Is Resident Evil 6 Being Teased With This Elaborate Viral Campaign?

Richard Walker

A huge viral campaign that's been doing the rounds since yesterday has come to light today, boasting images of graffiti tags thrown up on walls and billboards in a variety of locations including London, China, Serbia, Japan and Berlin, which the viral site has documented. Each tag features a strange symbol and the phrase "no hope left", and the old internet rumour mill reckons that it's all part of an elaborate build up towards an announcement for Resident Evil 6.

Also prominent in the campaign is the date 19th January, hinting that a reveal or further teasing could be on the way tomorrow. Then there's the video (posted below) of a hysterical woman that offers further hints that Resident Evil 6 may be on its way to China, as previously speculated in rumours spilled onto the interwebs early last month, with Chinese actress Wendy Mok posting a CV that lists voicework as a 'Chinese villager/zombie" in Capcom's unannounced survival horror sequel.

Internet sleuths over on NeoGAF meanwhile have discovered that the NoHopeLeft site is registered to Identity Protection Service, which happens to be the same company that provided a legitimate viral campaign for Capcom with Resident Evil: Operation Racccoon City, which is due to launch in March. And the final piece of the jigsaw is the fact that Capcom is holding a Fright Night Event in San Francisco on January 19th, the same date being teased in the viral material. Is a reveal on the cards there? Who knows?

Could this all be a huge hoax or genuine marketing for Resident Evil 6? Hopefully, all will be revealed tomorrow, unless it really is the apocalypse, in which case, it was nice knowing you all. Check out the trailer below, and look out for that elusive little symbol near the end. What does it all mean?!

[Via OXM]

