Street Fighter X Tekken PS Vita Characters To Come To Consoles as DLC

Richard Walker

Capcom will be adding the twelve PlayStation Vita-exclusive fighters to home console versions of Street Fighter X Tekken as downloadable content, boosting the game's already rather impressive roster with a whole host of missing fan favourites. There'll be six from the Street Fighter side and six on the Tekken side.

On the Street Fighter side there's Blanka, Cody, Dudley, Elena, Guy and Sakura, while on the Tekken side you'll be getting Alisa Bosconovitch, Bryan Fury, Christie Monteiro, Jack, Lars Alexandersson and (yay!) Lei Wulong.

"We'll find a way to make sure that console fans are happy, as well," Capcom Community Manager, Seth Killian told Shacknews, regarding the Vita fighters. However, Killian stopped short of revealing exactly when these DLC fighters would arrive, but with the PS Vita version arriving in autumn, it might be a while. There won't be a 'Super' or 'Ultimate' version of the game either, so they'll eventually be served up as DLC.

Street Fighter X Tekken is out on March 6th in North America, March 8th in Japan and March 9th in Europe.

  • I doubt there won't be a Super/Ultimate version down the line, but who knows? Maybe they really will stop with that. This is pretty cool info, although I really kinda want Pac Man and Mega Man on the 360 version. Hopefully they'll appear as DLC down the line as well.
  • First of all, Fighting Games should be made for consoles and handhelds should be grateful that their even getting a version. But stripping the roster of characters like Cody and Guy who were announced like 6 months ago in order to release them on the Vita first because Sony is desperate (financially they're doing awful and they need these exclusive things in hope that people will buy the PS3 version of the Xbox version), is complete BS! BTW, I could care less about the exclusive Pac-Man, Megaman, Justin Timberlake and those Hello Kitty characters because they don't belong in any fighting game. Stupid gimmicks in order to sell more copies of the game because Capcom knew they took a huge hit after UMvC3.
  • My bad. I just saw that apparently Capcom acknowledged that people hate them for that and UMvC3 suffered because of it. So that's cool. I really have no interest in getting this now (besides having no money, I also have way too many other games to deal with in my backlog to consider anything new right now), but I will be watching this for the future to see what they do with it.
  • more dlc that wont get purchased, if it aint on the disk then it dont get played !!
  • "There won't be a 'Super' or 'Ultimate' version of the game either" Ok Capcom, pull the other one.
  • The contract for these games means they're not allowed to do another version of the game. Capcom gets one kick at the ball with SFXT and Namco get theirs next year with TXSF. No Ultimate or GOTY versions allowed.
  • @#2 - Hello Kitty characters? Surely you jest. And what do you think Street Fighter x Tekken is in the first place if not a gimmick? It's a crossover title. The whole pull is "WHOA, IT'S STREET FIGHTER WITH TEKKEN CHARACTERS". Sorry, but that makes the whole premise of the game a gimmick. I don't understand why 360 owners keep putting down MM and Pac Man other than to try pretending the 360 version is better for being "pure", when all it really means is you're defending a version with less characters. I don't own a PS3 or care to until it's piss cheap (because I only really want a handful of titles), but I don't pretend to not be stoked for cool things like that that don't make sense. At the end of the day, all this game really amounts to is "Super Street Fighter IV: Tekken Edition". Personally, I think Pacman and Megaman make the game far more interesting than adding fighters from another fighter. It just serves as a piece for people who prefer Street Fighter to beat up on Tekken characters and for Tekken fans to rage that it doesn't play like Tekken. Maybe I'm missing something.
  • @2 ono said that they planned them in from the beginning but it wouldn´t be enough time till the release to include them. so would you rather wait till fall and have those 6 or play it in a few days? i am glad about the announcement and will buy them.
  • @7 Street fighter VI Tekken Edition? yeah you are missing everything as it seems. this is a completely new game, i had the chance to play it a few hours a month ago and its different. its pure fan service and a dream come true for all fighting game fans. and the 360 versions is better, because i want to play an authentic cross over game instead of a game with ugly guest characters. i would be pissed if master chief or markus phoenix would be in 360 too. i have a 360 and PS3 and i am going to buy the xbox version.
