BioShock Heads to Hollywood

Geoff White
New York, NY – May 9, 2008 – 2K Games announced today that it has reached an agreement for BioShock®, the universally acclaimed smash-hit video game, to be developed as a feature film by Universal Pictures. 2K Games, whose 2K Boston and 2K Australia studios developed BioShock, is a video game publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO).

The prospect of bringing this blockbuster game to life has attracted not only a major studio, but top Hollywood talent. Gore Verbinski, director of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, is slated to direct and produce the BioShock movie. John Logan, Academy Award-nominated writer of Gladiator, The Aviator and Sweeney Todd, is in talks to do the screenplay.

The expected release date and terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

An original property developed by 2K Games, BioShock is one of the most successful new interactive entertainment franchises to launch in recent years. A critical and consumer hit, BioShock has sold more than 2 million units worldwide since its release in August 2007. A sequel to the game, BioShock 2, is planned for a release in 2009.

"We are excited that 2K Games' vision for BioShock will be carried forward in a new medium," said Strauss Zelnick, Chairman of Take-Two. "BioShock has been hailed as one of the most highly cinematic and richly plotted titles in interactive entertainment, making it extremely well-suited to film. In partnering with Universal and Gore Verbinski, we have assembled a team that respects the uniqueness of BioShock and will translate it into a powerful movie experience."

Mr. Zelnick added, "Our ability to attract a major studio and unparalleled creative team speaks volumes about the strength of our BioShock franchise. It also demonstrates how Take-Two is delivering value based on our strategy of creating and owning our industry's most powerful intellectual property."

Christoph Hartmann, President of 2K Games, noted, "BioShock fans appreciate the depth and complexity of the game, and our partnership with Gore Verbinski will introduce the world of Rapture to an even wider audience. In addition to his impressive body of work, Gore is an avid video gamer and true fan of BioShock. That was extremely important to us in deciding to move forward with this project."

BioShock: Triumph of the Imagination

Considered to be one the finest games in the history of interactive entertainment, BioShock unfolds as a deep and exciting adventure. Barely surviving a plane crash, the player lands in icy uncharted waters and discovers an undersea city called Rapture, a failed utopia whose citizens had embraced genetic engineering before the city descended into pure anarchy. Power and greed have run amok and the city has succumbed to civil war. It is a gripping game that forces the player to make complex moral choices. Fans have embraced BioShock's mysterious world filled with powerful technology and fascinating characters. BioShock is also renowned for its rich visual detail depicting a gorgeous Art Deco world set deep beneath the sea.

BioShock has earned some of the highest ratings and strongest accolades in video game history. It is one of the best-rated titles for Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, with a MetaCritic rating of 96. Numerous organizations bestowed "Game of the Year" status on BioShock in 2007, including The Associated Press, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), Game Informer, Spike TV's Video Game Awards, G4's X-Play,, The Houston Chronicle and Paste Magazine. Additionally, BioShock ranked among the top 10 titles on many other "Best of 2007" award lists, including The New York Times, Time Magazine and Maxim. BioShock was internally developed by 2K Boston and 2K Australia and is owned by the 2K Games label of Take-Two Interactive Software.

