Bully 2 Could Be Rockstar's Next Project After Max Payne 3

Richard Walker

A sequel to 2006's Bully could be in the offing once Rockstar has finished with Max Payne 3, according to Rockstar Games VP Dan Houser. In a recent interview with Gamasutra, Houser explained that the company favours the method of leaving a gap between games, rather than rushing into a sequel.

Rockstar Vancouver developed the original Bully, which got an Xbox 360 re-release with the Bully: Scholarship Edition in 2008, but the dev is currently polishing up and finishing work on Max Payne 3, which means the next project in its sights could be Bully 2.

"Contrary to a lot of people, we like to take a little bit of time at the end of a game before starting a sequel, so we can wait for the excitement or disappointment and everything else of the experience to shake down and really see what we should do in the next game," Houser explained. "So we knew that we didn't want to start doing the Bully sequel instantly at that second with those guys - even though it is a property that, like Max, we adore and might come back to in the future. There was just no impetus to do that then."

"So we said, 'You can do Max, and then we will see what we can do with Bully'," Houser added. "So it was really waiting for the slot to open up and the group to open up to at least start work on it."

With Max Payne 3 due for release in March 2012, it's entirely possible that Rockstar Vancouver might start up development on Bully 2, not forgetting that Rockstar also has a little game called Grand Theft Auto V on its radar too. A sequel to Bully would be hugely welcome though, and this is the second hint that it could be on the cards, with composer Shawn Lee mentioning that he'd be working on the soundtrack back in 2009.

