Best Xbox Games of 2020

Not a lot happened in 2020. In fact, there is nothing of note to talk about at all. You know, apart from the global COVID-19 pandemic, of course, which rocked the globe and took so many lives. It was a year that was surprisingly eventful, especially when you consider that most of us were stuck indoors for the whole year. In 2020 Liverpool finally won the Premier League after a 30-year wait, while the death of George Floyd sent shockwaves across the globe sparking the Black Lives Matter mass protests. Joe Biden won the US presidential election; Meghan and Harry cut ties with the royal family; we tragically lost Kobe Bryant and his daughter; and Harvey Weinstein finally went to prison. Oh, and the UK left the European Union and descended into madness. In the year known mostly for its Zoom calls and Tiger King, the only real film of note was Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, with theatres closed for most of the year. The Weeknd lit up the airwaves with ‘Blinding Lights’ though, which was nice. When it came to games, boy, oh boy, did a lot happen. Sony launched their PlayStation 5 and Microsoft launched their Xbox Series X and S in 2020, finally kicking off the ninth generation of consoles. 2020 was of course the year E3 got cancelled, Microsoft closed Mixer, and Ubisoft got embroiled in a workplace toxicity controversy. 2020 was of course the year that Epic decided to sue Apple, as well as the year of the disastrous Cyberpunk 2077 launch (especially on last-gen base consoles). And if that wasn’t enough, in 2020 Microsoft announced that it was buying Bethesda for $7.5b (subject to clearance). Anyway, here’s 2020’s best Xbox games.

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Top 50 Best Xbox Games of 2020