Codemasters Gearing Up to Reveal GRID 2

Lee Bradley

It's been a while since we heard anything about the follow-up to GRID, Codemasters' scintillating 2008 racer. In July 2010 the studio revealed that the game was in development, but since then? Nothing. Don't get too disheartened though, because that's all about to change.

Speaking to our own Dan Webb at a recent tour of Codemasters' UK HQ in Southam, the company's director of communications, Rich Eddy, said "Loads of people are asking where GRID 2 is, when that's coming back. Well stayed tuned, you may not have to wait long to hear more about that." Such a tease.

So as the agonising wait continues, why not have a look at the studio tour in full, in which Eddie takes us around the venerable British development studio, giving us a bit of a gaming history lesson - as well as a glimpse into the future - on the way. Check it out here.

  • awesome!
  • Oh shit, YES!
  • I personally prefer GRID over Dirt. Not sure why they will release a Dirt spin-off instead of giving GRID 2 a holiday release by itself.
  • GRID was a damn good game, I really enjoyed it. I'd certainly buy the sequel.
  • YES!
  • Hopefully they will support the game with patches better...'Gotta Drive Em All' anyone??? It doesn't work, then it does, then it doesn't...grrr But hell yeah, very excited for this - love GRID and DIRT very much. When will codies get round to doing 'Dizzy HD' on XBLA :)
  • 6: I got Gotta drive em all when they first patched it. Jelly? GRID was awesome and I welcome a sequel with open arms.
  • Never played the first,hope this is good cause I am getting it day 1 cause forza dosent cut it for me.
  • @8 yes please i would like some jelly.
  • When i first played Grid I was like this game is crap it feels rubbish ! However once you ace the different handling the game has , it becomes on of the best racing game there is . Bring on Grid 2 ! Lets hope there's no achievement for driving all the cars this time though.
  • OMG YES!
  • looking forward to this!
  • Great, they can release yet more broken acheivements that they will fix and then break again and then deny it is broken despite everyone emailing them to tell them they've broken again. I really loved GRID but the fact that they just ignored the fans when they broke the ferrari achievement again just pissed me off a little!
  • Finally!
  • Woop woop woop. Time to drift like a nutter!
  • Excellent news!
  • Finally! Me and many of my friends waiting for Grid 2 since we completed the first 4 years ago. I just can't understand why they taking so long???!!!
  • Hell yes! Less F1, more grid and dirt!
  • sweet
  • Awesome!!!! I also wish they would announce the next Overlord!
  • GRID is the best racer on 360, so this is something that seems obvious really! Looking forward to it!
  • Awesome! I loved GRID. We have too much DiRT. Time for some GRID! :3
  • i wanted this 3 years ago
  • I never played Grid, but then again I don't play many racing games. I do enjoy Forza, The Run and Dirt every now and then though. Guess it's good news?=)
  • About time too!
  • @ #18 id rather wait 4 years and buy a awesome, well devolped, kick ass race game, then a quickly and rushed made, unfinished, underdeveloped, we-have-to-do-a-race-sequel-every-year game (yeah pointing at you NFS!). atleast now we get a game that is worth full price (assuming its going to be as awesome as the first 1) i say: let those trailers come! :D:D:D:D:D
  • 24hour G.P is a pain... great game great expectations with #2 anybody remember Micro Machines game that was C.M I think
  • BOOYAH! GRID was (is!) an excellent game. This is great news!
  • WHOOP WHOOP!!! Finally! Cannot wait for this game. If the last one is anything to go off, this should be... EPIC!
  • at least you xbox fans can still play GRiD multiplayer, the servers for playing multiplayer on the PC have been offline for over a year now so we cant play online only on a local LAN with a friend :(
  • AHHHHH! I have been waiting forever for this day. The prophecies have been fulfilled! :) Destruction derby here i come! Grid and Forza the greatest racing games ever! NFS sold out long ago, sorry to say unless they make a underground 3, i will never purchase any NFS ever again.
  • So stoked. I played the life out of the GRID demo.
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