Dead Rising 3 Set in California, Stars a Mechanic?

Lee Bradley

Contrary to recent rumours, the next Dead Rising game will star Rick, a mechanic trying to escape the zombie masses in Los Peridos. That's according to a Siliconera source.

Yesterday it was widely reported that a new Dead Rising game might be on the way, starring photojournalist Frank West. If these latest rumours are to believed, that's only half right.

Apparently, the game will will be set in Los Perdidos, California, a town (unsurprisingly) overrun by zombies. But racking up the tension further is the fact that a bomb is set to destroy the town. Rick, a mechanic, must repair a plane and escape before he gets blown to bits.

Sounds like the recipe for lots of fetch quests to us.

Interestingly, there's talk of a political subtext to the game too. Apparently the game will touch on themes of illegal immigration, with a character named Red who "leads an underground group of 'illegals,' which are infected people that aren't registered by the government."

A picture claiming to be a piece of concept art was also unearthed. I've popped it below. Of course, the whole thing could be rubbish. But it's fun rubbish. Expect something official from Capcom in the next couple of days.

  • YES THANK YOU !!! CALIFORNIA IS A GOOD IDEA, and a mechanic shows that this game is going to be brutal as hell cant wait to play it !!!!! Hopefully Capcom wont fail it
  • Make Arnold a DLC character and call it "The Governator"! It would be SWEET!
  • Frank must die!!!
  • I can only guess combining things will come back bigger and better than ever. What's something new they can bring to the table? A big open city?
  • Well that guy's ugly. Not that Frank or Chuck are much to talk about, but oh god. Sounds interesting though. Can't wait for Off The Record 2, this game starring Frank. Lulz. But no seriously.
  • So expect year after it comes out DR3 OTR which will be better. Also I bet it has 50 achievements for 20g each.
  • Frank is still packing his bags... Unless he's packing his bags to fuck off =P
  • While I absolutely loved Dead Rising 2 (and the 1st obviously) I didnt think the 2nd one added all that much to the overall story of what was going on in the DR universe. I understand the series is probably alot more about zombie fun and less about hardcore story but just kind of expected a little more progress and explanation with the sequel. But just like with everyone else, Im left wanting more Frank West in a main Dead Rising title.
  • A big sandbox world would be great than a small casino/shopping complex. But I still loved Dead Rising 2. Need to get into it if I can tear myself away from Skyrim. Suppose we will have to wait for an official announcement from Capcom.
  • I got bored of DR2 too quickly, would love a sandbox game and the freedom, no timers. Just you, a big open world and a shit load of missions and side quests.
  • Dear Capcom...PLEASE keep these zombies slow and somewhat stupid and NOT go down the route that other series with zombies and making them run at ya!!
  • #11 I am same boat as you, I agree is just they need rip off timers and give more quests to do as well sandbox!!! :D
  • Reminds me of Ash.
  • @14 I was gonna say that.
  • It instantly reminded me of Dexter, actually.
  • It`s the lovechild of Dexter and Ash. Looks cool though
  • I'm tired of Dan Aykroyd *cough* I mean Frank West...
  • 11: Sandbox mode in DR2: OTR would like a word with you. As for removing the timer? No. Just No. It is a staple of the Dead Rising series and makes the game more tense. My only fault with it is the inability to 'wait' when you have spare time. If you want to play Dead Rising without timers go play Chop 'til you drop on the Wii.
  • Looks like a younger version of the Psycho in Case Zero.. New Dead Rising is welcome to me.. but they should have continued straight from DR2: Case West.
  • Frank West or no Dead Rising at all! At least as a side-kick. Also Chuck Greene. Bring them back.
  • I was hoping for a female protagonist this time, or atleast someone who isn't a white dude. Perhaps Rick will be hispanic though... Still, disappointed, even though I do enjoy the series.
  • @22: He is white for having blue eyes.
  • Needs more story missions, and not just 1 every 2 hours.
  • Fingers crossed that isn't what the main character will look like, if this is all true. He just looks weird :/
  • I sure hope that's not what the character looks like. That guy looks dumb.