  • noooooo!! what a mess this will be! great horror pedigree 'pirates of the carribbean!!'
  • I knew it. I'm actually really looking forward to this. It screams 'movie' from start to finish.
  • YES!!!!! This movie will be the best movie ever!
  • I think as long as they keep it to a 1 or 2 movie bit it will be fine, but if they drag it out like they did with Pirates of the Carribean then its DOOMED.
  • So long as they don't cast big names to fill the roles, I think it could work well.
  • This will suck, big time. (for want of a better phrase)
  • Hmm.... this project could end up going either way. At least Ewe Boll isn't at the helm !!!!
  • This could have potential, but I think it will be very dissapointing to be honest.
  • hmmmm a Bioshock could work if u have the best of the best
  • this will be awesome
  • This will be absolutely AMAZING!!! or a complete mess. It really depends on how they adapt it. Hopefully they preserve the sociological/philosophical bent of the same and make that the core theme of the movie, and not make it some "Look at this dude shooting splicers!" sort of movie devoid of any mental/emotional depth.
  • i dunno about this. Bioshock is such a good game in my opinion and I hope they don't ruin it with a crappy movie.
  • I think itll depend on the acting, not directing. I love the Pirates movies and i think hell do a great job on Bioshock. They just need to get some talent in the movie
  • the fact that he (the director) is a huge fan of the game and has actually played it is a huge plus. I wont damn this one till I see it because it has tons of potential. and thank god it wasnt given to uwe boll to ruin.
  • Oh god .. here we go again!
  • lets see how bad they can screw up a movie with a great premade plot,storyline and characters... f hollywood
  • Sorry, but I don't think Gore Verbinski is even slightly the right guy for the job - I mean his list of directed titles can be counted on your fingers, and none of them relate to the bioshock genre, or even its era...???? There's no way he'll capture the deeper essence of what Bioshock was, it will just be a standard movie with various references to key items/plot markers of the game... Please prove me wrong, as there is potential for an amazing film if done properly!
  • If the film turns out to be as good as the game, i'll buy the DVD. Twice.
  • Wow with all this major happenings in the works, Take-Two should be into some decent money and EA will have to fork over a shit-load of money if they would want to buy them out now.
  • I am eager to see what they can come up with =) At least the director is skilled for the job!
  • At first I thought a Bioshock movie would be great but I bet Hollywood won't let it be as dark and twisted as it should be. Bioshock is borderline "horror" at some points. Hollywood won't release anything that dark.
  • I think it will be a great success. At least I hope that it is. I would hate to see them turn such a masterpiece into a shitty movie. Here's hoping it's a blockbuster hit!
  • I will make judgements when a trailer is available. Until then, this'll go in my mind's backburner.
  • This should be an awesome success! Movies based upon games do not usually turn out well because they have a weak story behind them (i.e. Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Double Dragon, Mario Bros., Bloodrayne, etc.) In my mind, Resident Evil came as close as any game will for this success and I hope that Bio Shock will blow RE out of the water for success. And yes, I know that I am probably missing credit to a movie and giving too much credit to RE, but that is just my take on the subject.
  • hmmm im not so sure about this.. as in bioshock somethin can jump at you at every a movie they cant really do that can they?
  • with people like that signing on, im actually looking forward to it. actual power behind making it, not just a uwe boll craptacular.
  • I am looking forward to this. Naturally as a huge fan of the game I do have concerns but I will definitely be hoping for the best.
  • the storyline in the game was shit so this will be horible!
  • Looking forward to this. Game did cry "movie" from the start and it will be interesting what route it will go down. Anything will be beter than the Resident Evil movie series... Be more certain of it when a trailer comes out.
  • What is the deal with Movie based video games, and video game based movies....they hardly ever turn out good. But this one might be pretty good.
  • This has some serious potential if they don't rush it and put really good CG in it. The story line was ok but the character design and setting was awesome! Hollywood will manage to screw it up though.
  • i was just telling a friend the other day bioshock would make an awsome film
  • Keep in mind they have a great screenwriter (Logan) to complete the script. He did Sweeney Todd, Aviator, Gladiator, etc. There is hope! I'm not a Verbinski fan, but he seems really dedicated to the source material.
  • well, the game has one of my favorite story lines, so the movie has to have potential... I just hope they don't mess it up
  • Ewe Boll isn't making it... and its being done by some decent directors/writers.... its possible this movie will be great.
  • jesus! when will they learn, game to film convertions never work. If you disagree name an example when the film was better than the game?
  • Kenji8055 how about Mortal Kombat...that was a decent movie, at least I thought it was.
  • If you found mortal kombat to be a decent movie then you sir are an imbecile.
  • Some tell me this is not true, please?
