New Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Achievements Hint at Spec Ops Campaign DLC

Richard Walker

Having played and previewed the first four missions from Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, we thought we'd have a bit of a nosy at the game's achievements, only to find that an additional 20 have been added in our preview code, revealing that there's post-launch DLC on the way offering a campaign for the Umbrella Security Services' rivals, the Spec Ops crew.

Judging by the 20 new achievements worth a total of 500 Gamerscore, it certainly looks like it could be a rather substantial add-on with a variety of new missions and content. Here's the complete list of DLC achievements from the 'Echo Six Expansion Pack' complete with names, details and Gamerscore values:

  • Secret Achievement - Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement - 35G
  • Rocket Socket – Kill 5 enemies with a Rocket Launcher - 15G
  • Happy Trails – Complete By the Trail of Our Dead – 20G
  • Hot Pants – Complete I Now Know Why You Cry – 20G
  • Oh Yeah!!! - Complete Nothing is as it Seems – 20G
  • Boom Worse than Bite – 13 Bomb Dogs Detonated - 30G
  • Ticket to the Gun Show – As Tweed, use C4 to open door in Foundry – 25G
  • Ladies Night – Beat an Echo Six Expansion Pack mission with the 3 female characters in your party – 30G
  • Who needs Guns? - Complete an Echo Six Expansion Pack mission without killing anything with a gun – 30G
  • Bigger They Are – Complete Longest Yard – 20G
  • Leave no Dead Man Behind – Kill every zombie in the Park before leaving – 25G
  • Birth of an Abomination – Complete Root of All Evil – 20G
  • Derailed – Complete The Places We're Meant to Die – 20G
  • Tyranical – 5 Tyrants Slain – 15G
  • Burning Inside – Kill Another Player with Crucible in a Foundry Versus Match – 15G
  • Delivery Specialist – Deliver all 5 Virus Samples for your team in Dispatch's Biohazard Mode – 50G
  • Turret's Syndrome – Shut Down or Destroy 5 Turrets – 20G
  • Boys Club – Beat an Echo Six Expansion Pack mission with the 3 male characters in your party – 30G
  • Supernaut – 3 Super Tyrants Slain – 30G
  • Divided We Fall – Complete an Echo Six Expansion Pack mission with no human player incapacitated from death or infection – 30G

There are no further details on the Echo Six Expansion Pack for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City other than the achievement list, but we do have a lovely new preview of the single-player campaign. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is out this March.