  • @9 A new game completely the same as the other games.
  • why are blanka bryan fury and christie not in all versions they are like main characters in tekken and street fighter.
  • Why do I have a bad feeling that Capcom will release these 12 characters 2 at a time for $5/400MSP each? Oh, because that's EXACTLY what they'll do.
  • No Gouken means no Street Fighter X Tekken for me. Besides, SF X TEKKEN is a tag team crossover game just like the cheesy M V C.
  • @11 Because they're not main characters maybe? Blanka wasn't in most of the alpha series and has only been in about three street fighter games. Christie isn't isn't as well remembered as Eddy, so I don't get why they didn't use him instead. Maybe they thought the roster was already too much of a sausage fest and decided to go with the one with tits. She's not a main character either because her presence doesn't really effect most of the other characters in the game. Same goes for Bryan. He's more of a filler character than a main one. They could easily get rid of him entirely and just generate a new character with the exact same moves and it wouldn't change the game much (aside from pissing off a bunch of fan boys).
  • @7 Street Fighter x Tekken is a gimmick? People have been wanting this for years! Motion control and iPad controllers for consoles is a gimmick, no one asked for it and it doesn't appeal to the core audience. Which brings me to Pac-Man, Megaman and Hello Kitty. Do you think Tekken and SF players always wanted to play as those characters in a competitive setting? "Super Street Fighter IV: Tekken Edition" If the game would have been 1 on 1 fighting, with focus attacks and without launchers, pandora, cross ausault, gems and a ton of other stuff, it would have been Super Street Fighter IV: Tekken Edition. Even though it has Street Fighter elements, doesn't mean it's the same game as SSF4. And yes I too have been thinking about whether Xbox players are just in denial by saying that our version is superior because it's pure. And I've come to the conclusion that our version is indeed pure and superior even though it lacks content compared to the PS3 version. If you wanna make a fun, balanced and competitive fighting game which involves Tekken and SF, you can't put in those joke character who are completely out of place. THAT is a GIMMICK! PS: Tekken players can beat up SF characters next year in their version. It's good for sales not to release those games at the same time, plus Namco was probably busy with SC5.
  • I always prefer the 360 version of a game over the PS3, but for 5 extra characters? I went with the PS3 version. Who cares if "they don't belong in the game". They look freaking fun to play as and that is why I'm buying the game, to HAVE FUN, not join sides in the console fanboy wars and be jealous one version is better. All 12 will be DLC, they know they will make much more money that way.
  • @15 you realize you just sound like an elitist ass, right? I speak for the 100 fans who are "hardcore" fighting gamers, who think EXTRA characters means LOWER quality for some stupid reason. When in reality, you'd just be PISSED to lose to a "gimmick" character because it would hurt your ego. Argue that they don't belong all you want. That's fine. Argue that they are pointless. That's fine. But don't act like the version you're buying is SUPERIOR in any way because it lacks additional content. That's just blatantly stupid. It's like arguing that the Ford dealership has 2 cars for sale, and they're identical in everyway, except one comes with a free, I dunno, something pointless....a skateboard. You're arguing that your free car WITHOUT the skateboard is superior because it doesn't include some pointless, extra gift. And the game is a gimmick...stop kidding yourself. All crossover games are gimmicks, that's the entire point of making them. Will it be a good fighting game? Probably. Arguing that those additional characters aren't balanced or competitive without having played it however is just ignorant.
  • @17 "will it be a good fighting game? Probably." oh my god.
  • @15 act as if Tekken and Street Fighter have always been "serious" fighting games without gimmick characters. I seem to recall a kangaroo, a dinosaur, a bear, a block of wood..... Yeah...Tekken has NEVER had gimmick characters before >_> At least the PS3 ones are Crossover characters. Crossover characters in a crossover fighting game....who'd a thunk it.
