Red Hot Research Achievement

  • Red Hot Research



    Research everything (Campaign & Challenge Modes only).

    These achievements require that you research one, ten, and every item in the game. This is cumulative across all of your Campaign and Challenge Mode zoos. Almost everything in the game requires researching, which involves the payment of a small fee and a chunk of time to unlock. To earn this achievement, you must have researched everything in the game. This includes things like exhibits, decorations, food stands, animal interactions, animals themselves, animal care stations and enrichments, advertising, and much more. The last items/animals unlock at Fame Rating 30, so dont plan on earning this achievement before then. To speed up the research times by 25%, be sure to fully research that category to Level 3 (unlocks at Fame Rating 20) in the Research Tree.

  • Animal Cares Exhibit Items Interactions Exhibits (Small, medium, large for all) Mini exhibits All animals and breeds for Large and Mini Exhibits All Decorations and Variants Go to the entrance and in the 'Research' section... research all of that too. Not sure if i got it all. I would recommend going to the entrance, click on research and then research 'research' and this will speed up your research time........... research. :)
  • Is it cumulative? or do you have to research everything in the same zoo? o.o
  • Everything needs to be in the same zoo I think
  • I've concentrated this all in one zoo on Campaign mode, I'm level 30 now. I've researched everything, and I mean everything! It took a long time but I patiently went through it, and was soul-destroyed when the achievement didn't pop. Also haven't gotten the Animal Lover achievement despite having many different animals now being completely happy.
  • First research all exhibits in all sizes small, medium and large Reserach all animals in the exhibits Research all mini exhibits and reserach all their possible species in all mini exhibits Research all decorations being sure to reserach all the different scenery options too Research all concessions Research all facilities Finally, research all research in the main gate

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