Shoot Many Robots Trailer Goes Full Princess

Lee Bradley

Here’s the latest Shoot Many Robots trailer from Demiurge Studios, highlighting the game’s array of weapons, outfits and abilities. Finally, Rich’s dreams of going “full princess” can be realised.

Shoot Many Robots tells the deep, emotional story of P. Walter Tugnut, a man on a mission to blast the crap out of as many robots as possible. It’s a four-player co-op shooter (kinda) in the style of Contra, but with a whole bunch of weapon and item customization bolted on the side. Looks fun!

Trailer’s below. Shoot Many Robots hits XBLA on 14th March, for 800 MSP.

  • Dang. Totally messed that up. I wanted to say wow this game looks great. Had no idea how it was gonna look. Kinda excited for it.
  • Similar to Small Arms then. Looks good.
  • Customisation?
  • I'll pass, looks gay.
  • @5 Are you afraid you might be persuaded to turn gay if you play it? I'm sure you already are gay, so you might as well play it. I'm looking forward to this game.
  • @5 I didn't know a game had a sexual orientation thing.
  • 'Go full Pricess', this would have been a must buy if they'd allow me to go full retard
  • *princess, looks like I already am a full retard
  • @8 and 9, you just made my night.
  • Why is moving now classafied as customization? it said change your tactics and he just moved wth? im confused
  • was confused by the first screens released of this game but now I am kinda interested . looks funny as all hell
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