  • Hopefully it'll revert back to the good old days, when we were in a mansion and the game was actually scary
  • Hopes for it being real
  • *Cue comments of people bitchin' about how they like the old RE games better and they should go back to those days. Behind the shoulder is fine. I want to run and gun though. Make it scary like RE4 and I'm good.
  • I don't think they have mansions in rural China
  • @3 then you could as well say: scary as RE5. anyway, i too hope that it will be great like RE4 and hopefully it comes with coop mode again!
  • I like the style of 4 but the atmosphere and enemies were much better in 1,2 and 3. A balance of those would be good.
  • re5ident evil: retribution teaser trailer is out tomorrow so could be for that
  • actually jumped the gun, thats out today lol
  • @3 RE4 scary? Please.
  • @9 HARD AS. I don't see why they would announce this now isn't there a Resi game out in march? If they announce Resi 6 now it would take some of the spotlight awat from Operation Racoon City. We'll find out tomorrow i guess
  • @1 And with true ZOMBIES, not infected people! ;-)
  • anyone else notice the flash of a symbol at the end??? top right corner....might mean something???
  • Left 4 dead 3 yay
  • @13 What? Tch. You bloody fool.
  • hopefully in between this and res evil 5 sheva will have become infected and we'll have no choice but to kill her
  • As long as they don't have africans in it this time... that was well racist last time. It's ok to hate on the chinese right?
  • Pause it at :26 and you see a childs drawing of a biohazard symbol. And for all the people who DON'T know, Resident Evil is called Biohazard in Japan.
  • *Sorry, meant :28 RIGHT at the end.
  • Its ironic that after Resi 5, this series could do with a shot of regenerative viruses to bring it back from the dead. Thanks to achievements I've logged way more hours than I wanted to on that let-down. Looking forward to "Operation Raccoon City" though, can't see how they'll crowbar in something arse like crashing into & platforming round an active volcano!
  • @12 & 18 - I too saw the symbol and if you go to the site listed above ( it is the same symbol showing up in all of the faux graffiti tags being 'reported'
  • Thought After Re5 it was going to get a full reboot,so i wonder if this is it or it will Reboot after the next gen consoles release?
  • Zombies or not, I don't care, just make it scary again. Oh, and no more 'roided up action heroes punching boulders either.
  • As long as they find SOME way to revive Wesker and have him in the game, then I'm happy.
  • After the dire R.E.5 i'm looking forward to operation racoon city more than another true R.E game
  • OMG an actual survival horror? the video makes it seem that way anyways if she is gonna be the main, wonder what's in it this time.. or have they took Resi to a Silent Hill themed like they were going to in Resi4?
  • @22 its been quite a while since there was a truly scary and frightning Resident Evil,So Same Here hope we do get some scare factor,was not a lot of it in RE 5
  • Please be RE6. RE is my all-time favourite game series, and the one that is most important to me, and RE5 just didn't cut it for me fully. It was still awesome, as are all RE's in their own ways (Even Gaiden and Dead Aim are fun for what they are). So please Capcom. Do what needs to be done. And please let it be Barry.... (Could that be Barry's wife (talking about kids as well), just because she is Asian we can't rule it out, could just be for regional reasons.
  • Maybe something new for the "horror" or "survival" franchise. Just please, no more zombie games... RE:6 Fatal Fame (3?) Whatever it is, I hope it's great. Often don't see video games do the whole viral thing.
  • hmmm good point,i would have fun playing as Barry,and Yea Dead Aim was good for what it was,kind of simple though and finished it in about two days,So Video is Gonna Drop Tomoroww?
  • Looks suspect to me...just announce the damn game. I jump through enough hoops at work every day, just give it to me straight.
  • Hope it is better then that RE 5 junk
  • i only have one question, and it's very important WILL IT HAVE FUCKING ZOMBIES??? (and no, i don't mean necro porn) no incorrectly pronounced ourobouros bullshit, god that pissed me off, not just the pronunciation, but the whole concept RE is the only game i've liked with zombies in, excluding patched versions of games deemed to break decency laws...and with the industry's love for "re-inventing" franchises, RE, like most other games, went tits up
  • pretty gay
  • @33 we don't care about your sexuality
  • Nah, this is what'll happen if the current bill passes which everyone is talking about.
  • @ #11: The zombies were always infected people. Ever heard of the T-virus? @ #33: That's nice. Now finish going through puberty. OT: Having recently gone back and actually played RE 1 - 3 and Dino Crisis, I can safely say that I really don't want a return to some of those aspects. The control schemes were awkward, and the "true" zombies were only a threat if you blindly ran around a corner and smashed into one. The games only got dangerous and tense when you encountered a hunter, licker, or some form of tyrant. That said, I would welcome a departure from the linear levels of RE5. Being able to shoot while moving would be nice, too, and I really don't want anything like the terrible Versus DLC. Backtracking through a dark, atmospheric setting in order to solve puzzles in the older games was fun even if many of the puzzles were bizarre; to me, that's a hallmark of the series and of survival horror in general.
  • @34, i'm sure he meant it in a good way. Maybe he's stuck in the 50s.
  • Sorry for the double post, but . . . @ #16: I really hope you're being sarcastic or ironic. RE5 was not, I repeat was not racist. Yes, I get that Chris is white and he's killing infected tribesmen or poor blacks, but what else is he supposed to kill in Africa?
  • RE was ment to be a survival horror game not action and i did like RE4 but 5 wasnt really that scary i want it to be like the old RE games only with RE4 gameplay, that i would buy.
