Street Fighter X Tekken Could Have Had Master Chief and Marcus Fenix as Xbox-Exclusive Fighters

Richard Walker

Bah! Isn't it annoying when one platform gets all of the nice little exclusive bonuses and the other one gets a whole lot of nothing? Street Fighter X Tekken already has a massively robust and exciting roster as it is, but the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions will also be getting Cole McGrath from inFamous and Sony cat mascots, Toro and Kuro, while the Xbox 360 will be getting no bonus guest characters.

But it turns out that this might not have been the case had Capcom been able to successfully negotiate exclusive characters with Microsoft. Speaking to Producer Yoshinori Ono at Capcom's UK HQ earlier today, we asked whether there had been plans for Xbox 360 exclusive fighters.

"We do have the exclusive characters for the Sony platform. We have Cole, the two Sony cats, Kuro and Toro. But basically for the Xbox 360, we were in discussions with them (Microsoft) for which character to put in as an exclusive, but we weren't able to decide on a character because of differences in timing and things like that," Ono told X360A. "So unfortunately for Street Fighter X Tekken, only the PlayStation family will be getting the exclusive characters, but it's something we wish could have happened. It's just too bad, basically."

Which characters would have Ono liked to have inducted into the Street Fighter X Tekken stable then?

"In terms of characters we wish we could have put in the game, Master Chief or Marcus Fenix from Gears of War would have been really cool, but it was just really difficult," Ono added. "We have Cole from inFamous on PS3, which is really cool, but that's just the way it turned out."

Halo's Spartans are no stranger to fighting games as Spartan-458 (AKA Nicole) was in Dead or Alive 4 as a hidden character and Marcus Fenix was an extra character in Capcom's Lost Planet 2. This time however, they'll be staying put in Halo and Gears of War respectively.

Street Fighter X Tekken is out in early March.

