Iron Brigade Has Almost Passed Certification For Europe

Richard Walker

According to Double Fine's Brad Muir, Iron Brigade (AKA Trenched) is "really close" to passing certification in Europe, after a long and protracted wait following a legal snafu due to a board game with a similar name: 'Trench'. The game released back in late June in North America. Despite the game being almost ready for release, Muir stopped short of settling on a concrete date for now.

“I wish we could announce dates. We’re getting really close to having it clear certification through Microsoft and it’s kind of unfortunate because changing the name of a game you’ve already shipped in half the world is a lot harder than I thought it would be,” Muir told XBLAFans. “There are so many different departments that it has to cruise through at Microsoft in order to enable the name change. It’s pretty ridiculous. They sent us the preliminary plan on how that [was] going to work and I didn’t even know there were that many divisions.”

Double Fine had announced a September release window for Iron Brigade, but it looks like certification problems at Microsoft have conspired to keep the game waiting in the wings a lot longer than anticipated. Iron Brigade will be coming to the Xbox Live Arcade, who-knows-when for 1200 Microsoft Points. Fingers crossed that it makes its way to Europe soon.

[Via VG247]

  • I sooo wanted this game back in June was it?, but now there are to many great games to play after waiting so long for this I think I wait until its on offer lol
  • I think i can speack for everyone here and say about time! Shouldnt we get a sorry the game so late sale :D I know we wont but wud be nice lol
  • There is no way ill pay 1200ms points for this now. I just know as soon as i do purchase it, it will appear in the sale section a week later! :)
  • Whats out or the price makes no difference..this is a GREAT game. But UK people may aswell just make a US account and buy it. Simple!
  • It will always be 'Trenched' to me. They need to hurry up and release some DLC for this, I'd love a reason to go back and play more of it.
  • People want more of this game, give us the dlc already!
  • Hope you guys get it(im in US). Was such a great arcade game..... one of the best hands down IMO.
  • Maseltov! The DLC should be around the corner then! :)
  • As long as you don't spell for me I totally agree with you
  • I had totally forgotten about this, will probably still get it when it finally does come out.
  • Forgot this existed!
  • Lol, how is that any news for anyone. When I call MS to get something simple resovled it takes over an hour and couple of different depts LOL Hopefully Europe will get to play it soon!
  • While it IS a quality arcade title, right in the holiday games rush is a terrible time to release.
  • I do expect a discount on this. 1200MSP is no longer a price I'm willing to pay for their oversight.
  • @14 Don't buy it then..your loss..
  • So...what do I call this now?
  • Also totally needs DLC soon. Amazing game.
  • I thought I remember reading that once this was released in Europe there was suppose to be DLC. Any word on that?
  • you can just get this on a usa ccount and play it on your european account, i got those Mlb Bobble Head baseball games and Full house poker that way, and managed to get 4000 points cheap, and got me toy soldiers 2 and bastion and guardian heroes that way, all works fine + you can also unlock the achievements. Wont bother getting this game tho, robot games suck
  • @19 Robot game?? You're a total douche..
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