Harmonix Apparently Working on a New Game For XBLA

Richard Walker

Having released Dance Central 2 into the wild most recently, Harmonix has been supporting both that game and Rock Band with additional tracks, but we've heard little in the way of fresh game announcements from the developer since it turned indie last year.

However, a resume spotted by Superogatory has Brian Chan as Lead Designer on an "unannounced title" for Harmonix, with platforms for the project listed as the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Facebook. Could it be another music title for the studio famed for rhythm games?

Harmonix CEO Florian Hunziker recently stated that the dev has several music games in the pipeline that "won't resemble" its established franchises, so a music game seems like a safe bet.

Harmonix has also since issued the following statement on the matter to Shacknews, pretty much confirming the info spotted on the resume: "As we've stated before, our studio is growing and hard at work on a variety of titles. In a storied Harmonix tradition, our designers start working on those games before they're publicly announced. We're excited to confirm more information soon, probably via a LinkedIn update or something - we haven't decided."

As always, stay tuned!

  • Let me have dancing in nightclub this friday evening!! hahahaha lmao :)
  • Harmonix are an awesome company, I'd like to see what they please us with this time :)
  • Yes I hope they leave dance and music games for now. Hope they make new action game, new puzzle or new RPG or new side-scrolling platformer for XBLA.
  • Maybe its an HD remake of Frequency and Amplitude and it will play music off your iPod or something like that
  • I defiantly feel a music game coming from this. When they announced on the forums they were "doing something new" I really wanted a RB4... o well
  • I'm interested in anything Harmonix does,they've earned my trust over the years and they're one of the best game developers out there.
  • cant really say enough good things about harmonix. they always deliver lots of fun & look forward to what we'll be getting from them next.
  • Yes I know Activision would NEVER allow this, but I wouldn't mind a remake of the original Guitar Hero. One of the best setlists in all music games.
  • @8 whats the point? 17 of the 30 songs are already available as DLC in RB, and 7 of 19 bonus songs. Before too long the vast majority will be available a la cart.
  • @3 Are you trolling? Can't tell... Why would a developer named Harmonix make other genres? @8 Activision actually already did something like that.
  • @10 Yeah I know Smash Hits, but I want Iron Man, Symphony of Destruction, Fire It Up, and several others. I also miss the original Grim Ripper. :(
  • @11, they will not remake GH. Even if they could. They have Rock Band, why would you need GH!?!? Plus like half the songs are in there already. I'm pretty sure the a lot of the GH songs will be in rockband over time with the amount of DLC every week.
  • Harmonix has never dissapointed me in the past so I'll give any of their games a chance, probably won't get it if it's a dance game though
  • A remake of Frequency / Amplitude is definitely needed. I was pissed when I missed winning a PSP + Rock Band while at a Summer Music Festival a few years a back cause PSP Rockband is the closest we've gotten to a new Freq / Amp sequel. But it's just not the same without 8 tracks of madness.
  • @10: They've talked about delving into other genres before, and even did once before. Remember that hoverboard racing game for EyeToy? That was them.
  • Guitar Hero Colletion..guitar hero 1 + 2 + 3. With improved graphics and the guitar hero WoW engine (the way the notes are put out, in comparison to past titles.). Ahhhh...that would be awesome.
  • Actually Harmonix didn't make GH3. If they did make a Guitar Hero collection, then it would feature GH1, GH2, and GH80s.
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