Shoot Many Robots Gets a Price and Release Date

Lee Bradley

Shoot Many Robots has a release date and price. The side-scrolling, downloadable shooter will hit XBLA on 14th March for 800 MSP.

Resplendent with cell-shaded graphics and featuring four-player co-op action, Shoot Many Robots tells the story of P. Walter Tugnut on his mission to... well, shoot many robots. It’s that simple.

To help Mr Tugnut achieve his goals the game allows you to customise his weapons and items. You’ll totally need it too, some of those enemies look nuts. I’ve popped the old announcement trailer below.

  • what the ****, a 800msp game? now thats rare.
  • I'm sorry but this game looks like shit! Definitive not buy game for me, no need to be childish and thumbs me down, just my opinion.
  • Oh look already one thumb down, how mature! I'm pretty sure i didn't search but I guess I'm blind
  • @3 you are blind.
  • Might actually buy this, considering it's only 800 msp
  • Consider it bought.
  • I just wish I could figure out what you do in this game!
  • From the videos I've seen it doesn't look like my kind of game, will give it a pass. @2 It's not what you say, it's how you say it.
  • @5, I'm not really sure why you've given one of my most anticipated games of the year a random bashing... This game looks bat crap crazy, definately going to look at the trial for this seeing as its only 800ms so I'll reserve my judgement till after playing it for myself.
  • This defo looks like my kind of game, gonna check the trial before buying though....
  • #1 800 msp games are not rare, retard
  • @12, He was poking fun at the fact that most new games are releasing at the 1200 Microsoft Points price point, "retard".
  • i like it. but what if i only wanna shoot just a few robots?
  • Tugnut is a hilarious surname for a character. Game looks like it could be good, from the 5 seconds of gameplay in the vid anyway(!) and 800 MSP is always nice.
  • The best thing about XBLA games of course, is that you Always have a chance to play the demo. It makes no sense to bash one of these until you try it. I DL the trial for about 80% of the games released for XBLA and have found some pleasant surprises over the years. This title definitely has potential.
  • @17 I'm not really interested in fashion, so please could you sod off with the un-related crap! Anyway, this looks great for 800 ms points. Count me in!
  • I have to agree with #2. It does look pretty poo! Hey, that rhymes. :-)
  • #13 either that or 800 msp like this one, Warp, and Nexuiz. Retard.
  • @20, Wow. A whole three examples. *mind blown* :-0
  • Looks fun!
  • watched the trailer and i got to say i have no clue what this is lol . wont be picking this up
  • I have never seens such a set of comments, that make no sense whatsoever and are totally random! Love it! Just wish there was more=P I like this game, but most likely will wait for DoTW before I buy it.
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