Diablo IV is Blizzard's 'Fastest-Selling' Game According to the Studio, Two Expansions in the Works

Diablo IV is Blizzard's 'Fastest-Selling' Game According to the Studio, Two Expansions in the Works

Richard Walker

With Diablo IV now available for all players - even the ones who didn't shell out for pre-order early access from 1st June - Blizzard has dubbed the latest entry in its action RPG series the company's “fastest-selling game of all time”.

While Blizzard has stopped short of providing actual sales numbers, it has shared some other interesting stats (via Eurogamer), revealing that Diablo IV has been played for a cumulative 10,000 years+ since its early access release, which equates to more than 93 million hours of playtime.

According to Blizzard that's like one person "playing 24 hours a day since the beginning of human civilisation". That's a lot of demon slaying and loot scoopery. And there's more to come, with confirmation that two expansions are in the pipeline for Diablo IV, while Blizzard GM Rod Fergusson states that the game will be supported "for years to come [with] very rich seasons, much richer than we had in Diablo 3".

Diablo IV is available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

  • Great game, I can't wait for Crusader to be added
  • I am not disappointed with this game.
  • I’d be concerned if that wasn’t the case with how fast us humans, multiply and how many pick up gaming mantle every year.
  • Probably the first game in a long time that wasn't an unfinished unplayable buggy mess on launch.
  • Zeno’s, I’ve picked up Jedi Survivor, Dead Space and RE4 on release this year and has zero issue with all of them, so definitely not in such a long time;-)
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