Iron Brigade Finally Gets a Proper EU Release Date

Richard Walker

Keep your fingers firmly crossed and hope that this latest release date for Double Fine's 'manly' Iron Brigade sticks. The action strategy title has been in limbo concerning its release in PAL territories for a while now, following a legal entanglement over the Trenched name, which was deemed too similar to the board game Trench.

Trenched will now be renamed Iron Brigade everywhere, and the European XBLA launch will bring with it some bonus content as a sweetener to make up for the long wait. Trenched had released in North America back in June, but the ensuing trademark dispute and Microsoft's long certification process has seen the game put on hold in Europe, until now.

"European players had to wait so long for this game, we wanted to make it up to them with awesome new features," said Project Lead, Brad Muir. "We added a brand new, incredibly challenging infinite Survival Mode with ten new pieces of high-powered loot, along with a new leaderboard to track players on this Survival Mission."

Iron Brigade will be coming to the Xbox Live Arcade in Europe on November 30th for 1200 Microsoft Points. Better late than never, eh?

[Via Eurogamer]

  • Stupid legal issues. "Trenched" and "Trench" are two separate names, meaning two separate entities. But good to see they've finally set a date, and very kind of them to add in some new features.
  • At last ! Reminds me of the red spiral from Dreamcast, remplaced by a blue one in europe because of some right policy with a german industry. As if it would change something...
  • If they really want to make it up to us, they could always have it for half price on release day only :)
  • @3 Why? It's not their fault. Plus theyve already pumped lots of money into changing the name and legal issues I expect. also why cheapen what is an amazing game. So many people are asking for discounts...FULL PRICE OR GO HOME!
  • Weird I just started this game yesterday. I got it through a US account.
  • @4: The person would most likely already be at home, as this is an XBLA game.
  • Man, it's amazing how long it took to sort this. Also, Trench a board game and Trenched an Xbox game (importantly, it's not even a virtual board game). I'd have thought common sense put them far enough apart to not have issues like this.
  • #7, Blame the Polish, it was their fault in the first place.
  • @6 does that mean now my friend played it at my house he can never leave? *goes to get spare bedding*
  • I agree with the people calling for a discount. It was their oversight that caused the delay in the first place and tbh, I would've bought it back on release day in Summer. Now, with far too many other games around, 90% of people (myself included) don't really have the time for this game, and besides, it's not worth it anymore.
  • Should've just bought it in the summer then...making an American account is SUPER EASY. but fair enough. Thou shalt never know the joys of Trenched in 4 player co-op!
  • Does anyone still play Trenched?
  • Feels like I've been waiting for this forever, was about to give up hope. I wonder what the bonus content could be.
  • Finshed it in like 2 days on and off playing. Gold on everything. Really great game, So much fun in 4 player. Worth the buy
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