel in all of your zoos in all game modes will count towards this achievement. This will most likely come before finishing all of the other achievements in game. However, it can easily be boosted by simply running around the zoo. A solid one to two hours should net you this achievement. To help with the grind, you can simply build a structure at the very far end of your zoo so that a long, straight, and unpopulated sidewalk forms. Use this for your running. 

  • Just run! What i liked to do was run the perimeter of my zoo and empty all of the trash cans along the way (by simply pressing A, no need to stop or slow down) and this will also increase your tidiness rating and therefore, your guest happiness rating.
  • I wonder if anyone else did most of the running while taking care of things around their home? I turned my controller over and propped it on my phone with the left thumbstick pushed up. Most of the time my avatar was just running into a tree. This way, I could get some housework done also.

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