Aliens: Dark Descent Release Date Set For June

Aliens: Dark Descent Release Date Set For June

Richard Walker

A real-time top-down tactical action game, Aliens: Dark Descent will be launching this June, developer Tindalos Interactive has announced, following its announcement at last year's Summer Game Fest Live.

Featuring a new and original story set within the Alien universe, Aliens: Dark Descent casts you in the role of a Colonial Marines squad commander, guiding your fireteam through a colony that has mysteriously gone dark in the wake of an uprising. Naturally, said colony is now overrun with Xenomorphs, and it'll fall to you to direct your Marines and attempt to keep them alive.

Like XCOM, Dark Descent features permadeath, and you can issue commands to your band of Colonial Marines, slowing time to assign orders with greater precision. Any Marines who make it back to base can be levelled up and outfitted with new gear, perks, and custom loadouts.

Pulse rifles at the ready for Aliens: Dark Descent, which launches for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC on 20th June. You can check out the latest trailer, with commentary, below.

  • Would’ve rather preferred another part of Aliens: Isolation.

    That game was phenomenal and deserves more like it.
  • This looks slick. Somewhere between XCOM and Full Spectrum Warrior.

    It being real-time was a surprise.

    After Isolation and Fireteam Elite looks as though we're firmly back in the "Good games based on Alien" era.
  • For some reason I thought it was top down shooter. This still look cool af. Defo gonna pick it up on sale!
  • I like these when they're turn-based. Playing them in real-time will lead to a lot of perma-deaths, methinks.
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