  • No Super/Ultimate Edition ??? I believe you Capcom, thousands wouldn't, but I believe you *rolls eyes* TBH it doesn't matter if they really have stopped re-releasing games, the damage has already been done. Buying a Capcom game day 1 is a mugs game, glad I waited and got U MvC.
  • @18 Depends on your taste in fighting games I guess. Never been a big SF fan, always found Tekken or DOA to be better quality, and MK, while lesser quality, much more fun. To each his own.
  • krisxx and BBowles typed what I think about this game and the drama surrounding its exclusive characters. Though I've always been much more of a Street Fighter Fan then a Tekken fan.
  • @17 I understand what you're saying. But to come back on that car dealer example. It's more like, both of them are identical but with one of them you get a free sticker you can put on your back window which says "It's OK to be GAY!". If that would be the case, I'd go for the one without the sticker. PS: I'm trolling.
  • @21 i like tekken and DOA because its easier imo and you can play it with friends when they come over but have not much experience with fighting games. overall i like the ones with more depth and combos more like BlazBlue or SF but as you said, to each his own.
  • Capcom has made me the happiest man in the universe!
  • 'Phew' i thought this was going to be those ghastly novelty characters. Will be grabbing these when they appear, Getting the VITA version also
  • Capcom screws us over every year.
  • @27 I don't mind it as long as they kiss me first.
  • @12 and @27 Amen to that lol. Capcom money grab ftw. Why dont Japanese ppl understand the concept of dlc anc the risk vs reward of milking their fanbase? I mean ppl can only stay loyal for so long.
  • "We'll find a way to make sure that console fans are happy" How about cutting all this DLC crap? Especially when it's unlock keys for on-disc content.
  • @28 atleast offer me a drink before and a smoke afterwards also... OT: Was anybody surprised really? who wants the "LumberJack,beer drinking,spouse abusing looking Mega man anyways? I understand hes from some cover art but CUMMON!!!
  • I'd love to know how many of this moaning martins will end up buying the DLC as soon as it comes out....
  • There won't be a super or ultimate version...there will just be a 'directors cut' or rainbow edition.
  • This shows there's bound to be another version of the game .. I'm telling you, E3 will show a new version of It! 12 new fighters? Plus then there's the 2 extra for ps3 which they'll end up releasing on 360 because namco are involved So that's 14 new characters .. So yes there WILL. Be another version of this game
  • Fucking retards, they've said so many times there won't be another version of this game. All updates will be DLC, and by the time this comes out on Vita during the Christmas period we'll probably have them as DLC. Sorry for the bad language but hopefully people will now stop making the same comments/jokes/nonsense on every single post on every single website about this game.
  • I don't get why people are happy this will be DLC. Knowing the way Capcom has been doing things the characters will be $5 each which means we'll have to pay a total of $120 just to get the same game they'll be getting on the Vita for $40
  • Obviously there IS gonna be a super or ultimate version
  • Damn i wish i didnt have to suck so hard at these fighting games Good news for others though
  • I'm just annoyed everyone keeps referring to Kuro and Toro as "Hello Kitty" characters -_-;;
  • There won't be a "Super" or "Ultra" version of this... but there's always the "Arcade Edition," all part of why I'll never buy a Capcom fighting game in the first 4 months of its release ever again. I'm sick of constantly having to buy DLC that will eventually be cheaper on disc, or selling my first edition to get the Super/Ultra edition which should have just been released in the first place.
  • I really want to buy a new fighting game and this seems to be very good, but it's capcom, and you just can't trust them when it comes to re-releasing this. Even if they do bring it out as dlc it'll probably be €60 to get everything.. I remember a time when dlc was actually decently priced and based on feedback from the main game. Nowadays (especially when capcom is involved)it's already planned and most of the time it's even on disc. I mean honestly, how long does it take them to port the extra players from the vita version to ps3/xbox360? It can't be that long to justify the huge price they will ask for this
  • Just wanted to clarify, I'm pretty sure Seth and Ono said there won't be another disk, not that there won't be any next edition; Super, Ultimate whatever. So I would expect more SFxT content down the line, though this game doesn't seem like it would need more characters. Ono has said that SF5 will be another 4-5 years, so with that estimate they will want to fill that time with something. So hopefully there will be other games; Darkstalkers seems poised to come back for one. Now just to wait for the game on Friday and Dudley DLC.