  • I'm all for the new character I don't care what they look like. I will probably get this day one. If it were Frank (or Chuck) again I would probably hold off a bit. Not that they're not good characters but we've already seen what they went through and heard their stories. I think they should stick with different locations/characters for each game and show what's going on in the different areas during the outbreak.
  • Why can't they go to colorado or something? I would love snow themed DR game for a change, riding over zombies on snowboard or jet ski LOL Maybe for DR4 they will see my little comment here and decide to go that way=P
  • Then they will bring out a spin off when you play as Chuck Greene in the Dead Rising 3 world...
  • I'd disagree with #9. remember in DR1 it was an isolated incident, an act of revenge. it did hint at other infected kids but it was still small scale. DR2 had incidents occurring all over, and had Zombrex, and moved everything along into a more ongoing storyline. i hope it doesn't go totally apocalyptic though, I like the idea of a world functioning despite occasional outbreaks.
  • He's got a mini-fro...I played 1 & 2 for very short periods of time,other than trying to kill zombies ina crazy way i didn't like the controls or flow of the game. I concur with alot of people on this forum about turning it sandbox and eliminating the timers. But I do love zombie game.
  • hes a mechanic, should be a fat underworking slob then who's going to be robbing innocent zombies of cash. should of been an engineer! much more educated, knows how to make better weapons ;)
  • Instead of disarming the bomb, he is trying to get away in a plane. I really like that, shows the brutal reality that zombie games need.
  • Just no Terror is Reality. That shit is stupid in DR2 and I still haven't done the MP shit. And no fast zombies, please. George Romero's first insight was that they were slow walking, dumb, and hungry. Period. Stupid running zombies. Yea it's more intense, but it's ZOMBIE GAME. OMG. Please just stay classy, San Diego, err... Los Perdidos.
  • They don't need to get rid of the timer, it's part of what makes Dead Rising a Dead Rising game. Knowing you don't have all day to do whatever you want and have to make choices of who to save or who to let die makes it more authentic of a zombie outbreak.
  • I wish it was Rick Grimes from walking dead
  • Give us a break from Dead Rising! After 2 retail games and 2 smaller Arcade games, within 2 years, we need a small break. Don't destroy a good franchise!
  • Ok, let me guess... This bum have 72 hours to get the hell out?
  • it probably doesn't start with the bomb but rather some back story and collecting of characters then they find out about this bomb and there is only one way out. as for there being too many of these games.. come on. if you don't want to play it don't. if you want to play it then its there for your pleasure.
  • Chances are Dead Rising 3 ON the record will feature Chuck and Frank.
  • has this Rick guy covered any wars??
  • LOL...another excuse for them to make a DR3: Off the Record 2 with a "what if Frank was still the main character spin-off" ....yeah this is becoming Street Fighter all over again.
  • hopefully this one is good. i was disapointed with DR2. DR1 was great though
  • @43 I think the same thing.I want Frank back and maybe even Isabella.People say they think it shouldnt't be in a mall again,but that is what makes DR so awesome because u can use almost anything where else is going to have tons of stuff.
  • Hell yeah that is what Im talking about, I love already this, it is just what I want!!! Dead Rising 3, staring Rick, who will at the end meet with Chuck and Frank to finnish what they started... hopefully later a new Dead Rising with another hero and so on, until you can get an entire team to play with to destroy Phenotrans and its greedy plans
  • He looks like Gale from Breaking bad Lol.
  • i wish for a dr with at least 4 player(probably dr4? who knows) that ends the game in a epic way, idk why ppl hating so much dr2 i prefer chuck, his story is deeper and better than frank but frank is funnier XDD and the timer i have mixed ideas about it, it was pain to choose which missions u would do but is the feeling of dr2 they should only made it for story missions and bosses idk and mostly theyre going to do a dlc or other game of this guy meeting chuck an frank
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