A Multimillionaire who's a Ninja Achievement

  • A Multimillionaire who's a Ninja



    Earn $10,000,000 (Campaign & Challenge Modes only).

    These achievements require that you earn a cumulative total of $100k, $1 million, and $10 million across of all of your zoos in Campaign and Challenge Modes. You do not need to have the amounts in your account at one time. Instead, they represent your lifetime revenue from your zoos. While this may initially seem like a daunting task, your progress towards these achievement will be exponential as your zoo grows and gains a larger guest rating. Most of this will be earned in Challenge Mode and you should not have to much trouble reaching this by the time you earn the rest of the achievements in the game. Once your zoo is large enough, you will be raking in hundreds of dollars per second.

  • Accumulated. Spend as much as you want, just 'earn' 10,000,000. Keep your animals and guests happy and keep on throwing down some high intensity advertising campaigns to keep your guest numbers up. Also, when you're close, increase your admission price to high and this will also speed up the process.
  • Did anyone have the problem of the game crashing every couple of minutes in challenge mode? i cant earn any money because its constantly crashing.

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