Games with Gold For February Revealed

Games with Gold For February Revealed

Richard Walker

With January drawing to a close, February will be bringing with it another pair of titles to download and play as part of your Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. You can check out both roguelike adventure For the King and arcade-style footie game Guts N Goals.

In For the King, you'll be able to play solo or in local and online co-op, as you embark upon a quest to save the kingdom, in the wake of the king's murder. Turn-based battles against challenging enemies, difficult weather conditions, and more ensue, as you seek to unravel the truth behind the king's demise.

As for Guts N Goals, that turns soccer on its head, with matches on beaches, skating rinks, and in other arenas. You can even beat up your rivals, using a bat, while playing a range of mini-games, as more than 30 heroes each with their own abilities. There are also mutators you can toggle on and off, to mix things up.

For the King and Guts N Goals will be available via Games with Gold in February.

Games with Gold - February 2023

[Via Xbox Wire]

  • Are those any good? I wonder.
  • For the King is actually really great.
  • For the King looks interesting. I like the style of the game. But I dislike the visuals quite a lot. Will probably play it eventually when I have nothing going on from the immense backlog. So happy about that one.

    The 2nd game looks pretty fun. But it has an unobtainable. So that's an immediate Do Not Pass Go, you'll never be on my tag unless it's fixed miraculously. Considering the game is 2 years old and they couldn't be assed to fix it yet, I wouldn't hold your breath sadly. Shame since it actually looks fun.
  • For the King is a masterpiece it has small similarities to a game called Dokapon Kingdom
  • Really liked For The King, been meaning to get back to it for a while.
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