Rick Nash Announced as Cover Athlete for NHL 2K9

James Parkin

New York, NY – May 15, 2008 – Millions of hockey fans continue to enjoy intense Stanley Cup Playoffs action, but it’s never too early to start looking forward to next year’s NHL season. 2K Sports, the sports publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO), today announced that three-time NHL All-Star and captain of the Columbus Blue Jackets, Rick Nash, will be featured as the cover athlete and spokesman for this year’s highly anticipated hockey video game, NHL 2K9. Visual Concepts has taken over the development duties for NHL 2K9 and are building a brand new experience from the ground up with the ultimate goal of creating an addictively fun sport simulation of the NHL that will be available this fall.

“I’ve been a longtime fan of the hockey games from 2K Sports. My idols have all been on the covers of video games as I was growing up, so to be on the cover of NHL 2K9 myself is truly incredible,” said Nash, who scored an impressive three goals in the 2008 NHL All-Star Game. “The set of new features they’re adding is really going to make this game special for hockey fans - I’m hoping they give me a couple extra points to my player rating this year!” 

Nash was selected first overall in the 2002 NHL Draft and is one of the most exciting and dynamic young players in the NHL. In only his second season, at the age of 19, Nash became the youngest player in NHL history to win the “Rocket” Richard Trophy by co-leading the League with 41 goals scored. Now an established superstar in the NHL, Nash was also a member of Team Canada at the 2006 Olympics, and was named MVP of the 2007 World Championships. His deep level of involvement and work with Visual Concepts, alongside his background as an experienced gamer, provides an invaluable contribution and influence to the overall development process for creating the most fun hockey experience available.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to have Rick Nash be part of the 2K Sports family,” said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K. “Nash is one of the marquee names in the NHL today. He is a true gamer and there is no player more fitting to represent NHL 2K9 as we bring high quality fun to hockey video games for another year.”

Editor's Note: Anyone have any comments on this one? Personally I have no knowledge of hockey aside from the goal of the game is to hit a puck inside a goal. Was this a good choice?

  • Uh, who cares? The only cover anyone carries about is the Madden one, unless your in the UK, then it's FIFA.
  • w00t Nash, not a blue jackets fan but w/e. the cover athletes have been so-so for a few years so good to have some top quality.
  • lmao goooooo SK beans, u tell em. but on topic im sure canadian hockey loving people are quite interested.
  • When? When? When? Will they put Johnathon Cheecho on the cover? He, or Marleou deserve it but Rick nash was still a good pick but i would love to see one of my SJ Sharks to be the cover athlete
  • nash is a great hockey player...he desrves this
  • Why is rick nash on the cover...it should definitly be Sidney Crosby. Sid the Kid is a lot better than him, and he has transformed his team the Penguins.
  • If this game is anything like 2K7 I will buy it, but if it's like 2K8, I won't touch it. 2K8 was horrible, 2K7 was actually better than 2K8 in my opinion. But I think Rick Nash is a good cover athlete, Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin will probably be on the cover of NHL 09
  • I would agree with BBallFBallFan24 ... Ovechkin will probably be on the cover of NHL 09 as he is a stud and Crosby would pull too much money, but Crosby was hurt as well so I would see Ovechkin on there and not Crosby. Too bad the achievements will still be glitched!
  • I reckon Crosby might get NHL 09 if Pens get stanley cup! Atm post season he is joint top scorer and i see Pens doing sweep tonight!
  • NHL= pass for me.
  • Ovechkin has already been on the cover so he's not going on again, I say they put up a goalie this year on 09, or a defense man spread the love a bit it's been all forwards since 2000 on the EA games, props for 2K for spreading the love.
  • That'd be like choosing Trent Edwards to be on the cover of Madden.
  • He's a good player, but I think the main reason for him being chosen was that one amazing goal he scored earlier in the season.
  • I think Malkin has a shot of being on NHL 09. Crosby was injured a lot this year and Ovechkin was on 07.
  • That doesn't mean anything, just cause he was on the cover of 07. Tony Stewart was on the cover of NASCAR 04 and he was on the cover of NASCAR 08 last year. Jeff Gordon was on the cover of NASCAR 06 and now he's the new cover athlete for NASCAR 09, so EA chooses the same athlete twice sometimes, but NASCAR doesn't have that many great drivers, so, and NHL has some great players. But yea Malkin had a great year this year for Pens. So he might be on there.
  • Nice choice he deserves it. Hah so many comments i find lame, like cmon malkin deserves cover more than crosby, and ovechkin already has been on one. And no Sharks earned it in anyway...
  • Ehhh...I don't really like hockey.
  • keshp...how can you have a rangers logo and support crosby?? but yea rick nash..good pick, he had a great year and its a shame hes on a crappy team
  • nhl 2010 = Steve Stamkos Check out SEENSTAMKOS.COM (you will be amazed)!
  • bigmac393, what's wrong with supporting a player that isn't on your team if you think they deserve it? I really hope Brodeur gets on a cover at some point. :-/
  • Nash is a good pick. Can't wait for the game.
  • bigmac393 - I aint a sore looser! :P
  • being a resident of the UK, hocky isnt really a big deal overhere, so its never been a game that i have gotten into. i played NHL 97' on playstation back in the day and that wasnt too bad, so i may take a look at it
  • Zach Praise for the cover of NHL 09
  • Nash wouldn't have been my choice. What about Alexander Ovechkin from Washington (scoring champ this year), Zach Parise from New Jersey, Jonathan Toews or Pat Kane from Chicago (who are both going for Rookie of the year) or even Sidney Crosby?
  • sid the kid is a pussy Danny Briere should be on a cover in the future
  • i care about the cover alot. im glad its nash though thats a good pick. but i play nhl 09.
  • and no ovechkin will not be on the cover again. if you didnt know he was already on 07.
  • What about a goalie ever getting some cred? I'd like to see Lundqvist (sp) or Brodeur on one. It'd be sweet. :P Or Kovalchuk. :D
  • I read Rick James... wierd flashback.
  • Nash is a good pick, maybe they chose him just for THAT goal he scored! I'd like to see Malkin on the cover of 09
  • never heard of this guy ps hockey sucks =)
  • why are guys commenting if you don't like hockey? leave this for the hockey lovers. p.s. it should be Pavel Datsyuk all day
  • to Parker: Joe Thornton was on the cover of 2k7, he's on the Sharks. also, Nash is better than both Cheechoo and Marleau. as the announcement stated, this year they were looking for a top star who is also a gamer. they wanted his input on the game and not have to have a translater. hence why Datsyuk and Ovenchkin, neither of which speak english, were not asked to be on the cover.
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