  • sweet how about for a film poster it has fontaine sitting behind a desk but his head is concealed in darkness and under him it says "would you kindly watching my film"
  • Oh i smell disaster
  • Either way, good or bad, the game still remains amazing. Just hopefully the movie is. If it isn't, oh well. Their loss.
  • This has potential to be one hell of a movie as long as the people in charge don't ruin it. The storyline is just so good! Don't know which I'm looking more forward to, Gears of War or BioShock..
  • Omg :D Great director, great game = great movie? I hope so :)
  • COOL
  • I'm stoked! This should be GREAT!!!
  • Hell yes.
  • This will destroy the game. Just watch they will f*** with the story
  • wasn't the whole point of the game having choices? How can a movie which has a solid plot line be Bioshock? unless they let us vote on what we do next lol. achievment unlocked?
  • ill see it
  • to tell you the truth i didnt really think this game was all that great. i was dissapointed i bought it and i guessing the movie will make it even worst. they need to stop turning games to movies cuz quite frankly it usually kills them.
  • If only Vincent Price were still alive to play Andrew Ryan...
  • Oh, son of a sorry sack of shit. This is ridiculous. Bioshock is possibly my favorite game of all time, but it does NOT need to be a movie just simply because it WILL be trashed. We aren't supposed to know what Jack looks like, and I don't want to. I'm just pissed off.
  • This is a great game and a stupid idea to make it into a movie. I see this movie being all hype and going no where, it will have no story but it will be neat to see the big daddy costume they use
  • Thank God it's not in the hands Uwe Boll!
  • Nice! I loved the game, will probably love the movie........ but what I really look forward to is the game they make based of the movie ;-) BIOSHOCK The Movie the game LoL
  • Great game, movie adaptations of games are better than game adaptations of movies
  • Weak.
  • Game to Movie? Total suckage is instore
  • going to be an overrated movie just how it was an overrated game
  • This game is my favorite video game of all time. I just pray that this movie gets canceled like the Halo movie.
  • I always said this would make an awesome movie!
  • What a shame, this game could have gone down gracefully into history.
  • Exactly what I was fearing. Bioshock is such a beautiful story but..well, I can't honestly say I'm a fan of the game-to-movie genre :/
  • i think i just wet my pants.. first announcment of bioshock 2 and now this, *drool*
  • * Drool *
  • Could be cool...THANK GOD NO EWE BOLLE!!!
  • Good grief, they're turning so many games into movies these days... BioShock, Kane & Lynch, Gears of War, even Halo...
  • Sounds great to me. That's a great director and screenwriter to have onboard. :D
  • If ever a video game could be made into a good movie, I'd have to say that BioShock does have some serious potential. We'll just have to wait and see. True, Hollywood has a real knack for failing to live up to our expectations but I think they're getting better, Silent Hill was almost good.
  • KEEP THE ROCK FARRRRRR AWAY FROM THIS ONE!! It could work. Only thing that's going to annoy me, will be the introduction of a new character for the 'player' to investigate with. Wouldn't be very interesting if the 'player' was wandering around Rapture by himself, with a two-way radio as his only means of communication. *sigh* Hollywood, just don't fuck it up.
  • Bioshock was great, and the idea of turning it into a film is great. Whether or not it will be great is a differenty story, I wint make any judgements yet though. All I know is that 2k probably wouldnt care if it is rubbish cause theyll make loads anyway. I dont know which film im looking forward to most- Gears of War,Halo or this. Probably Gears of War. Im guessing ill still be looking froward to all 3 in a very long time though. *sigh*
  • Unless i find out it has turned into a good movie, i wont be watching it so it doesn't spoil my great respect for the Bioshock franchise.
  • Bioshock best game ever..... but normaly moives to do with video games dont do to well in england
  • ive never played it but the movie looks good
  • I am still disappointed that they are making a sequel to Bioshock, let alone a movie now. The story is done! How will they follow it up with the ending it had?
  • this will be good i think, especially for those of us who have 1100 =)
  • That would be awesome!
  • finally some confermation, altho im sceptical of whether itll be any good. i mean the people who will be watching it will be the people who have played the game and like it, so we'll know the story, so they will have to add something good in there that we still dont know about to keep it interesting.
  • It's not like HOLLYWOOD can come up with a generic story line all on their own. lol
  • Hey why not... it's not going to hurt anyone to make it a movie.
  • this could be very bad films of games dont usually turn out too good if you ask me
  • It better have all the blood from bishock...
  • one of my favorite game storylines..just hope this wrecks. hopefully they wont f it up with the story much.
  • Holy CRAP, this will be the sickest movie ever if it is made because BIOSHOCK is a sick game.
  • bioshock sucked, this will too
  • Hmmm. Interesting. The game was very cinematic already so if they can maintain the games integrity it could be pretty cool.
  • Sounds like it has potential. Just because the director did family movies doesn't mean he doesn't know how to do a thriller. Mr. Brooks is a good example of this. The guys who did the movie Mr. Brooks worked for Disney and did some of the Honey I Shrunk The Kids movies, so don't underestimate genre changes.
