Driver: San Francisco Gets Patched, Detailed

Lee Bradley

Ubisoft has released a patch to address a number of issues with Driver: San Francisco. Announced via their Facebook page, the patch notes detail a bunch of balancing issues, online tweaks and bug fixes.

It’s a big list, so I won’t waste any more of your time. Full details below. Get stuck in.


  • Online Gameplay: Any players joining a game already in-progress will be given sufficient ability to shift immediately.
  • Online Gameplay: Improved gameplay balancing in Tag mode by reducing tag car performance under certain conditions


  • Added additional statistic synchronisation points so website statistics more closely match current progress.
  • Improved traffic variety in Splitscreen Freedrive, Tag and Trailblazer
  • Improved traffic variety in freedrive after game completion.
  • Online: Improved randomisation of route selection where certain modes would always start their first game with a more limited route variety
  • Online: Improved player icons and vehicle images loading.
  • Online: Reduced lag/teleport issues observed when players join a session
  • Online: Improved reward images display when increasing multiplayer LVL.
  • Online: Improved session join score by re-assessing it if the leading player disconnects.


  • Fixed single-frame camera cuts evident in some film-director replays.
  • Fixed progression display of “connoisseur” achievement in the game “Achievements” menu under “Extras”
  • Fixed progression display of all fine-grain (>25 steps) achievements in the game “Achievements” menu under “Extras”
  • Fixed a specific case of NAN values being sent in game to web data.
  • Online: Fixed waiting screens displaying the next mode name incorrectly.
  • Online: Fixed occasional crash when a large party joins a public Takedown match in progress, under certain conditions.
  • Online: Fixed occasional issue where 7 players could enter a public match with a 6 player limit.
  • Online: Fixed crash on returning to the main menu from online under certain conditions
  • Online: Fixed player being disconnected from in-game party under certain conditions
  • Online: Fixed issue where user spamming rapid shift on mode start would result in odd camera behaviour
  • Online: Fixed occasional issue where qualifying mode timer would stick on 50 seconds and not decrease
  • Online: Fixed issue where a wrecked vehicle with the TAG would sometimes display a blue highlight instead of red.
  • Online: Fixed issue where a player can incorrectly be highlighted with the TAG icon under certain conditions.
  • Online: Fixed occasional crash during CTF gameplay.
  • Online: Fixed issue where the incorrect player name could be displayed on the profile screen
  • Online: added LVL banding filter to Free For All matchmaking to improve matchmaking
  • That's cool and all, but the game is pretty much dead now anyway.
  • Driver doesn't really need fixes. i never ran into any of these issues. what this game needs is DLC. such as a CUSTOM PAINT SHOP. i hate it when im driving the 1970 Chevelle SS thats bright yellow with white SS stripes. and how about new missions and some classic muscle cars that didnt make the final list. like a 1971 Hemi Cuda and a 1969 Yenko Camero. DLC please.
  • 'Improved traffic variety in Splitscreen Freedrive, Tag and Trailblazer' much needed :D
  • This game is awesome and very underestimated! This game really needs a DLC!
  • huh, I forgot about this game.
  • Great job Ubisoft, now patch Assassins Creed Revelations multiplayer so that friends can play with each other and then maybe I will go back to playing that game...
  • Will there be backwards flying dragons?
  • lol ^
  • Very good game.. very underrated.. Had a blast playing it just like i did the OG driver! I never had any problems with balancing though.. Fun 1K
  • never really noticed any of these issue's, quality game just needs some DLC.
  • i need to get back to playing this and finish it up. still have most of the online and a little bit of the single player left
  • @12 Exactly the same with me. Seeing this piece of news sparked the urge in me to load it up again, had a good long session on multiplayer and am now level 32...hoping to get to that wanted level 38 soonish. I'm quite surprised there were still quite a few players online, thought I'd be waiting ages for a match in any mode tbh. So it's good that this game is still getting some lovin'. Also finished up with a tiny bit of single player and FINALLY managed to do that dreaded sprint activity 9! What a bastard of an activity that was. Was very happy to get my 30g for getting the activities all done, plus I got a multiplayer achievement to boot!
  • Good to know. I picked this up on Amazon for $19, looking forward to checking it out.
  • They are like 20 people playing online.
  • The game is sweet, but no one really plays it. Good to know the dev still wants to patch a game for the fans they care about.
  • Anyone else having problems downloading the update?
  • Never mind It finally downloaded.
  • Hmmmm, I might go out and get this game now :)
  • wow
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