Alan Wake II Looks Spectacular in New Trailer, Gets an October Release Date

Alan Wake II Looks Spectacular in New Trailer, Gets an October Release Date

Richard Walker

Epic Games Publishing and Remedy Entertainment have dropped a spectacular new trailer for Alan Wake 2, alongside confirmation that the game will be arriving this October, following chatter from Alan voice actor, Matthew Porretta.

The new gameplay trailer showcase Alan Wake 2's Unreal Engine 5 looks, as you stalk the forests of what we assume is the town of Bright Falls, where all sorts of supernatural weirdness awaits. But is it real, or all in Wake's addled mind?

You'll be able to find out when Alan Wake 2 launches for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC on 17th October 2023. Can't. Wait.

  • Damn..

    Really wish they would make new short movie about it like they did before the first game came out

    It was called Bright Falls: The prequel to Alan Wake.

    Shit was beyond amazing, and extremely unique for a game prior to it’s release.
  • Interesting that we're getting a second playable character
  • Hell yeah, excited for this. Love what Remedy does. Heard James McCaffrey in there, likely playing a new character, but possible he is Trench from Control? Also spotted Sam Lake in the trailer.
  • Slight update:

    Game is Digital Only to keep it $60, which I'm personally upset by. Kinda sick of the push towards digital
  • @#4 Yea and on top of that, all the press releases are saying $70 for deluxe and everything on the digital stores are saying $80. Granted its alot of dlc for the price, but can we at least get the orice right?
  • Would prefer to play as Alice getting Alan out of the lake but whatever, more AW is good!
  • #4 Bruh. Check your calendar its 2023 no one needs extra plastic.
  • @King but we do need to actually own out games and not just temporary access until the servers go down. Digital you lose one password and everything is lost. Physical you always have.
  • At least here it makes sense… Never understood why digital games cost as much as physical copies. If I’m savings $10 right off the bat, that has some traction.

    On another note, I should really replay first one before this, maybe get Remaster at some point in coming months:-D
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