  • Even lack of character exclusives Micro$oft? Really? Is this too hard for you?
  • While it would have been cool to have a 360 character, I doubt that anyone who has both systems will now get this on PS3 be because of Cole McGrath....
  • Master C. would've nice.
  • Tis a shame, I get the feeling that Microsoft like having their own toys all too themselves and don't want to share with the other kids.
  • Ah well, what can you do
  • Xbox gets screwed once again :( ..
  • Master Chief was not in Dead or Alive 4, it was a different Spatan named Nicole.
  • Stupid idea. Whats the point in having a specific cross over game then throwing in random characters from another franchise? It’s not smash brothers.
  • GOD FOR FUCK SAKE. This shit pisses me off so fucking much.
  • @6 It's not the Xbox getting screwed, it's Microsoft screwing the players because they want to be assholes. -.-
  • Who cares? These exclusive characters are generally terrible and ruin the "feel" of the game. Im happy without them myself like i think many others are.
  • This game is gonna suck anyway, and with UMVC3, MK3 and Soul Calibur 5 you have enough good alternatives so I don't think that much xbox players will get this shit.
  • @7 - Aah! Of course! I've fixed the error, thanks.
  • just do SOMEONE as a bonus and make them a free dlc later on.
  • @ #7 But it's practically Master Chief since the only difference you can tell is the voices.
  • I wonder how this will affect the character select screen for the 360 version, are we just going to have two gaps where the PS3 gets characters? Tis a shame since there seemed no problem with Fenix being in Lost Planet 2, also a Capcom game. I bet it was all to do with some fool at MS thinking that the Chief and Fenix being beaten up by other characters would somehow cheapen their brands.
  • bring back some of the street fighter one characters, like mike, lee, joe, retsu, geki. hell, bring in the scottish guy from street fighter iv thats in the background of one stage holding a big barrel of whiskey!
  • The only characters I want to see in this game is Street Fighter and Tekken cast. Cole will be banned from Tournaments, and those cats are stupidly ridiculous. I would have been extremely pissed to see Fenix or MC in SFxT. I was glad we didn't get anyone in Mortal Kombat either.
  • As long as M. Bison is in the game, I don't really care too much.
  • Good! Guest characters are a lame gimmick!
  • "differences in timing" - the XBox exclusive characters will come out in a year and cost $5 each.
  • I'm glad those two aren't it myself as I'm not a fan of either games they are from.
  • Oh this is not the first time; NetherRealm Studios meant to put Marcus Fenix from GoW3 as an Xbox 360 exclusive, while putting Kratos from another GoW3 to the PS3 version, but the discussions with Microsoft were too slow. PS3 won again. Dammit, Micro$oft, Bill Gates is ought to change some leaders in your staff soon.
  • Good, I want this to say SFxTekken and not SFxTekkenxHaloxGearsofWar, when I seen the guy from Infamous was put in the PS versions, I felt bad for them, I'm not even happy SC series keeps up with that guest character thing they do with every game, at least this time it isn't as bad as the Star Wars characters that looked really out of place in a fighting game about Medievil times. For people who say this is a shame, think of the actual fans of these series, we really only want to see the characters from the series' in the title.
  • Microsoft should have used their Rare license and given us ANY character from Killer Instinct in the game. I mean, it's not like Microsoft is doing anything with that franchise. :(
  • If I was capcom I would have just said fuck it and pulled SFxT from the xbox platform
  • Neither would have fit in anyway.
  • @ #1 What. Hang on, at what moment in that article did it say that "Microsoft didn't allow them". Seriously, I read the article thoroughly and saw no mention of that. It isn't Microsoft's fault this time.
  • well guess im gonna get this for the PS3, instead of the xbox360. either way i think that fighting games arent the best to play with a xbox because of the crappy directional buttons.
  • Hopefully they can put in atleast one decent exclusive character when they make the reverse of this; Tekken X Street Fighter, That is if the game is still getting made?
  • #30 It is, don't worry. Just not for a good while, cause Namco's concentrating on Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
  • Console exclusives are banned in tournaments anyways, so I don't really care. The Xbox exclusive for me is that it has better online. GG.
  • First we get fucked with MK, now this? They shouldn't have even said anything about this in the first place. I don't even want this game anymore. Pft, its like when epic said Gears 3 WAS gonna have Chief and Shepard. Bastards!
  • :(
  • @33 - DUDE, I would LOVE playing a MC or Shepard in Gears, that'd be insane! Man, I can just picture it now, MC ripping off a Drones arm and beating him to death with it, awesome.
  • I fully expect to see the as DLC characters.
  • Fuck's sake, Microsoft. To be fair, they haven't really got a lot to go on in terms of 360-exclusive characters because there aren't any.
  • Mortal kombat didnt get an exclusive charecter now this ¬¬
  • @37 Exactly....
  • looks like we'll never know who is a tougher son of a bitch, marcus or the cheif. my money is on marcus, the dude has a chainsaw
  • Street Fighter isn't a shitty game and only shitty games use those types of gimmicks to appeal to DIRP heads. Soul Calibur 4, Mortal Kombat 9 and Lost Planet 2 come to mind...just to name a few.
  • while i agree this is unfair i see this from the point yeah no fun and good because the problem is mc and mf are the most recognised ms exclusive characters but there both shooters and having the throwing punches while funny doesn't really work im mean im not being a fanboy here but kratos fit in mk because hes bloodthristy mean and a mountain of muscle plus he used his fists and blades so he fit same as cole as hes a fighter and uses weapons and hes quick agile and good for this kind of game (just wish they didnt give him steroids) but its my opinion.
  • in other words, MS wants to charge you for this as future DLC. typical.
  • I remember posting about this on Siliconera when it was still up in the air. I suggested Jason Flemming, the protagonist of Shadow Complex. He may be a normal dude, but the various tech and weapons he acquires would easily put him on the level with the super-powered casts of Street Fighter and Tekken, plus his equipment really isn't that out of place considering the weird stuff S.I.N. is doing in the SF storyline and the general technological level of the Tekken universe (I mean hell, SFxT's opening trailer had robot soldiers.) Shadow Complex is a pretty big exclusive that a lot of people gloss over, in my opinion.
