Call of Juarez Riding Back to the Wild West?

Lee Bradley


Saddle up. There's a survey doing the rounds suggesting that the Call of Juarez series may be going back to its Wild West roots.

Issued to members of Ubisoft's Uplay community platform (and spotted by The Gaming Liberty), the survey asked owners of Call of Juarez: The Cartel to offer opinions on a series of set-pieces for a “yet to be announced game.”

The set-pieces are all Wild West themed. They include "a gunfight in a saloon after a poker game,” "hunting an outlaw in the rocky mountains,” "rescuing an innocent man about to be hanged" and  "a gun duel in the empty main street of a town against your worst enemy.”

This year's Call of Juarez: The Cartel was the third entry to the series and the first to abandon a Western setting. It was a massive disappointment. Taking place in the modern day and featuring three-player co-op, it failed to inspire both critics and consumers.

A return to the Wild West may be an attractive proposition for what was a solid if uninspiring series. We'll have to see.

  • i prefered the old western style !!
  • The Cartel felt like a game from the stone age.
  • Noooo guys lets make it modern and have them say fuck alot!!!
  • And were it should be, should of never left the wild west, the cartel bored the hell out of me - but loved and couyldnt get enough of the previous two
  • Then i am looking forward to it. Another Western game i would love to play. i love Western movies.
  • @4 you couldn't get enough of the original Call of Jaurez? Man, that game sucked balls.
  • All the things described could still happen in Texas in this day.
  • They should have stayed in the Wild West. The story thats carred across the first two cames has been pretty strong, and Bound in Blood was an absolute BLAST to play. It felt like the sort of game Rodriguez would direct with its twangy guitar shootouts and archtyped characters. I LOVED IT. @6 Nay, it didn't suck balls. Playing as the little indian dude who had to whip his way up 'platforming' sections sucked balls. Playing as a cold-as-steel preacher who could read from a fucking bible to distract a room full of enemies before you shot them in the face was BADASS.
  • Hopefully this time Techland can hire writers. Look at this game and Dead Island, can they call this shit dialogue? Yes, you're ethnic. Yes you say "fuck" and "ese" after each sentence, I get it.
  • This is great! Techland made the mistake of making the third installment take place in modern day LA and Mexico
  • The Cartel wasn't stellar by any means, but I still found it somewhat fun, albeit a ballache for having to complete it three times. I welcome a return to the Old West though. I'm hoping the aiming wont be as wonky as it was in The Cartel though, and above all, I hope they keep the co-op in. That should have been there since Bound In Blood.
  • They need to combine the open world(ish) co-op quest based gameplay of dead island with all the lovely gunplay and period setting of the first 2, that would be a win sandwich.
  • Bound in Blood was awesome /end
  • YES!!!! The first two Call of Juarez's were great additions to the Western genre! I cannot wait for this now!
  • Pssst, guys, I think number three is being sarcastic. You look silly for voting him down, just thought I'd tell you.
  • Tbh none of them was really that amazing, but I do agree that previous two were way better than the last one. Going back to Old Wild West definitely won't hurt....
  • @ #8, you nailed it right on the head. The Cartel wasn't trying to make a cops and robbers game, they were trying to see if they could make a western game similar to No Country for Old Men or Once Upon a Time in Mexico. The Cartel was awesome because there was music from previous games, the fort the Cartel was using was Juarez' Alcazar from the first two games, and the ghost town where the weapons deal was going on was the town in Bound in Blood where Ray and Thomas had to rescue the gun runner (read Colonel Barnsby) from the Pinkertons. Yes, I would prefer a western setting, but maybe they could do both. Make a spin-off series that is connected to Call of Juarez, but is the Modern Wild West, and make the main series set in the Old West.
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