  • i can see me spending the price of another game on all this dlc 12 characters alt costumes maybe new stages its gonna add up i'm sure there will be some kind of goty version next year also this dlc stuff isnt very friendly to the tournament scene
  • @41 welcome to the future
  • Ugh. What is Namco's obsession with Alisa? She's not an interesting character. At all.
  • I have the game, best fighter in a long time. Must buy for fighting fans.
  • All the DLC is already on the disc. Don't support this bullshit.
  • I really don't think 5 exclusive characters are really that big an issue. DLC included, it's still 50 characters to use. I'd rather just buy the game on Vita or wait until a newer version comes out. I'll hardly believe they'll just have just one version of SFxT and leave it at that. Just like there will be another version of RE6 coming out with more features.
  • Can't wait. Am not dropping SSF4 though. That will always be the better game out of Capcom's current batch.
  • @#15 - I stand by my SSF4:TE statement. Adding Tekken elements goes into the "Tekken Edition" part. And I'm sorry, but less characters is better? Who cares if they make sense or belong? Tekken, where Heihachi's bear Kuma (and by extent, Panda) and Tekken 3 had the crossover with Gon. A crossover is a crossover. The gimmick is that it's a crossover title as opposed to just a Street Fighter or a Tekken game. So the game's got double gimmick going on. I don't own a PS3, but personally, I prefer having as many characters as possible for variety. And I love left-field crossovers. It's a fighting game. I don't get what difference it makes. If you're gonna rage about something like Mega Man being in a Resident Evil game's main story, that's one thing, but a fighter? Now you're just being silly. @#9 - A few new gameplay mechanics, bells and whistles doesn't make it that much different. And this goes for all fighting games really. All a fighting game sequel generally is is an update to the roster and a few mechanics and then they are more or less the same. I love fighting games, but it's mostly just buying a better version of the same game (like with sports). Having said that, no. It's a stripped down experience. If you're happy with less characters, whatever, but you don't have to play those characters if they're there. Nothing forces you to play "ugly characters". If you have to fight them, and hate them, all the more reason to be excited to kill them in the ring. Pure fan service? That's what guest characters are. Having SF characters fighting Tekken characters is just as "impure" as having Mega Man or Pac Man fighting either side of them. What happened to gamers liking games having fun and being silly? When did it all become so "serious" and about "pure versions"? It seriously just sounds like an excuse to feel better about getting the short end of the stick since Sony payed for all kinds of extras/exclusives. Or more accurately, just sounds like people like complaining. If we had Pacman and Megaman and other exclusives, and PS3/Vita didn't, this site would still be tooting the 360 horn about how it's better for having more characters. There would still be people thinking it's stupid, but we're all 360 owners here. Of course we want to say the 360 version is better. Even if the reason is stupid as shit.
  • ^ I thought I'd look you up and see if you're qualified to talk like that lol. You don't even have any of Capcom's fighting games in your achievement history. If you're gonna talk, I'd say you should at least have a bigger knowledge of the games before stating your opinion and "standing by it" like it's the truth. From the looks of it, you barely played SSF4, never played Vanilla SF4, UMVC3, MVC3, Third Strike Online Edition, Etc. You could have played them more at a friend's house or whatever, but it makes sense to have a one on one perspective with each game on your personal account, not the occasional free-play with friends. SSF4: Tekken Edition is retarded for you to say. You're wrong. The only thing that resembles SSF4 is how the characters look. Other than that, the gameplay is completely different. I've played Capcom's fighting games competitively for years now, and NONE of them have been the same despite a couple similarities. I've played SF x Tekken early at conventions and will tell you that it is NOT the same. But of course, you're a casual player from the looks of it, so you'll never understand and continue to argue. Lol.
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