  • #39 or you just simply suck at the newer games.
  • I don't care if it's not survival horror anymore I enjoyed RE 4&5 and the first 3 were good too so stop bitching and be happy about getting RE6 possibly -_-
  • #42 im not bitching im just speaking the truth sorry if i offended u.
  • Notice the symbol at the end of the video (Twenty-eighth second.) I don't recognize it personally.
  • @38-- I thought it was hilarious when people were up in arms about the last RE game being racist. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, NAACP, and ACLU were all over that crap. It was far from racist, just a bunch of whiners looking for handouts complained about it. OT: RE 1 was the scariest, RE: 3 Nemesis was my favorite though. I've played them all, so even if RE 6 continues to go in the wrong direction I'll play it, I just won't buy it.
  • looks like this could be for resi evil but not the game the trailer for the movie is out tomorrow
  • @43 Epic Fail? At what point did I say RE5 sucked? I actually thought it was an amazing game. I also don't think people count RE4 as one of the 'older' games. So Epic fail for you...BRO Everyone who's always complaining about how Capcom should go back to the old days are the ones who are always taking little shots at RE5. RE5, while it stared away from previous titles, was a good game. You don't think it was a survival horror game? You think it was just action adventure? Good for you then, it was a awesome action adventure game. Now move along... It's almost the same as all the people who complain about Mass Effect. "Mass Effect 2 sucked", "Where's the RPG in this game" "Mass Effect 3 focuses more on the combat". blah blah blah. Play the game, like it or hate it, Then move on. Simple. Rant Over.
  • Outbreak 3
  • @49 Sweet God I wish. But sales were too poor. sadly, it will never be (Outbreak 3 is announced tomorrow after I say this)
  • If it's true and tomorrow will be first reveal of RE6, I'm sold no matter what it is. I loved it since the first game and even tough it changed a lot through every sequel they know how to keep it entertaining and fresh=)
  • is it me or does anyone else see a face at the end right beside the drawing...Look very closely...
  • Jill don't open that door
  • I miss my Jill Sandwich....
  • @39 My pet chimpanzee spells like that. Just he knows how to spell.
  • Resident Evil...SOPA!
  • @3 the problem isn't the game play style (though I wouldn't mind a return to that..) the problem is the ludicrous turn the games story has taken since 4 and 5's lack of any attempt at being horror. 4 was great, just its story that sucked
  • Jill and Leon. Res6 is calling you....
  • I wonder why people can't just appreciate all RE games for what they are. RE4 & 5 aren't scary, but neither were the originals few unless you were really young when they came out. The bulk of their scares were cheap jump scares, while RE4/5 relied on being overwhelmed with enemies and not being able to see behind you. In any case, I like the original games (RE0, RE1, RE2, RE3 and CVX), the newer ones (RE4 and RE5) and I even liked Umbrella/Darkside Chronicles (admittedly, Umbrella was crap compared to Darkside, though). I haven't played Outbreak, Dead Aim, or Survivor yet still. And I'm excited for Revelations (3DS) and Operation: Raccoon City. I don't know what's hard to like about all of them. Are they vastly different? Yes. But they're still all fun and I still like the overarching story, even if it got a bit absurd as it went on and less believable (pretending the zombie outbreak/monsters were believable in the first place). I've been a fan since the series began, and I don't really understand why older fans hate the new games or why newer fans think the older games are inferior. Ridiculous.
  • Right now or for a bit i have been thinking Resi Evil 5 was a great game that i traded in might get it back Today or before 6 comes out.
  • @11 Zombies are infected people... I agree with #3 all anyone wants to do is bitch about how awful 4 and 5 were and how amazing 1 2 and 3 were... THEY ARE ALL FUCKING... you have to evolve with the times... as good as the first 3 were there is no reason to go back to shit targeting tank controls in awkward camera angle corridors with slow non threatening zombies... and be honest with yourself would you even want that?... as great as that nostalgia is when a game like that comes out these days its shit on for its "primitive concept and controls"... that was effective in the late 90s/early 2000s because thats all consoles were capable of... we have the potential to do so much more now... as much as I like zombies its really time to move past all that... zombies used to be great because of franchises like RE... and then the world was overrun by hordes of absolute thoughtless zombie shit with a few survivors of zombie righteousness here and there (and no Im not talking about L4D that helped spread the fucking plague) but all in all it left what made zombies so great to begin with void of all life... all puns intended...
  • @43 What the fuck is JAJA? Is that Spanish for HAHA? @48 What you just typed is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read... at no point in your rambling incoherent response to #43 were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought... everyone on this article is now dumber for having read it... I give you a thumbs down... and may God have mercy on your soul...
  • @61 Meant to say "THEY ARE ALL FUCKING AMAZING"... sorry about that
  • Turns out it was a film then
  • So the meaning of this? :D
  • Well it's about time we heard anything about Resi 6. Come on Capcom. I want to give you my money for that game. Release it already!!
  • @39 Well with the way you type, it would seem that you are too young to even have the awesomeness of playing RE when it first came out. So shut up and play Black Ops like every teenage basement dweller. OP: I hope it is a Resident Evil announcement, but I really would like a game with Billy from RE0 in it. That would be beast. :P
  • Bring back wesker and Barry burton :)
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