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  • Please be true
  • Max payne is garbage. GTAV FTW! also bully wa an ok game not too bad
  • Honestly, the funnest Single Player game, ANYONE will ever play. EVER!
  • I am crying tears of joy :'D
  • Mmmmm GTA 5 & Bully 2!!! It must be Christmas or something
  • I loved Bully. Something so amazing about it. Running around a school going to lessons. Very underrated! I might re-play it RIGHT NOW! Dissect some frogs FTW!
  • @2, you, sir, are a piece of shit. Bully is and always will be an awesome game. PLEASE make a sequel.
  • Bully is amazing. Cant wait if this is true
  • I loved Bully. Enjoyed it from start to finish, was a bit gutted when I finished it and got 1000g. Been hoping for this for a long time
  • I'm surprised there isn't a Bully 3 yet the first one was awesome!
  • I played bully 2 full times actually. Owned it for the ps2, beat it, and then once it was on xbox I bought it again and 100%ed it. I can't imagine how great a new bully would be running off of a newer engine like GTAs. EXTREMELY interested and as with all Rockstar games, a day 1 purchase for me.
  • Bully 2 or GTA V? I'm not sure which I'm more excited about!
  • @11 we dont need your life story
  • #9 My thoughts exactly. Loved the game.
  • YES!
  • I Liked Bully a lot.. Would have gotten 100% on it but I had to return it to Gamefly because I cancelled my membership. I like the idea of Bully 2!
  • I really liked bully, but the load times were really bad even with it installed. I would like to see another game.
  • Bully was one of the first games I got 1000G on. Loved almost every minute of it (except for getting all the clothes, that was lame and tedious). Even had Bully for Wii, one of the few games that was actually good for it. Can't wait for Bully 2, I'm more excited about for it than GTA V.
  • Let's hope it's true. Loved Bully, one of the few games I have bothered to 1K! :)
  • To me the best game Rockstar ever made was the Midnight Club franchise. Am I the only one who wants a sequel to Midnight Club LA?
  • Hope its true the first bully was pretty surprise
  • A sequel to Bully would be awesome. I loved the first game.
  • Sure hope so. Loved the first the one so much.
  • Can't believe they haven't already had a sequel. I wanted to play it on the original Xbox but never got around to it. Then I got it for Christmas a few years back and I was overjoyed. I thought it was gonna be mediocre at best, but I pleasantly surprised. Long story short: I can't wait
  • I want Bully 2 now. Shame they'll doubtless shove some silly multiplayer modes on though.
  • @13 if you don't like to hear what people have to say why come on forums you tool
  • "Bully" for you Rockstar. So after Max Payne 3, thire next title will "most" likely be a follow up to Bully, the 2006 Xbox/PS2 title (got a rerelease on 360 2008). Don't worry GTA fan's Five will be the next release game but they are well into development on that front so the next game should be Bully 2. Love Rockstar every games is almost alls a AAA and I see Bully 2 being no diff... So there you have it, Bully 2 could be out the door even before Agent, a game Rockstar have been working on for years. As a side note Agent is well worth a look up on the old Google as it sounds like a brilliant concept one I hope we get to see some day if not play the dam thing, but for now Bully 2 will have to suffice & who could be disappointed with that ?:^)
  • I'd love to see a Bully 2 game, it kept me amused for hours running around the school in a vest and skull mask, wedgying everyone, shoving them in lockers and throwing marbles down by the doors then setting off the fire alarms so nobody could get out the door lol
  • I had Bully on PS2, then again on 360 years ago. Was a hell of a lot of fun. Hope no cheap and tacky MP is added on, but as its Crockstar, its highly likely. Imo, that was their last good game along with San Andreas.
  • @13 Says the guy with the username: afatguy On topic: This is exciting news. I can't wait!
  • The thought of a sequel to Bully is a great one to me and a thought I've already had for years. I own the PS2 version and rented the 360 version, which made the game much better than it already was. Hopefully they don't make the sequel too serious though. I mean a little bit seriousness is good, but with the setting that Bully was in, it didn't have to be too serious. If the sequel is true, I'll be looking forward to it, along with Max Payne 3 and GTA V.
  • Awesome news! Now all we need is a Manhunt 3, but this time with no dumb ass twitchy camera effects that ruin the executions.....wishful thinking I know.
  • Bully 2 would be awesome. Please let it be true.
  • This is good news for all who loved Bully.I am apparently the only one who didn't really enjoy the game.
  • So im expecting a Red Dead Redemption 2 after Bully 2 gets released
  • rockstar are on a roll,first GTA V and now Bully 2.Hope they announce red dead redemption 2 and a REAL sequel to Manhunt.
  • Bully was awesome. I have wanted a sequel for years. Lets hope this time they don't water down. The first was going to be M, and i wish it was. Max payne, never played before. So no opinion. GTA V. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love playing like a terrorist. Mowing down the entire police force with RPGS and AK47s
  • Red Dead Redemption is the second Red Dead, the first one was Red Dead Revolver OT: Awesome news.
  • I'd be soooo happy!
  • Bully 2, finally some more news!
  • really hope this happens, had tons of fun with Bully : )
  • Remember guys...Rockstar Games has separate studios for their different franchises. Rockstar Vancouver is in charge of the Bully series While Rockstar North is in charge of the GTA series I really hope Bully 2 is in the works, been waiting for a sequel for years. Hopefully they'll bring back Jimmy again. :)
  • definite preorder for me i played through oringinal twice and scholarship twice, as well as multiple short plays. still have bully collector's edition too. BRING ON THE POTATO LAUNCHER!!!
  • Day 1 for me...unless it's next gen...then day 1 when I actually decide to purchase the next gen system. If it is next gen it will be a while for me, still, looking forward to playing it.
  • #36 I'd like to point out that, Rockstar have never been 'off a roll' They have indeed been rolling since they started back in the 90s, they ain't stoppin' any time soon. Srs, Name the last time Rockstar let anyone down, exactly, probably the only company in History to produce unlimited AAA titles. ;]
  • Excited!
  • PLEASE let this be true!!! Bully was one of the most enjoyable games ive ever played.
  • i remember not liking the original Bully on PS2 but I rerented the HD version for 360 about a year ago an really liked it. i always thought it was lame they never put Skateboarding in San Andreas or GTA IV since they already had those mechinics in Bully which came out before both
  • @45 What about Manhunt 2.Probably one of the worst games ever released especially in comparison to the 1st manhunt.
