Evil Dead: The Game Free 40-Player 'Splatter Royale' Battle Royale-Style Mode Available Now

Evil Dead: The Game Free 40-Player 'Splatter Royale' Battle Royale-Style Mode Available Now

Richard Walker

Evil Dead: The Game has today added a new battle royale-style mode dubbed ‘Splatter Royale’, available via a free update across all platforms. Splatter Royale enables you to play as Deadite versions of any Survivors and Demons, as well as DLC characters in any outfit, then use your weapons and wits to be the last one standing.

The new mode supports fast-paced carnage for up to 40 players, and includes the long-range grenade launcher and scythe as new bonus weapons, alongside Pablo's ‘Kandarian Facelift’ outfit for free. Splatter Royale is also joined by new paid content, the ‘Immortal Power DLC Bundle' introducing Ruby Knowby, played by Lucy Lawless in Ash vs Evil Dead, who provides the character's voice in the game.

Ruby is able to regenerate health as a ‘Dark One’, as well as increasing her resistance to possession, and boosting the damage of her weapons. Her aura strength can also be boosted by consuming souls, which also charges her unique ability that triggers a deadly blast to damage nearby enemies and heal any Survivors within its range.

Splatter Royale is available via a free update for Evil Dead: The Game now, while the Immortal Power DLC bundle is also out now for $9.99/£7.99, bundling Ruby Knowby, the Kelly ‘Scourge of Evil’ Outfit, Pablo ‘Fish n’ Chips' Outfit, Ash vs Evil Dead ‘Party Animal’ Outfit, and Puppeteer Demon Class ‘King of the White Frost’ Outfit.

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