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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Awarded for earning 100 gaps.

    This is one of the easier achievements and is obtainable only in adventure mode. Simply shoot through a gap to remove a set of balls and repeat 100 times. This is a cumulative achievement and should be unlocked with little effort.

  • Awarded for 16 chains in a row.

    Another easy achievement awarded for removing 16 sets of balls in succession.

  • 24h



    Awarded for playing the game for 24 hours.

    You will be glad to know that this is not in one sitting.

  • Awarded for completion of Temple of Zukulkan.

    Complete all levels within the first temple.

  • Awarded for completion of Quetzal Quatl temple.

    Complete all levels within the second temple.

  • Awarded for completion of Popo Poyolli temple.

    Complete all levels within the third temple.

  • Awarded for completion of Secret shrine of Zuma temple.

    Complete all levels within the fourth temple.

  • Awarded for completion of Adventure mode.

    Complete level 13-1 and you will be awarded this achievement. Should you fail to complete this level, I'm afraid you have to play through all of level 12 again.

  • Awarded for completing 1 level in 5 or fewer seconds.

    One of the most difficult achievements in the game. To improve your chances, do not sign in to your profile until the game starts, you will then begin with the easiest settings. Fire up level 1-1 on adventure mode and give yourself a minumum of 2-3 hours to unlock this.

    Sample video (low quality)

  • Awarded for collecting 100 coins.

    This will accumulate, it must be done in on the adventure mode. Concentrate on coins only, hitting combo's and gaps are only going to restrict the time you have available on each level so avoid them if you can.

  • Awarded for earning 2,000,000 scores.

    One of the hardest achievements in any game! In order to secure this elusive achievement you will have to complete the game in one sitting, score approx. 1.5 million points and lose no more than 4 lives (Upon completion of the game you will recieve 50,000 points for each life you have remaining). Credit to anyone who has this achievement.

  • Awarded for achieving Son of Sun rank in Gauntlet mode.

    First of all, you must unlock all Gauntlet levels in Adventure mode by reaching level 9-7. With all 21 levels now available, you must advance to a minimum rank of 'Son of Sun level 1' on each of the 21 levels to obtain this achievement.

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