  • It should all be done in first person, black and white. Not to mention slightly skewed to the left.
  • ahh al of your people who wil say the movie will suck and such this movie willll be da bomb
  • "It should all be done in first person, black and white. Not to mention slightly skewed to the left." Hahahaha. Don't ask me why but just made me laugh.
  • This is pretty damn awesome.. Still reckon it should of been made into a novel first.
  • To those who said that Gore has no experience with the genre...didn't he direct the Ring?
  • Well I'll see it, but I might not be happy. It's like all you Speed Racer fans going to see the movie (which looks more like F-Zero than anything).
  • i cant wait.
  • if he's played the game, he'll have a good idea of whether the film is as the game is... AWESOME. can't wait..
  • Gore Verbinski is a hack director. This movie will be awful if he stays with the project. No matter how good the script/story is, Verbinski will make it suck.
  • Amazing how quickly the massess can judge over nothing more than an initial announcement. Could it suck out loud? Absolutely. Could it be ok, or even GASP! Good?! Possibly. Hell, it might even get axed and not see the light of day. The only thing I think anyone can be sure of is that at least that piece of crap Uwe Boll isn't anywhere near it.....And the game was great (even though the endings sucked). If you thought it was crap go back to Halo, COD4 and Gears; you obviously don't care about plot development.
  • Most video game movies are bad excluding the very few. One thing I wonder is how the movie will end and close it will be to the video game. Like for once if you saved the little sisters or harvested them you get a certain ending. How will the movie go if thoese choices in the game effect the outcome.
  • Could go either way. At least Michael Bay isn't Directing it! Thank the gods.
  • This is just proof we've entered the point where video game stories are much better than movie stories. Example A: Mass Effect, Bioshock, others with greats stories. Example B: xXx.
  • Might be ok, will be interesting to see how they deal with the main character and his interactions with the little girls. Bioshock 2 will be great!
  • People, calm down - lets just wait and see We all know that even if it was directed by a mound of dirt we would still be going to see it
  • i iwsh hollywood would leave the video games alone as well as the comic books. i gotta bad felling this movie is gonna go bad,real bad but we'll see in time as i could be wrong
  • oh god its gona be gay like pirates
  • Well this one could go either way... If they respect the fact that Bioshock has one of the best settings out there and a rich, carefully thought out and plotted back story and stick to it's origins, it could well be the best game to movie adaption ever. If however there is a splicer who turns good and becomes the hero's love interest, a mutated or engineered 'super daddy' or a wise cracking little sister with an attitude then it would be proof if proof were needed that Hollywood can't get it right, even when the tools are all there in the first place.
  • wow. in my opinion ya'll couldn't be any more wrong. look how dark and eery this guy has made a DISNEY franchise. imagine the fear he could add to the already grossly freightening world of rapture. this will be awesome.
  • I rather see the guys from Lost/Cloverfield to do this movie, but no matter what. Bioshock makes a very nice plot for a movie if you can capture the darkness, atmosphere and charachters.
  • Many games have been turned into less than respectable movies (most notorious being one of the Tomb Raiders but there are others). What I would like to see them do, since the game itself really can't have the same plot line of the game is to either, 1. Have movie set after the game, and have a crash that brings a person to explore Rapture (and of course Atlas survived, as did Ryan) or 2. Have it set before the game, perhaps the introduction of plasmids, or the problems in the city central. As for film styles, I would like to see it done in an almost noire style. Perhaps not to the extent of Sin City (which is a good film, even if it was dark), but rather more a Sky Captain of Tomorrow style. Almost comic-booky. When the movie comes out though I will be thrilled to see some of ho
  • I will definitely watch this in theatres, the only way it could be watched
  • Would you kindly make it a good movie?
  • I'm interested to see how good this will be. It has a great storyline, but my only question is, where will most of the dialogue come from? You can't have one guy on a movie screen shooting splicers with people occasionally talking for an hour and a half.
  • i think it would be better to have an independent director, give it a darker feel then a happy pirates of the carribean disney movie
  • Its a good game that shouldn't be made into a movie. I can see them destroying it
  • Well at least it has one thing going for it, regardless of how they do, it won't be Doom.
  • How come nobody ever realises that movies made from video games are never EVER truly successful. This comment will probably bite me in the ass someday, but I honestly have yet to see a good film rendition of a video game.
  • this kiks so much ass.
  • This will never happen the movie director and producer both jumped ship on the project hollywood wanted to make the movie PG-13 so yea it will such check this link out and read for ur self.
  • it sounds awesome on paper but in reality sadly itll be another video game adaption nightmare
  • This isn't still going on?
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