Customizer Achievement

  • Customizer



    Customize 50 different attractions.

    This achievement requires that you customize a cumulative total of 50 different attractions across all your zoos and can be done in any game mode. The description is misleading as it can be the same attraction over and over. The quickest and easiest way to unlock this achievement is to build any decoration or facility. Make sure you are in Tycoon view and hover over the building. Now jam the  as fast as you can. Doing this will enter the Edit menu, then select Customize, then Select Trees, and finally choose a custom tree type. Quickly going through these menus to select the same tree type over and over will count towards this achievement. You can have this done in less than two minutes.

  • this guide no longer works, it got changed so the first thing under customize is "customization slots" which takes you to building a "bolt on" for the attraction so now you have to acctually do it 50 times, can still be on the same attraction just cant jam a to get it

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