Rihanna Struts Her Way Into Dance Central 2

Lee Bradley

A few more Rihanna tracks are headed to Dance Central 2. Owners of the Kinect dancing title will be able to download three new songs by the multi-squillion-selling artist from tomorrow.

On their way are What's My Name?, S&M and Only Girl in the World – all taken from Rihanna's fifth studio album LOUD. Each track costs 240 MSP, or you can buy them as a pack for 640 MSP, thus saving yourself 80 MSP - but perhaps not your dignity.

  • Rip-off
  • I love Lee's last comment... "but perhaps not your dignity." Maybe I shouldn't be commenting about "this" game. There goes MY dignity! :-(
  • Totally gonna dance my ass off to only girl in the world. Haters gonna hate.
  • All of which are horrible songs.
  • Is this some kind of sick joke?
  • @4: Is there a Rihanna song that's not terrible? I don't think there is.
  • Why are you guys hating on Rihanna? What has she done to you? She's a good singer
  • @7 - I take it you haven't seen her sing live, not that I have but when you watch videos online, not only is it painful to watch, but lately, mainly x-factor, she has her song playing in the background, whilst she lip syncs, and dances around. Nothing but autotune nowadays.
  • She can strut herself into my central
  • After the song you can then punch her for: Achievement Unlocked 10G - 'Brown' Eye
  • @10 - http://tinyurl.com/btl7ksk
  • is it a beat down mode, oh using the power of kinect weee
  • Does the DLC also include spousal abuse?
  • @13 - They're waiting for Tina Turner tracks to come out first.
  • I love that one song where she is asking her grandma what her name is. Oh nana, whats my name?
  • Of all the singers to have unchecked scorn for, you guys pick Rihanna? She's actually pretty good.
  • Dance Central = Everything I hate about today's youth
  • @everyone except #'s 2 3 7 16. Why so many haters? Can't everyone just go play their own respective games and listen to their own music?
  • @18 Because some people who are actually semi-intellegent about art and music get very pissed off when they see horribly untalented trashey artists dominating the pop culture of today's unbecoming society.
  • I wasn't hating. I was just trying to make you laugh. I love the Dance Central games. They're easily the best designed / most fun Kinect games to date. They definitely showcase the Kinect's abilities.
  • @19 - But wouldn't it be weird to dance to Zeppelin on a game like this? A game like this lends itself to music like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, etc.
  • They really do charge too much for DC songs... shoulda kept it the 160 that RB has. O well, honestly am waiting to get DC2 for Xmass.. loved the first one just havent finished it yet, I'm too lazy
  • Who would want to dance to that... I´ve bought a Kinect months ago but it´s collecting dust now, sadly.
  • dat ass
  • Struttin that ass, struttun that ass, struttin that ass.
  • @ 19 So you're saying Rihanna is destroying the pop culture world?
  • @19 Please, you are the most pretentious person in this entire comment section. Musical taste is a matter of "intelligence" now? Okay genius, enlighten us.
  • i cant stand her or lady gaga crap
  • I miss read the title, i thought it said 'Sluts her way in' thought they'd be some happy nerdy game developer getting jacked off by her. :-P
  • She has 5 albums? Holy shit. Meanwhile the Foo Fighters have 7 in 17 years.
  • Hate her songs, Although she is pretty fit though :)
  • Hope they have achievements related, for the goodamn endurance it is to play or "dance" these songs. At least for the suffer and the effort.
  • [Comment deleted]
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