  • sweet cant wait for this game
  • Wow, 500 additional points on the horizon and it's still 2 months away...exciting! Just convinced 2 buddies to snag this with me, so looks like we will have plenty more to do ;)
  • Right. This MUST be on the game on release date, otherwise, no-sale. Two months previous and it's obviously already ready. If it's not released on launch day, free to pre-order people, no sale. EVER.
  • All this RE6 talk reminded me, I still haven't played RE4 HD on LIVE.
  • oops, just meant Resident Evil. Put the 6 in by accident.
  • That's great! makes me want to play longer
  • OK, this makes me actually want to wait for the ultimate edition. I know the joke has been done to DEATH with capcom but I'm serious
  • Forgot to add. UNLESS it's like an online pass for buying it new.
  • @7 - Crapcom add DLC to Ultimate editions too though...
  • Wouldnt surprise me if it was an "online pass" style DLC.
  • The multiplayer is the only aspect that has me wary of purchasing this game.
  • gotta say that was a pretty sick trailer definately picking this up
  • That trailer was fucking fantastic! Can't wait!
  • Good news! More content for Sp and MP, plus 500gs! Wat can be better!?
  • Honestly capcom.. more 200kb unlock keys for probably at least €10? It's like RE5 versus all over again
  • That is such an impressive trailer - shame its only CGI. Best trailer in a long while. Really excited about this game now and MP might be ok - I quite enjoyed the modes on RE5. I'm definitely being the Kerry King lookalike!
  • I miss the good old days where I would "unlock" new content for beating the game.
  • Stop making unfinished games just so you can have DLC! $60 is already alot for a game.
  • @18 hahahahaha... no its not. not even close. say you get 15-unlimited amount of hours into a game you've bought. 15 hours is 4 dollars an hour. that is VARY cheap. Now if it were a game like COD, halo etc. you could be paying pennies per hour. Gaming is only as cheap as you make it.(more you play cheaper it is).
  • @19 you are one angry depressed man.
  • I have no problem with Resident Evil or Capcom, but whenever a developer has DLC planned out and ready 2 months before the game is even released, that will always strike me as annoying. I know they can get away with it, because they're just looking for more profit from it, but the fact that they do it just pisses me off. If they have it ready, why are they excluding it from the game on the disc? It makes no sense in the gamer's perspective, but makes perfect sense in the developer's perspective: more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$! I wish I could word this better, but I'm just voicing my distaste towards developers that plan and finish DLC before the game is even released. And now you can all start thumbs downing me.
  • Look forward to play with friends, achievements and coop with random players or some over here as well. Resident Evil 6 will be much much much and 100% better then this one!!!
  • Seems a little fishy that there's already the detailed list for the DLC. I had thought that, maybe, because it was a different developer we'd be saved from Capcom's greedy ways. I thought wrong.
  • @22 Because like yourself and apparently everyone else doesnt understand... The game is not in development right up until the day it ships out. Yeah its 2 months before the planned release date, but they have probably been finished the actual product for a few months now, and Capcom have probably gone "alright... games done... get working on DLC". If they were to include the DLC with the game, it means that it would be delayed another few months because of the time it takes to develop the DLC, integrate it into the game properly, make copies of the completed game, send it away to ratings boards (again) get rated and then ship out the actual game. Its not a 2 week process from Game Complete to Shipping... I dont get how people dont understand all of that...
  • @#25 - So then why are the achievements already coded into the game? They took the time to code achievements into a preview edition of the game, for something they apparently didn't even make or code yet? You want me to believe that they started working on the DLC after making the achievement list and coding that into the game? You're absolutely right, DLC is not always held back. There IS a gap between completion and release and it's not up to the makers and if they add stuff they *would* have to resubmit to ESRB. But it's obvious that this DLC was preplanned, which means it very well could be content they are purposely holding back, which is not unlike Capcom at all. So no. This is not the same thing. There's no misunderstanding. The proof is right there that this was planned in advance to finishing the game.
  • @#3 Pardon my language, but you must be really dumb if you think, these will be free at any point, considering they will have 500GS attached to them. MS doesn't let devs release DLC without any GS for free, let alone with that much LOL OT: Interesting news, seems like they slipped, I plan on getting this some time after release and only if my friends decide to get it as well, but if it comes to worst, I can leave without it too=P
  • i have never understood DLC being released with the game or just after it has been released. y dont they just include it in the game. but no, so many developers are doing this, fucking money whores
  • I don't see this as a 500 gamerscore add on all at once. It'll probably be two semi expensive add ons that'll add 250 gamerscore each.
  • TSG Dwaggie is always bitching about something on every x360a and TA article I see him on.
  • @3 Oh shut up, you and everyone like you.
  • Sweet, this game isn't even released yet and they're already taking content off the disc! Thanks Capcom!