  • That's why we have Smash Brothers. Only reason people went out and bought a Wii back on 08. Cole Macgrath doesn't even fit in so of course that's a crappy choice. Master Chief and Marcus Fenix wouldn't have fit in to properly either in the way that I see it. The creators of Soul Calibar are probably already making a 6th installment so I just want to see who the non-franchise character would be. But anyways,Same with Mortal Kombat last year PS3 Got Kratos so...
  • Wheres even more characters for MvC3/UMvC3? Megaman for this and not for that.. Pure bs...
  • I don't like Fighting games but I might buy this game for PS3 just for play as Cole McGrath because i like him so much in inFamous series. Best fighting game of all time in my opinion is Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I don't play or like every of fighting games but I did played lots in Super Smash Bros. Brawl so I almost loved this game. Some of my friends said Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Street Fighter IV and Soul Calibur II (GameCube version because Link from Zelda series) is best ever fighting games. :) So awwww Xbox 360 not get any exclusive characters add-on in. Fans of this game or fans of fighting games can allow blame M$ lmao
  • @25, Nintendo owns the KI rights, not RARE.
  • I'm getting this game on both systems anyway as I have friends on both. Microsoft seems as though they don't want what few franchise characters they have on any third party titles (although Marcus was on Lost Planet). I honestly think my boy Cole on Gears would have been an awesome choice for MK. That would be EPIC!
  • Who cares about 2 characters, if they didn't tell you about this incident everyone still would've purchased this game. I personally cannot wait for this game and hope the finished product is better than what I played at the Fight Club debut of SFxT.
  • as much as i love infamous i'll still get this on 360
  • It's just too bad, basically.
  • Really...they were in talks to get us MC or Marcus for exclusive fighters? and yet Warner Bros couldn't do jack for Mortal Kombat? are you fucking kidding me?! Hey Capcom, you guys get a nod and some respect for at least trying to help us feel like we matter to y'all...did a better job that most companies have
  • Good, theyd just muck the game up being there. As was said, a KI fighter would be sweet from Rare at least.
  • Number 11 took the words right out of my mouth. Instead of thowing halo or gears in the game, they should instead bring back some old-school street fighters. For example: Birdie or Charlie.
  • @37 Oh you must of missed the part where they said they were trying for Master Chief and Marcus Fenix @48 Uh... no they dont... I dont even know where you got that... the only thing Nintendo got from the RARE split was the Donkey Kong and Star Fox franchises...
  • Can't say I'm saddened over this news.
  • If wishes were fishes Ono we would be knee deep in karp right now. On a side note I played the PS3 version of Mortal Kombat. . . biggest mistake of my life. . . Kratos was broken and I can imagine Cole feeling the same way. These characters are supose to stay in their own realms even Nicole felt half baked in DoA4 same with Link ect ect. I could go on and on but as cool as have Marcus or Chief be in SxT I'd prefer them to stay right where they are.
  • I'm not bummed that xbox didn't get Master Chief or Marcus. I'm just upset that PlayStation is starting to get the exclusives in fighting game, while xbox gets nothing, and yet they are the same price.
  • @32: Ouch! Nice burn there. lol @37: They have plenty, just not many as mainstream as the 2 possibilities mentioned in the story. Well, maybe Xbox 360 owners will get the ultimate exclusive with a new Killer Instincts...whenever Rare stops being pansies and pulls their fingers out of their asses and make the damn thing already! We want it and the fighter genre is back and at a height not seen since the fighting game boom of the 90s!
  • I don't actually want any characters in the game who don't fit in with the others thanks! Give the PS3 owners their shite if they want & you could take Ezio & the Star wars characters out of Soul Calibur while your at it.
  • Not all characters are good in games. Take Soul Calibur 4 as an example. Yoda was bad because if you were fighting againt him, you couldn't even hit the little green midget. The Apprentice was good though. The 'almost' exclusive characters for SF vs Tekken would have been bad. And for the people saying "MS will release them as expensive DLC instead", you don't have to buy them.
  • @#17 it's been inferred that mike in sf1 is in fact Mike Bison otherwise known as Balrog
  • im starting to get pead off with microsoft doing this kinda thing, they need to sort them selves out or ill be switching
  • although it would have been nice to see M.C. and Fenix in SFxT, I feel that we could still get some exclusive fighters that are capcom and namco, for example Sean, Alex, R.Mika, and Charlie for Street Fighter and Bryan Fury, Bruce, Armor King and His aprentice that we will see in Tekken Tag 2.
  • Good riddance I say... It would've driven me nuts having to fight 100 Master Chief's in a row online after release.
  • We could have had Alan Wake; how cool would that be?! Well, probably not really. But it would have been a real curveball!
  • ^^ I hear ya
  • @31 Ah good cheers for the info :D I can't wait for Tag Tournament 2 aswell so that'll keep me going till TekkenXStreetFighter :)
  • If anything, they should make exclusive Street Fighter X Tekken characters from Street Fighter or Tekken
  • I can't believe people are so stupid as to say "I'm glad they're not in because blah blah blah!". Attn: fools, if you don't like the other characters, you wouldn't HAVE to use them. But being glad they're not in just because you don't like them (when again, you could just, you know, not use them) when other people would've liked them just makes you look like a horse's ass.
  • @70 That's a horrible idea. The entire good thing about the exclusives is that they're basically bonus content, if you could only get E.Honda on the 360 or Eddy Gordo on PS3, it'd feel like an actual piece of the game was unavailable based on system.
  • Its a little sad that the 360 has so few exclusive that is ALWAYS has to be either Master Chief or Marcus Fenix... and they never let either of them go.
  • mehh only if they added, evil jin, oni, for exclicive somthing like raiden from mortal combat, or even sub zero even i got a better gaming mind than those capcom nubs.
  • @#42 I agree seeing marcus fenix in this game wouldnt fit considering all he has is a gun with a chainsaw and wouldnt really be able to pull off combos with all that armor on. im not a fanboy but master cheif on the other hand is a super human with enhanced strength,speed,and agility so master cheif in, marcus fenix out
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