Bethesda is Holding a Redfall Vampire Movie Marathon in London Next Month

Bethesda is Holding a Redfall Vampire Movie Marathon in London Next Month

Richard Walker

Ahead of the launch of Redfall this May, Bethesda UK is holding a Redfall Movie Marathon at the Prince Charles Cinema, just off Leicester Square in London.

The evening will commence at 9:30pm on 15th April, and go on through the night until the following morning at 8am, with Joel Schumacher's The Lost Boys kicking off the all-night five-movie marathon. All five films have been chosen by game director Harvey Smith and the team at Arkane Austin, having helped to inspire Redfall.

The Lost Boys will be followed by Stephen King adaptation Salem's Lot, Swedish vamp flick Let The Right One In, graphic novel adap 30 Days of Night, and Jim Jarmusch's off-the-wall Only Lovers Left Alive, starring Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton.

Tickets for the Redfall Movie Marathon go live from Friday 31st March at 5pm GMT, with the events itself taking place from 9:30pm on 15th April at the Prince Charles Cinema. Redfall launches for Xbox Series X|S and PC on 2nd May, available via Xbox Game Pass.

  • Would be cooler if attendees received digital code for final game or some extra not available anywhere else DLC , if they sat through whole thing;-)
  • Wouldn't know a good vampire movies
    if it bit them in the neck.
  • No Fright Night, Bram Stokers Dracula, Blood Red Sky (I know it's not an old classic, but it was really good) or even a different take on vampires like Doctor Sleep (this is a fantastic movie) is a miss for me.
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