New Command & Conquer 3 Red Alert Gameplay Vid

Dan Webb

Calling all Command and Conquer Red Alert fans, courtesy of Gametrailers, we can show you some footage of the new Red Alert title in action. The third in the series takes the same vein as previous installments as you take to the seas in an all out battle. Action is aplenty but in all honesty, it looks like Red Alert 2 with a lick of paint and being shown in brand new high def glory... Which isn't a bad thing I suppose. Check it out yourself.

  • fucking well ace first yay
  • Woohoo! Red Alert on 360!
  • lol you were not even first, you idiot.
  • OMFG... :| Gief game and new computer instead plix!
  • Getting this!!!
  • looks rubbish for a next-gen console. it better not be like that last heap of crap they released - tiberium wars. red alert 2 was awesome in its day, but this looks like its stuck in the bloody 90's. forgive my negativity, i do love C&C games, but they've been crap since Generals
  • i'd prefer to see red alert 2 polished up and put on XBLA, But still this will be a definet buy for me on pc.
  • Looks very nice. C&C3 wasn't bad. I prefered the old PC games though... It feels kinda wrong on a ontrol pad and not a mouse and keyboard. Definately going to get this game on 360 or PC though. Nice to see they haven't changed many of the sounds, too.
  • looks good cant wait to play it
  • Fking finally, I love RA alot more than the Tiberium series, gonna get this for PC though..just so much easier and familiar.
  • Can't wait to play. Loved C&C TW.
  • sweet red alert for 360 about time. never played any c and c with ships looks cool.
  • NICE.
  • w00t!
  • It's Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3, not Command and Conquer 3: Red Alert. *facepalms* That new Super Weapon at the end looks fun. :D
  • I've grown weary of playing rts on consoles...the controller just doesn't feel as good as the mouse and board.....HALO WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This looks awesome. The superweapons look cool too. But i think Halo Wars looks far cooler. Also is it just me or do the colours look too vivid... Like the reds and blues on the units look so bright.
  • in some weird way, after repeatedly playing RTS's on a console, it grows on you...besides, my PC would die trying to play this
  • will everyone who is slagging off C&C on 360 shut up and die quietly in a hole somewhere. This games going to be great just like every C&C on PC & Console. Red alert is far better than the tiberium series but its all good.
  • ...looks like were going to war
  • I love C&C one of my favourite series' (Thirt only to Final Fantasy and MGS) but still Buying. And I agree with the dude/ette above, C&C Generals just sucked they butchered it. DAMN YOU EA!!! DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!!
  • Looks great but im just gonna get it for my 360
  • See, in my humble opinion m.soft would do well to bring out a mouse for the 360, solely for the purpose of RTS'. it doesnt feel right with a controller, and most peoples computer would get eaten alive by the new games currently available multiformat.
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