  • Guy has a Chris Pine face at the end. This trailer has me amped...gotta admit, holy crap.
  • @25 Your right about the development thing, but why cant the developers just include a dlc code to download it? Thats the shitty thing about it. They have the dlc planned and most likely done, yet don't choose to include it with the game but instead have you pay for it separately. They could easily put a code in every new copy of the game for a download, they just choose not to I guess.
  • @25 if crapcom was not notorious for 200kb dlc downloads that might be believable...
  • Dudes i bought Arkum city.. not right away.. like 4 weeks after release..but im gonna guess midnight copies the day of release had the same thing.. INSIDE the game case.. sealed up.. get this.. were codes.. to DLC. .. Catwoman and Robin... FREE DLc codes.. Noway!!!!!!!! This is what ppl are talking about folks... Capcom could do this.. but noooo their money grubbers.. Rocksteady Studios(who did Arkham City)gave me Catwoman and Robin for free... It's not ilegal, ...nor wrong, but it don't feel right... It's is frowned upon by some members of the gaming community/gamers/fans.. when developers preplan/precode "future" DLC content.. All their doing is saying, hey.. We're done with the game yay!!! Since the teams all here, before our "wrap" party.. let's do this now.. and charge for it later... Sure, the time frame between game being finished to game being released.. is a perfect time to work on DLC.. after a brief haitus from the offices,(after crunching they take vacations...) but don't make us consumers out to be fools.. thats what you make us feel like sometimes Developers.. So morale of the story is .. THANK YOU Rocksteady Studios for realeasing 2 of your 4 preplanned DLC for free.. YES.. free codes within the packaged gamne.. Thank You again Rocksteady Studios..and a big middle finger to Capcom and other developers who do this... purposely... Maybe we should blame the media.. for this kind of information getting out too early... cuz if they didn't, this wouldn't be an issue at all.. and developers could do this with no conscience..
  • Offering some FREE DLC(aka unlockables0 to NEW game purchases would also help XBox with their next system.. so maybe more ppl will buy games new instead of used.. then they don't need that retarded anti used game system...
  • @22 I understand all too well where you are coming from but let me interject this point of view. Yes it is 2 months out until release of RE:ORC but just because they have already announced said DLC doesn't mean that they are completely finished with both the game or the DLC. They will likely continue to tweak and improve both right up until the final moment when the game itself goes gold and then continue work on the DLC after that. But if anything I think the announcement of future DLC pre-launch is exciting because it lets the consumer know to expect future DLC within a relatively short window upon the game's release. Remember that even though DLC has become a staple with today's game market, it does take time to develop so knowing that there is already DLC in development for ORC is very appealing to me. And judging by the amount of achievements contained in the DLC (20) worth 500 gamersore it sounds like it will be quite a robust DLC add-on. And one final thing to think about is knowing that RE6 is now set to arrive in Nov, and if Capcom and Slant Six Studios were not already hard at work on DLC for RE:ORC then it likely would not get released because it would start to coincide with RE6's launch and I can almost guarantee you with 100% certainty that Capcom will not let that happen.
  • And one more thing I'd like to say about the subject of DLC when it comes to the resident evil games is that in my opinion their track record for DLC is very high. Just judging from RE5 (the only RE game thus far to have DLC) there were 3 major DLC releases and I believe 4-5 other small releases. The big 3 being: 1)Versus Mode 2)Lost in Nightmares 3)Desperate escape all of which each cost 400 msp ($5) and the smaller releases being extra character costumes and extra 3D trophies. (with each costume costing $1 and the trophies were free). Now in my opinion all the above listed DLC was very high in quality and very well worth the price tag. Now even though you could beat "lost in nightmares" and "desperate escape" in 1-2 hours each, the amount of time you could spend in the newly released "mercenary reunion mode" which also came packed in with both releases was staggering. And though many fans cried bloody murder over the notion that the "versus" mode was in fact already on disc and locked was easily forgiven by me because I easily poured over 100 hrs of gameplay time into the mode, so to me paying $5 was well worth the experience. So for every other fan that saw fit to swear off Capcom forever over a measly $5 seems ridiculous to me. But on the subject of RE:ORC DLC, if it follows the same quality standards set forth by RE5 then I think we will be largely satisfied. Hopefully that same quality will also stay true for future RE6 DLC.
  • So is new 720 out, cos thats gotta be the most hi-def looking trailer ever, or is it superman 3 type PC? trailer done a job on me, will be watchin for this one now
  • Awesome can't wait :D
  • This game is released on my b-day its going to be a hell of a b-day play this game and skiping school
  • the most heinous people in descending order: 1.murders 2.lady gaga 3.child molesters 4.people who develop DLC
  • I hope the DLC is 1200 but I think it's gonna cost 1600
  • I Can't wait for this game its going to be sweet!
  • Can't wait for the spec ops missions hopefully it brings william birkin,nemesis and the ivy plants
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