  • in some ways i hope this isn't true as it will just be another awsome rockstar game to spend my money on when i really need to be saving some, in other way please, please, pretty please makes this a reality, i loved bully and would really love to see a sequal especially since would probebely be the first rockstar game on the neXtbox 720 (or whatever you want to call it :D)
  • Plz plz plz. That is all.
  • Manhunt first boys.....
  • @7 Why because he is expressing his opinion? Even if I do disagree with him that doesn't give you the right to call him a piece of shit.
  • I really hope so, Bully was one of my favourite games ever xD
  • Awesome game, probably one of the best soundtracks ever.
  • Out of interest, why did you guys and gals find Bully so good? Personally I found it pretty boring. At the time it had a slight 'aaaahhh shit he didn't did he?' sort of thing. I'd like to see perhaps a university drunkard jock bully now he's all grown up.
  • Bully is one of my all time favourite Rockstar games, played it on PS2 and again on 360. I still get some of the tunes from that game running through my head. Best game soundtrack ever.
  • I am now seriously considering joining the church of Rockstar.
  • I've never played Bully...hmm, looks like I will have to try it sometime before the sequel, if there is one. Also, what about Manhunt 3? :p
  • I really liked manhunt 2 lol It was no Manhunt (1) but I still enjoyed it. With the controversy associated with manhunt 2, I doubt they will make a 3. If they did I would get it though.
  • Forget Bully I want GTA 5!!!!
  • Dear Rockstar, MAKE IT SO!
  • I'm all for Rockstar making another Bully. Just hope they don't put in another Over the Rainbow achievement that makes you kiss another guy 25 times.
  • @64 That was the best part
  • That would be awesome! Hope that is true.
  • @64 - aw, did the scary gayness upset you? They're only pixels. On a tangent, that led to an awesome triangle, where the jock gay belted one of the girls I kissed and got a beatdown from the prefects.
  • Wow I forgot it came out in 2006, feels almost longer. I so can't wait, I wanna bounce a rubber band ball down the halls again.
  • @65 Maybe for you it was. @67 Nah, to each their own on what they like. I just don't care to see it.
  • @ #69 It was a great achievement, and the amount of butthurt it caused with achievement whores was epic. Who really cares if your in-game avatar kisses people of the same sex?
  • Please, let this be true. Bully 2 with a greater map, more minigames and a bigger school and Euphoria physics :D
  • Rockstar have had a great game if they actually do release a new bully!! :-)
  • @70 Couldn't of said it any better!
  • I wasn't too sure of the original Bully but then started playing it and thought the game was funny. Looking forward to Bully 2
  • I WANT A NEW MIDNIGHT CLUB GAME FFS!!!!!! But bully would be nice too
  • Bully was a fantastic game, I hope they are gonna release another. I really enjoyed it.
  • I've been waiting for an official announcement for years. I'll be ecstatic if this really ends up happening!
  • GTAV & Bully 2, sign me up. Max Payne 3 - Bargain Bin.
  • GTA V is all I'm worried about from Rockstar right now.
  • Bully 2? Oh lawd yes. Im in :)
  • Hope so, I never played it on the 360, only on the PS2, I may have to look into that.
  • I'd much rather see Manhunt III or a classic movie adaptation of something along the lines of The Warriors. Bully put me to sleep.
  • First off I really enjoyed Bully. Surprisingly I actually enjoyed it far more than GTA4. I know that they are two completely different styles of games but I just felt GTA4 did nothing new for the sandbox genre other than turn some heads with it's nice visuals. Content-wise it was the same old bag of tricks that you played on the PS2 and Xbox iterations. Even though Bully was basically a scaled back take on GTA's open world design, I felt the style and tone of the gameplay made it unique and enjoyable. Hopefully they can bring back those same sensibilities with Bully 2 but hopefully make it feel fresh and new at the same time. I just don't understand why rockstar hasn't had the game in production already if they knew they would want to make a sequel. I understand their philosophy with not wanting to rush out sequels but given all the different studios rockstar owns it seems odd that they couldn't have at least had another studio (other than the Max Payne 3 studio) begin development on Bully 2. If they aren't going to begin development until after Max Payne 3 releases then most likely Bully 2 wouldn't see the light of day until possibly 2013 or even 2014. A real bummer if that's the case.
  • Big fan of Bully (played on original PS2 release and again on 360). I'm kind of curious if they somehow try to continue the story, or if they go to another character/school
  • Bully 2 And GTA V I LOVE YOU ROCKSTAR :)
  • would prefer a sequel or prequel to red dead redemption i just couldn't get into Bully maybe I'm not immature enough lol but yeah bring on gta 5 woot lol
  • Should I get Bully 1? I still haven't played that one yet... It did look nice though, so I will follow the news updates on this one.
  • absolutely loved the first one, so down with this!
  • OMG YES! I played this on the Ps2, 100% completion, then did the same when I got Xbox. Loved this game so much.
  • Loved Bully to the bones. Fantstic game. cant wait for an evetually BULLY 2
  • Doubtful they never doing sequels to good games these days..
  • This would make me so happy. I LOVED Bully.
  • yeeeeeeah!!!
  • Fuck. Yes. Bully is Rockstars best game to date, I've been desperate for a sequel.
  • Bully is was great on ps2 BUT even more fun with the Scholarship edition on 360. Had alot of those funny 'Bart Simpson Moments' the egg throwing remined me of the SNES Simpsons game. But I'd like to see another "Manhunt" but people got their tits in a twist over the violence & what-have-you... Still the original had that 'Running Man', 'Battle Royale', 'Condemned' sort of sense urgency to stay alive against a more realistic foe (crazy people/gangs), unlike all the zombie/demon survival horror games that are wearing a bit thin anymore... how many games have to have the word 'Dead' in the title?
  • Bully was awesome, I'm glad it's getting a part 2
  • This is awesome!! Bully was one of the best games I have ever played, loved the 360 version. Bully 2 will be amazing.
  • Loved the first one,this is a day one for me.
  • Yes Please. Bully 2, Max, GTA, Red Dead.... heaven. I would also dig seeing some Xbox Live Arcade games from Rockstar. Perhaps a "state of emergency" arcade. That game was fun-would be a perfect arcade title.
  • I dunno....I'm kinda hoping for a Midnight Club....
  • This would be cool like I tried Bully:SE and it was fun for awhile bu I couldn't get passed the blurry graphics but that's okay since its an old game.
  • would love to play bully part 2 loved part one for the ps2 bought it again for the 360
  • Mh. I'm waiting. Don't think it would be out soon, but I think I'd pick it up if it does.
  • I know we're only a week in, but this is the best news I've heard all year!
  • One of the best games ever! So much fun. Bring on the sequel!
  • cbf getting xbox4, make itdownloadable on the xbox arcade or whatever its called aswell!
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